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  • The Daheshist Loan...

    "I'll pay you back in the next lifetime!"

    Of course, this could have easily been called the Buddhist Loan... But, why should other groups have all the fun? The Native Americans have "Indian Giver"... The Jewish people have "Jewish Mother" We need something for US Daheshists!

    Now, I am not encouraging any sort of idiosyncratic behavior that would particularly be associated with Daheshists . But we ALL know we are NOT perfect, and it's bound to happen sometime! Besides, ANY marketing savvy person would tell you that to have ANYTHING associated to your name become part of everyday vernacular...that's a Good thing! Case in point... How many of you say "I will make a Xerox" and use a "CANON" printer? Even better, imagine years from now, when Stoning becomes legal again, and someone gets stone for offending his congregation (hey, I said "imagine!") they will say "tsk, tsk, he pulled a 'Mario'!

    Darrick talks about being shunned from the Baha'i.

    Well, let me tell you folks: You KNOW you have been shunned, when a father says to his daughter "No, you cannot learn to play guitar because Mario plays guitar!" That was circa 1994...This bit of information was shared with me by a close Daheshist Brother who lived in Canada. So I believed him, of course... And I was devastated... I had achieved a level of fame bigger than my wildest dreams... I wasn't merely famous, but "infamous!"

    But, what really hurt me was the fact that that man (I thought) was my friend. He and I worked side by side in the service of our Beloved prophet. I admired his talents and I thought he liked me as well...

    Fast forward to "now."

    Recently, I was in Paris. There, I saw an important TV feature about Arabs and Islam. At the center of this important feature, an older gentleman, of eloquent speech, whose daughter played piano beautifully. Then, they showcased his beautiful work done for ... a book... that began to look very familiar to me... Oh, my LORD! It was a book written by Doctor Dahesh... I squinted and I recognized the guest... I kept waiting for anyone to, oh I don't know, perhaps mention "Doctor Dahesh," at least as the author. But that moment never came.

    This is the same guy who stood up and defended those who went on record saying "Dahesh was not a prophet" ... supposedly, for the right reasons: Mainly so that the Dahesh Museum (back in the day) would divert any mention or discussion pertaining to Daheshism, the Faith, the miracles, and the prophet who founded it... Because it was politically incorrect. I happened to be among those who totally disagreed and I am still hoping and praying for the day a simple retraction or apology would see the light of day.

    Meanwhile, and back to Paris, I thought, "It's a good thing he didn't know I played the piano, bass, drums, violin, and the occasional kazoo as well!"

    The funny part is that he, never in his wildest dreams, would he have imagined that I would be in Paris on the same day the show aired...
    The world is indeed a small place...

    Maybe I'll call this one the "Daheshist Payback"!
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    Could you please clarify ?


    I’m not disagreeing with you, but what is the point of bringing up that particular issue?

    Why not only focusing on The Great Goal ?

    None of us is perfect but I’m sure we all mean well.
    In certain circumstances, we can be wrong and make mistakes though our intentions are goods ... don’t you think so ?

    Could we please remember the Doctor’ s prayer for Spiritual Love and “mutual support” between brothers and sisters?

    We are all responsible for our own thoughts and deeds but being Daheshists, we also know that we are responsible “one of each others”.
    You know that I’m french, so forgive me because I feel my limitations in english. That’s why, I will trust you to explain to our audience the important “Idea of responsibility” in the Daheshist context ...

    Thank you very much.

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      The Short Answer... as if!

      Hi Sandrine,

      For the record: I would be the last person to air our "dirty laundry" publicly. My issues with the Museum people began many years prior and we had the mother of all falling outs. I was in fact shunned from the community I once belonged to around 1990. But I kept those issues to myself, despite the intensity of the emotions I was feeling at the time.

      But, once certain public comments were made on behalf of "some people" on behalf of all Daheshists that would eventually alter the course of the Daheshist Faith, a new dimension was added to the problem.

      Please "Google" the word "Dahesh" and study the links you see and count the number of links that mention (if at all) the truth about Doctor Dahesh.

      I remember one guy once saying to me "so, do you guys have a secret handshake?" Can you blame him?

      And Ironically, on June 2, 2006 the Museum was in the news again on account that they are looking for new facilities. In the news (and here is the irony) the name "Kaplan" comes up again... She is the interim director of the Museum. Peter Trippi, who left, once commented that he didn't care to know much about Doctor Dahesh as a person, that all he cared about was the collection. Kaplan, the new director, In a six page article titled "The Riddle of Doctor Dahesh" published in the December 1996 issue of ArtNews magazine, entered a hurtful statement on behalf of the Dahesh Museum board of directors:

      Kaplan goes even further. Speaking on behalf of the board, she denies that Dr. Dahesh founded the spiritual movement. "He didn't establish it," Kaplan says. "The fact is, these people (Daheshists), that's what they say. He never proclaimed himself anything, not a prophet, not a reincarnation. He never claimed anything that people are claiming for him. He was born a Christian, and he must have been very charismatic.".

      I didn't create the rift, nor start the fire.

      I know that the French (at the risk of offending you) are rather reserved and polite ... which would, frankly, explain why you have so many strikes and demonstrations in France—to release all that built up tension!

      But, this is "Daheshville U.S.A" and here, we expose things and deal with them openly so that the public not become suspicious of something that isn't there. You think the public CARES that we believe in a Prophet? No. All the Public cares about is that we are not another cult. And I've often said that if Daheshism was a cult, it would the ONLY cult you couldn't join! Where IS the headquarters of Daheshism? Where DO we meet? If someone had cancer and was needing the support of their Daheshist Community, WHERE would they go?

      I once had the privilege of staying, alone, with Dahesh, three weeks on end. We were in my New York City apartment. Once, after he performed an incredible little miracle, he said to me, jokingly (after all, this IS the Comedy hall) " I wonder if Reagan would give us a piece of land on which we could build our city." OK, so I heard him say "build our city." But, the notion of Ronald Reagan giving us a piece of land... I didn't say anything, and as I was leaving the bedroom, thinking "yeah, sure, as if that [Reagan giving us a piece of land] would ever happen" the Doctor nailed me with the following statement, which made me stop dead in my track... "Do you know, sir, that one day, we are going to have a Temple?"

      That is why Daheshville was created. As a reminder that certain things should never die. And, "thanks" to the policy of the Museum, when you Google "Dahesh" the thousands of links we get perpetuate to one degree or the other, the untruth about the Doctor.

      I am not suggesting that the museum should become a storefront for the Daheshist faith. However, what would be the harm in being honest and present the true historical perspective? It is part of the Daheshist core of beliefs to view art (great art) as a spiritual act.

      Daheshists consider many artists, musicians, physicists, philosophers, and peace makers (such as Mahatma Gandhi) as prophets to a certain degree. As far as we are concerned, they were inspired to help humanity get closer to God. Daheshism is not just about the miracles of Doctor Dahesh, or his writings, or his art collection, or merely about his personal library. But it encompasses all of these aspects of his personality and humanity. It is by studying all aspects of the man we get a holistic view of the world he hoped to reveal to us.

      Dahesh was not a philosopher as the Dahesh Museum claims him to be. He was a prophet. He gathered his collection as an act of love and by divine mandate.
      He never sold the collection as the popular myth goes. He willed it to a Devout Daheshist family, whom I have known to give and sacrifice so much.

      I am so afraid that the Damage might irreparable... yet... I have to remember to words that the Doctor said "we will have a temple."

      All that aside, I'll have you notice that I did not mention any particular Daheshist by name... I'll wait for the next Public Relations Announcement... The "night" is young.

      And, lastly, I want to know this, and here, I wish every Daheshist who believed the promise (on the heals of the Art News article) that "once the museum is established, we'll tackle the business of Daheshism" would stand up and demand answers.

      Or they should at least ask: "Are we there yet? "

      Look, some people have "Save the Whales" (the mammal) others, "Save the Wails" (Jazz & R&B Fusion), others, save "This" or save "that"... I think, it's about time we have a society to "Save Daheshism"

      That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it... or, rather, it is sticking to me... Honestly, do you really think I want to do this? Anybody who knows me intimately, knows that all I like to do is sit in my corner of the world and just do my work.

      But, then, one day, the Doctor asked me to get him his reading glasses. No problem, except that to get his reading glasses, I had to walk over wet floor, being mopped by a very irate woman who had had enough from cleaning and moving (you'll have to wait for the "movie" to understand the context, for now, trust me when I tell you, crossing that wet floor was the last thing on your mind if you knew what was good for you!)

      So, there I was, faced with a "life and death" decision. I heard "gulp" (that was me, swallowing...) The doctor reminded me where the glasses were "over there, on the dining room table"... And there I went... I walked over the floor, I got yelled at... and it pained me to walk on this floor, but I had to...
      And the real irony is that the same woman would become the president of the Dahesh Museum.

      You figure out the symbolism in there... I have to go to lunch!
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        Thank you for defending The Doctor's memory ...


        Claiming The Truth is always very courageous and I thank you for being so faithful to The Doctor. I’d like to add my voice to yours. Your account of the situation is clear and it was our duty to correct what was erroneously published.
        Otherwise, why so many people would have suffered?

        Let’s remember “A Woman”, whose life is so inspiring: Marie Haddad …
        Until the end, she has always been loyal to Doctor Dahesh, and we all know that she endured many tragedies in the name of her faith.
        We simply didn’t have the right to let someone deny the fact that Doctor Dahesh was a Prophet, without saying a word to defend the truth …

        Again, thank you so much …