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    Has Dr. Dahesh envisioned an order of Daheshist apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers, that would spread the Dahesh Message worldwide and help cure the ills of humanity called "the United Order?" Did he envision this Daheshist United Order to be religious, political, and economic, and based upon the revelations and principles that Dr. Dahesh revealed in his many books? And where is this United Order mentioned in the writings of Dr. Dahesh?
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    Ask Georges Henry Chakkour...

    For my part, I can only confirm that he did write about priests. And that he told me we are going to have a temple.

    I will also need to caution everyone that there seems to be a competition going on at the moment... Recent events that happened to a person very close to me point at the possibility that one Daheshist (based on eye witness account) may consider him/herself to be some sort of reincarnation of Doctor Dahesh. That does not negate SOME of what the person may be saying (which might be borrowed from here and there and repackaged under his/her own "brand"... However, BE VERY CAREFUL of FALSE MESSIAHS and PROPHETS.)

    That is why, I urge everyone to contact my own brother Georges for ANY information about Doctor Dahesh.

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