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    Dear Mario,
    i would like to suggest some topics, such as :" the Daheshism's teaches" - "the bases of Daheshism" - "the crime of the 20th century " - "the earth according to the universe civilizations" .

    best regards.

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    Dear Hussein,

    Done. Tell me what you think. Incidentally, this reference to "Daheshism for Dummies" is based on the famous series "Computer for Dummies, Spanish for Dummies.." etc.




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      Dear Mario,
      if we spoke about the sayyals, later if some non Daheshism friends would like to join us, they may understand what we are speaking about, and so on for the other topics.
      And by the way, our "dirty laundry "we haven't to publish it to the public. Let us try to collect each other in "Daheshville" while we can not out side. The good words may do work much better.
      I know what do you feel, and i know how much you feel bad for this situation we are in. but in every spiritual message, there are some differences in opinions. And the one who has the money has the power. We haven't to be the reason in the separation. At least we have our freedom and we can do what ever we like without making the things worse.
      Daheshville will be the city of our Beloved Prophet, and believe me, the believers will becoming in.
      Take it easy brother, please


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        Dear Hussein,

        I'll take care of it in the next couple of days, as I am about to depart on a trip.

        First, I do apologize for having lost my "cool."

        I didn't disagree with "The Brother". We both agree that the information he provided Darrick was incomplete, and I was doing whatever was necessary to prevent any possible misinterpretation. Who knows what could happen and HE might not have been able to finish his work.

        No, the problem I had was with both the method the letter was delivered, and the tone.

        And, last but not least, I was basically called a liar. Anyone, who would publicly say that I "invented" such stories is saying that I was committing a vile act. What can be worse than wrongly slandering a person. And again, if you read my thought process, it was all because THE BROTHER gave too much away too soon—in my humble opinion

        Again, I apologize for my reaction. However, I do not tolerate anyone talking to me as if they were "Moses atop the Mountain," add to that, the insinuation that I am a slanderer—or a highly irresponsable individual.

        Furthermore, when I mention that I stayed with the Doctor for certain periods, my aim is to back up certain claims and not to make it sound as if I am a "Poo-Bah." For example, when I say "Doctor Dahesh never showered" a normal, intelligent person would have to ask "do you any proof of that?" To which I would say "Yes, I stayed, alone, with him, for three weeks. He never left my sight, I can attest to that."

        That is totally different that me asking a third party to post a message on my behalf, as if I was a Pope. If anyone wants to go on record as being a Daheshist "Pope," if there is such a thing (I don't know... there might be) then let them tell us, and we'll create a pulpit for them. But please, get to know your audience.

        Here, #1, we address each other directly. And #2, we exert modesty.

        Also, I did not appreciate calling this "Mario's Forum."

        I am not one to quote the Holy Bible, but if memory serves me right, Jesus Christ said "when two come together in my name, I will be their third."

        Well, there Hussein, Sandrine, Astrid, David, and Mario, all who are coming together. This is no longer "Mario's" site.

        And, lastly, and those of you who have dreams of seeing a Daheshist Society created.

        The only way to do that is through dialogue and not pontification. A place such as Daheshville is the best vehicle for your honorable ambition. Put it to good use. I know that it took me 20 years to see it happen.

        I'll stop here as I have to leave for the trip.

        To be continued.

        Warm Wishes and Happy Fasting

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        "Fail, to succeed."


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          Searchable copy of The Holy Qur'an

          I bought a recently released or updated book last evening called "The Jerusalem Countdown". It's sums up all of my current fears about about the middle east. The bias of the book is suspect. Because I am biased as a Christian, I need (a) reliable source(s) on Islam. I did locate what appears to be a fairly objective searchable copy of an english translation of The Holy Qur'an.

          It would seem to me that this web site is in a unique position to facilitate dialogue that might mediate religious cultural differences as well as espouse the values of Dr Dahesh.

          The web site is: .


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            Thank you, that link is very helpful!

            I looked briefly on for what might constitute a fair and objective piece of literature about Islam... And, for the most part, I found books with a clear and cut viewpoint.

            Then I ran into t his one:

            "An Introduction to Islam" which seems to be selling reasonably well and has 5 reviews giving it a total of 4.5 stars.

            Beyond that... I don't know... Personally, I grew up in the part of Beirut where Muslims, Christians, as well Jews lived in harmony—the Hotel District. It was only during the period of forced exile that I learnt to what degree we had religious intolorance in what seemed to be "heaven on earth"

            By the way... Here is a larger picture of the building I grew up in...
            We lived right in front of the Holiday Inn... this was the epicenter of the "Battle of the Hotels"... courtesy of Religious intolerance...I am blaming all sides... The little picture at the top is the "Before" shot... You can see my school... and the Holiday Inn hotel had not been built yet. That thing and I practically grew up together (it took about 10 years to build!)

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              Understanding our "Islamic Brothers"

              What year were the pictures taken? How old were you when you lived there?
              When I was young, I was certain that I lived in heaven on earth. I now believe that I must have been wearing rose colored glasses.

              My interest in understanding Islam is not new. However, current circumstances in the Middle East (Lebanon, The Palestinian Situation, Iraq and Iran) have caused me greater concern. The polarization is worst than ever between Christian and Moslem and the stakes are higher. And I am not talking about oil.

              The book I referred to in my previous post was written by John Hagee, of John Hagee Ministries. I believe strongly this individual has great influence on George Bush. I believe this is why the US is in the position it is in. What was amazing to me is that the people of the US were willing to risk invading an Islamic country to topple a brutal dictator. I really don't think the majority of us ever bought the WMD story.

              My fear now is that it will be difficult for Christians and Moslems to find common ground because of all the suffering. I would be interested in knowing the perspective of Moslems.


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                The smaller bird's eye view is from the early sixtees. I would guess around 1962. Construction on the Holiday Inn might have started around 1964... I do remember the excavation at the construction site filling up with water from the Mediterranean. The battle occurred in fall of 1975. A couple of months later, while we were on a weekend trip, "Black Saturday" took place and we weren't able to return home. That picture itself was taken by my cousin Georges perhaps in the late ninetees.

                I kid
                you not though, we had it good... The ocean, the mountains, everything within reach (culturally speaking that is). Our neighborhood in particular was teaming with it.

                But, that was then.

                Had I not been forced to leave, I might not have been able to (ultimately) "be here"... So, there is nothing I regret and (this should make "WhiteTiger" proud) I am all for resisting nostalgia.

                I agree with you as far as situation with regard to Christian and Moslems.

                The only way out is dialogue... and (assuming miracles STILL happen everyday) forgiveness... That being said, I apologize for saying "I blame boths sides" for that goes contrary to what I am "preaching."

                Healing is a process...

                Thanks for listening.

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                "Fail, to succeed."