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    Dear Brothers and Sisters of Daheshville and all Brothers and Sisters of the DAHESHIST MISSION wherever you may be;

    I send you my humblest greetings and warmest thoughts as I write this to all of you...

    I am opening this thread in the hopes of generating dialogue, discourse and ongoing energy to foster a call to change, to develop, structure and organize once and for all a true and honest formal PUBLIC structure of the MISSION of DAHESHISM.

    I would like to start by saying very, very clearly…that I (and we here in Daheshville) fully acknowledge and support that there already spiritually is a leader of the Mission of Daheshism. We have always open acknowledged, honored and recognized her as such, and this will never change.

    I also would like to make clear that it is fully acknowledged that I (we) recognize the “trustees” as the full and responsible individuals to the “willed” aspects of Dr. Dahesh’s inherited works and estate. This has never been in question, and I want to go on record here as clarifying completely that none of that is being brought in to question here. Nor do I question the loyalty or service or works of those that are close to the trustees and those that are doing the good work for them.

    What I am bringing up here… again… is everything else.

    The “everything else” I am referring to is the Daheshism for the rest of us…the PUBLIC aspect of Daheshism.

    Firstly, we are all on the same team… we are all Daheshists… every one of us. Even those that may or may not think of any of us as such… in the eyes of God… we are.

    I would like to see a peace or at least a truce amongst all factions and individuals of the Daheshist Community. Daheshism itself specifically is not the problem here… it never has been... to be blunt, people’s characters and personalities are the problem here. And this is no different than the early stages of the formation of any civilization. And this is what we are forming here... a CIVILIZATION... as in CIVIL COMMUNITY.

    Nothing I am presenting here is in conflict with what is already the established order or hierarchy of the current Daheshist Community. No one is trying to take away anything from anybody… in fact, the only one singular attempt here is to in fact GIVE BACK TO EVERYBODY and ANYBODY absolutely EVERTHING that DAHESHISM HAS THE POTENTIAL OF BEING~!.

    The arm of Daheshism that the Trustees take care of is all theirs and I do not dispute that. I understand there already is one common central entity in Daheshism, and in general I know who they are and what they are doing… and what they have accomplished is very, very good… establishing a museum is great, printing books is great, putting out a magazine is great…But there is another arm that needs addressing… and organizing… and structuring… and that is the PUBLIC persona of Daheshism.

    The private aspect of Daheshism is strong and alive and I trust safe and well.

    What I am talking about is the growing and living aspect of the PUBLIC persona of Daheshism. If Daheshism were to be each community, how would it look?

    (I use this word "franchise" in term only, but the model in essence is applicable and kind of the same... MacDonalds MANDATES that every restaurant essentially feel the same EVERYWHERE in the world, and that when someone buys one of their hamburgers, wherever they are, the experience of that hamburger is consistently the same and identical in all locations...)

    And by “how would it look” I mean…how would the structure of the Daheshist theology in each of these communities be openly and publicly tied to one central, overseeing organization? Who governs what goes on in each lf these "communities"? Who overseas the ORGANZIATION of the PUBLIC of Daheshism such that certain standards and MANDATES are met in all locations and forms of media? Who sanctions and censures certain PUBLIC acts and STANDARDS?

    A Planning Committee needs to be formed. This Committee needs to appoint a President (of said Committee), a Vice President, and a Secretary. This Committee needs to outline an agenda of action items for the formation of a “more perfect union” of Daheshists.

    This first COMMITTEE then needs other COMMTITEES and then another, and another and all are to BE FULLY IN SERVICE TO THE EMERGING COMMUNITY OF DAHEHISTS here in the United States. These COMMITTEES report and connect to one another and then report back to the central governing body. UNITY. UNITY. UNITY.

    There is a growing community that is going to require more than the services of a museum and books mostly printed in Arabic can provide. As important and centrally integral as these things are to the beautiful legacy of Dr. Dahesh, this as a whole does not fully serve nor fully represent or equate to the enormous breadth and width of the full body of what Daheshism is… and certainly it doesn’t touch the surface of serving fully what Daheshism ultimately will become here in these the United States.

    And as far as the internet community goes, despite the comments that I have heard to the contrary, Daheshville,,, or any other community or website, or faction of Daheshists… will NOT ever, ever COMANDEER or TAKE OVER DAHESHISM.

    However, that does not mean that there doesn’t need to be a group, a vision and an immediate action plan to establish and steer the course of the OUTREACH and PUBLIC aspect of Daheshism.

    I mean seriously, where does a budding young Daheshist go to for information or let alone a community? Ok, there are websites… and speaking of which… what about the ones out there that WE ALL KNOW that have completely bastardized the words and message of Dr. Dahesh? What governing body of Daheshism has stepped in and censured this person and his websites? Sadly, no one and still NONE. Yes, Daheshville has, but this is not the role or purpose of Daheshville. It fell to us here purely out of necessity.

    There should have been a Committee in place, a Committee sanctioned by a centrally governed body… a formal and direct and immediate release and campaign should have censured this loose and unfounded work; IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT HESITATION… but sadly, there was not… and still today there is not one.

    And this no way, no how is the last time this sort of renegade oportunism is going to happen… this is only the beginning of the misguided, self serving individuals that WILL come forward to FILL THE VOID left by the deafening silence and VACUOUS SPACE of no OUTWARD, UPFRONT and FORMAL ORGANIZATION of THE PUBLIC FACE of the DAHEHIST MISSION.

    I PLEAD to ALL OF YOU, my DAHESHIST BROTHERS and SISTERS... WE REALLY NEED TO DO SOMETHING HERE… TOGETHER… FOR ONCE… AND FOR ALL… TO BEAT ALL THE ODDS... TO SET A LASTING PRECEDENT FOR THE WORLD and all the Brothers and Sisters that we know are spiritually going to be coming after us in the name of Daheshism.

    I know that those that really care about this do not care about their name or position in Daheshism… they just care about Daheshism and the legacy of Dr. Dahesh, period. They care about Dr. Dahesh and how would HE have us do this.

    EVERYTHING that our prophet lived for, suffered for, agonized for, took the pain for, DIED for is on the line here. This is not about OUR legacy… this is ABOUT DR. DAHESH’s LEGACY.

    WHAT MORE IMPORTANT criteria could there be for ANY of us??? This is about preserving and setting the example and structure for the very foundation of Daheshism’s future. What we do here and how we conduct ourselves will serve as the model and base for generations to come.

    End of part I

    (to be continued...)
    Last edited by Johnson; 06-09-2008, 03:16 PM.