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  • Daheshist Politics according to Darrick Evenson

    In Daheshville we (really) just report the news. Yes, sometimes, we post commentary... and we're not shy about it. And sometimes, we get threatened as a result of having done so... But, hey, it's good for the ratings and people just LOVE controversy!

    RIGHT?... Don't answer! I am having a rhetorical conversation!

    Are you a Daheshist? Good.

    Are you a Daheshist living in the Middle East. Even better.

    Let me now show why there is a high probability that you might be shot on sight the next time you casually say "Why, yes, I am a Daheshist... and why do you ask?"

    Today, our researchers found this GEM posted on Darrick Evenson's website.

    Now, before I proceed to share it with you and with the world, please be advised that sometimes that page would appear and sometimes disappear. Also, at times, it would appear clearly formatted, while at other times you can see the HTML code.

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am about to show you a WORK IN PROGRESS!

    Therefore, while it does NOT yet mention things like concentration camps etc., please BE PATIENT. At least it mentions bringing back the "good old days..." ... SLAVERY! (Now, I am not making this stuff up. And HEY, it was POSTED and it WAS accessible through this page:
    All we did is wonder what would happen if we clicked on the link that said "POLITICAL PARTIES"...

    What we saw made us wonder WHICH DAHESHIST in their right mind, reading it, would :

    A) Not faint


    C) Did I mention the bit about fainting?...

    And, just so that NO one accuses us of MAKING this stuff up, and thanks to the magic of PHOTOSHOP, we did a COLLAGE of the text we saw right on the screen.

    Here is the link for that big JPEG image (whose thumbnail you see below)

    Half Size Version.


    And here is the RECONSTRUCTED HTML version...

    Oh, before I cede the stage... I want to remind "O'Tool" that had he NOT provoked Darrick in October 2005, chances are we might have been able to talk sense into him. But, noooo, he had to push his back to the wall and cause him to proclaim, in total defiance, that he will write whatever he wants, wherever he wants. Well guess what, he HAS been making a LOT of people angry... People in places where Democracy and freedom of thought is NOT fashionable... And, Ghazi Brax... Oh, Ghazi Brax... What WERE you thinking. Oh, and you did you all see what Darrick recently wrote? Evidently, Ghazi, DESPITE what he told everyone (that he supposedly stopped being in touch with Darrick) is still in touch with him!

    Here, read all about it.

    And, please notice that, at the end, Darrick goes on record admitting he is a Racist and proud of it. Which makes me wonder, then, where EXACTLY it is that I LIED when I posted HIS own words that point to the fact he is a racist, which then prompted him to threaten me with bodily harm.

    Please Ghazi Brax CAN have him... I am just perplexed that, until now, Ghazi has NOT made a public statement on Daheshville which has, from the beginning, been the ONLY place to expose and defend the Daheshist cause. Instead, he is (behind the scenes) competing with it... WHY?

    You be the judge folks!

    And, now, I give you Darrick's work (Oh, and Darrick, let's get one things straight. You threatened me, and until today, you have not apologized.

    Guess what I am not afraid of you.

    I will never be afraid of you.

    And even if you slash my throat open, I will spit my blood in your face as I gargle my song* which will forever haunt you in this and all your reincarnations. And that would be NOTHING to what is awaiting if you do NOT mend your ways: Do you believe in Brother Ali? Good, wait until the promise that Brother Ali made me goes into effect... Your time is running out. I've tried to help you and guide you. You have not only disregarded my words and proceeded to destroy Daheshism, but you threatened me...

    Footnote: *the one featured on Neil Young's page! And guess what, it climbed from # 1662 to # 122!


    Dr. Dahesh was very critical of modern society and its materialism. He wrote that most countries were ruled by "the god of this world" (i.e. money), for the love of wealth. That dictators and other rulers rule not because they wanted to serve the people, but because they wanted to serve their own egos.
    America may seem like a Democracy, but most policians "work" for groups which support the politician to get into offer, and will support and reward the politician financially after they get out of office.
    There is a plan to start a Daheshist Party in the United States. Why? The reason is simple:

    1) All residents of the U.S. receive a "Voter's Pamphlet".

    2) Many states allow candidates from small obscure parties to be on the ballot, and thus they can have a page or half-page in the Voter's Pamphlet.

    Daheshist Party of America One good way to introduce the American public to Dr. Dahesh is to form a DAHESHIST PARTY OF AMERICA, and for Daheshists to run as candidates in their areas, in states which allow it.
    Certainly, in the future, some Daheshists will be pro-Labor, others pro-Business. Some will be pro-Democratic, others pro-Rebulican. What is the Daheshist Party platform?
    We shall have a "20-Point Platform" (the numbers 6 and 20 are sacred in Daheshism):

    1. The tax system is unfair, too complicated, too cumbersome, and has too many loopholes. Establish a 17% flat tax (17% income on all household income for everyone) as well as businesses.

    2. Politicians "owe" contributors political favors; which favors large organizations and corporations. End this by banning all political advertisement and establish a "political channel" and a "candidate magazine" which gives candidates equal time/space for free (i.e. cost paid by taxpayers).

    3. Establish Home-Rule for issues such as gay-rights, abortion, strip-clubs, prostitution, affirmative action, quotas, casinos, etc. Each city should decide for themselves on these issues.
    4. Make Jury-Duty a paid profession for those who would enjoy working in this field.

    5. Establish a Highway Bounty Hunter program nationwide to greatly decrease the rate of drunk drivers. The Bounty Hunters must be trained and licensed to spot drunk drivers. No authority to stop vehicles, but to follow suspected drunk drivers until police arrive. Each drunk driver found by a Highway Bounty Hunter and later convicted must pay a fee directly to the Highway Bounty Hunter of $500, or higher fees if it is a repeat offense, or the convicted drunk driver will face jail time.

    6. Give non-dangerous prisoners significant time off their sentences in Kidney for Clemency programs nationwide; thus ending needless deaths.
    7. Establish many hundreds of Safe Blocks for chronic drug users; tightly controlled city "blocks" that greatly restrict freedom of movement, but allow people inside to lead otherwise normal working lives. People in Safe Blocks have curfews, can be searched at will by security, etc. This would be for people on probation who have been convicted of illegal drug use.

    8. Establish the City of Refuge somewhere in the U.S. that is walled, and where convicted pedophiles and rapists must work jobs, but children are not allowed inside. Men who rape children must agree to be castrated if they wish to live in the City of Refuge. Otherwise, they remain in prison.

    9. Establish a Indentured Servant Service whereby non-violent and non-dangerous convicts are not simply wharehoused with dangerous convicts, but who are "temporary slaves" and must work to earn their keep; with part of their income going to the victims of their crimes. If they refuse to work, or escape, then they go (when recaptured) to jail with the violent offenders. Put dead-beat parents into this program if they refuse to provide child-support.

    10. Establish the Federal Gambling Police (FGP) which monitors and bans cronic gamblers from casinos. The cost of the FBG is paid for by a special 2% profits tax on all casinos.

    11. Establish huge Alien Farms in California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas, where captured illegal aliens must work as indentured servants for 1 year (first offence), 2 years (2nd office), or 3 years (3rd offence). The farm must be fenced and secure. This will greatly discourage illegals from the "revolving door" (coming across the border, getting caught, being sent back, coming across again, being caught, being sent back, etc.).

    12. Establish Hoovervilles throughout the U.S. for the chronicly homeless where they can get free tobacco and alcohol and methodone as well as two meals per day (this is why the homeless pan-handle because they cannot afford tobacco and alcohol and drugs). Social workers in these Hoovervilles will try to help the chronicly homeless who wish to become production again to become productive citizens again.

    13. Establish an American Foreign Legion for non-Americans who wish to become U.S. citizens after 4 years of soldiering or if they want to earn an American pension (after 20 years). This legion will be used in many situations instead of American troops. The Legion would be broken down into regiments according to language: Spanish, Russian, Chinese, etc.

    14. Mandate that all schools in the U.S. teach Nuuspel; a phonetics-based English spelling system that would greatly reduce illiteracy in the U.S.

    15. Mandate that everyone in the U.S. be fingerprinted and must give a DNA sample in order to get a Driver's License in any state (driving is not a "right"). This will greatly increase the number of arrests for crime, and reduce the amount of crime on the street (because of the increased convictions).

    16. Establish Trade School High Schools in the inner cities, and mandate that by the time an inner city child is 17 they must have skills in at least 2 employable "trades" in order to graduate.

    17. Mandate that American companies cannot bring in foreign workers unless they can prove that they cannot find an American to fill those positions.

    18. Mandate that people with HIV/AIDS must be tatooed on their buttocks with the letters "H.I.V.". The tatoo could only be seen when the person is nude. This will greatly decrease further infections.

    19. Mandate that convicted sex offenders can only live in certain cities and in certain areas which are designated "child-free zones".

    20. Establish work-camp prisons where violent prisoners must spend part of their sentence in hard labor before they can go on to "rehabilitation" prisons.

    The purpose of the DAHESHIST PARTY is not to elect candidates, but to use the Voter's Pamphlets as a "way" to introduce missions of Americans to Dr. Dahesh and the Dahesh Message.

    Every time a Daheshist Party candidate places information in the Voter's Pamphlet, it should include a link to a website that tells people about Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism. In this way, many MILLIONS of Americans can be introduced to Daheshism relatively inexpensively. State governments mail Voter's Pamphlets to all residences in their state.

    Ultimately, we are told, that after a worldwide Calamity the world will be thrown into confusion, and then a World Government will be established (see 1000 Year Reing of Christ. The World Government will outlaw all organized religion, but, after a few generations, they will make the Bahá'í Faith the World State Religion, and that will establish the "Most Great Peace" that will last for 1000 literal years.

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    "Fail, to succeed."

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    Ultimately, we are told, that after a worldwide Calamity the world will be thrown into confusion, and then a World Government will be established (see 1000 Year Reing of Christ. The World Government will outlaw all organized religion, but, after a few generations, they will make the Bahá'í Faith the World State Religion, and that will establish the "Most Great Peace" that will last for 1000 literal years.
    --Darrick Evenson

    My, if Darrick is trying to get people killed then I suppose the above is an intelligent and very focused approach. It seems calculated to make an impression on the Shi'ites and Alevis he occasionally interacts with.

    Amazing what Darrick has learned from Ed Decker.

    But at least Ed Decker has a kind of decency that Darrick does not have: Ed Decker openly identifies himself as an enemy of the particular faith of the people Ed Decker wants to kill in Chile and Peru. Darrick writes similar inflammatory statements and says he is our friend, our comrade and our brother. with friends like that who needs enemies?

    One couldn't be blamed for getting the sense that Darrick T. Evenson has a thirst for the blood of Daheshist brothers and sisters.

    Which brings me to my next point. The initial "T"...what does that stand for? Traitor?
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      PS:I noticed Durwick has taken down his Politic.txt file at Angelfire. I find it hard to believe he's taken it down for decent reasons....must be about building up some kind of plausible deniability.
      "Call me late, just don't call me late for dinner."-Checker Flag Bubba


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        Darrick is Permanently Banned from Daheshville.

        Well, good for him. I would have. Unfortunately for him, we were a tad more fast and efficient as far as seizing evidence and presenting it.

        Add to that the fact he threatened someone, he earned himself a permanent Ban from Daheshville.

        Ideally, he would leave us alone, so that we can FINALLY breathe... and focus on more positive matters.

        Of course, if any Daheshist out there would like to plead FOR Darrick, please do so. We will hear you out and our board of directors (yes, we DO have one) will vote on the matter.

        "Fail, to succeed."


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          I support the permanent ban of D.T.E...and for very practical, rational reasons.

          D.T.E. has done nothing but manipulate the truthful information given to him about Daheshism into his own personalised aggenda.

          DTE is using Daheshism as his Trojan Horse to administer his own personal manifestos. Darrick T. Evanson's manifestos HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH DAHESHISM. Darrick T. Evanson does not speak on behalf of Daheshists, nor Daheshville.

          He is obviously intelligent enough to see how true Daheshist concepts can in time hold the hearts and minds of people...however, he uses this only as the key to get people to open their doors. Once the door is open, out comes his personal doctrines that have NOTHING TO DO WITH DAHESHISM. We here in Daheshville publicly denounce and have no part whatsoever with the ideas, beliefs and information being propegated by one, Darrick T. Evanson. We here in Daheshville have from the very beginning, openly and publicly questioned his words and tactics that have come to light as he has posted his manifestos on other forums. We here in Daheshville have openly and publicly questioned his motives and construations of Daheshism from the very beginning. We here in Daheshville have openly and publicly brought him to task time and time again for his own words and personal aggendas. We here in Daheshville have openly and publicly tried to engage the other camps of Daheshists that were encouraging Darrick to "proselytise" ( a word specifically used by them that we vehemently tried to get them to disengage from using ).

          No one here in Daheshville has EVER encouraged or supported DTE to be doing what he is doing...or how he is doing it. We have continually tried to engage and warn the other Daheshists that were supporting him and encouraging him of DTE's actions...but still, and to this response here from these Daheshists.
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            Seems to me that a name change for this forum needs to be done from Daheshville to Darrickville.

            There is quite a shift in the subject of this forum for some reason too bad....was enjoying the good topics before....


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              Originally posted by Erwin View Post
              Seems to me that a name change for this forum needs to be done from Daheshville to Darrickville.

              There is quite a shift in the subject of this forum for some reason too bad....was enjoying the good topics before....
              I agree Erwin. This is only temporary. We are driving the evil spirits away. If there are specific issues that you would like discussed please ask a question. There are a few other sources of information on Daheshism, please feel free to email me, I would be glad to help.
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                Ron, why not post this information so that we can all our visitors can benefit from it?

                Daheshville has never claimed nor pretended to be the "Only" source of information. We're really a city. A city is nothing without its citizens. We were under attack for a while. Albeit unpleasant, certain issues had to be dealt with for the greater, bigger good. I will once again ask: Imagine if Daheshville never existed...
                "Fail, to succeed."


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                  Originally posted by Mario View Post
                  Ron, why not post this information so that we can all our visitors can benefit from it?

                  Daheshville has never claimed nor pretended to be the "Only" source of information. We're really a city. A city is nothing without its citizens. We were under attack for a while. Albeit unpleasant, certain issues had to be dealt with for the greater, bigger good. I will once again ask: Imagine if Daheshville never existed...
                  It has already been posted. I was only going to reference him back to it. I think he was simply expressing a little frustration.


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                    Thanks Ron. Any assistance is appreciated as we slowly get back to normal. I hasn't been easy. In fact, I (personally) might chill out for a while and try to gain some renewed perspective. Daheshville was meant to be a labor of love and not the focal point of so much controversy.

                    Erwin, I assure you, we're doing everything we can to get back on track... whatever that track was... before we had to scramble and do what was necessary.

                    In our defense: It's one thing for people publishing lies and hateful commentary about Doctor Dahesh or worse as we have seen in "Innocent in Chains."

                    But for someone to disguise themselves as a Daheshist and work around the clock (and I MEAN around the clock) carpet-bombing the internet with ludicrous claims under the guise of Daheshim is just as bad.

                    The Doctor once told my brother: "To me, if you write a book (about Daheshism), that's like giving me a million dollars."

                    So there is definitely a duty that is placed upon the shoulder of every Daheshist, and that is to be a good ambassador of Daheshism. And it is not easy given that many feel (or have been made to feel by their "mentors") that they are not equipped to do so, or that they do not have the training...

                    The result? They are too afraid to fly solo and that is why we rarely see any Daheshist (who was born in a Daheshist family) build up the courage and speak out.

                    When I spoke with one young Daheshist recently, I learned that the reason he participated in Daheshville was because his older "brother" gave him the blessing and recommended he does so. That is symptomatic of a bigger problem which the incident of D.T.E. only helped bring up to the surface, and that is the following: We have a problem in the Daheshist community and it has nothing to do with D.T.E. In fact, one might even argue that D.T.E. SHOULD have galvanized us...

                    Let's take March 23, 2007. On that day, 33 people logged in at once (at one point—a record in the history of Daheshville) in order to read about the email threat.

                    Yet, how many actually got involved?

                    Can't we perhaps imagine that had more people got more involved and showed that there is true solidarity that D.T.E. would have disappeared from Daheshville?

                    Instead, what is happening? Other forums are going up. Fine. But why are these forums who are extensions of sites WE already (and still do) feature in's links page are removing the link to

                    We started certain projects, which were cut short by certain unfortunate events. Why are others (who played a part in those events) undertaking the same projects? Why not come here? Why the competition?

                    Despite the unfortunate, unpleasant (and downright stincky) aspects of this D.T.E. drama, I cannot help but scratch my head and wonder: do I truly have a Daheshist family or is it a big myth?

                    The Doctor told me often "Il3ab wahdak, tee jee raady" (Play alone, you come out satisfied)... I am beginning to finally, as I near 50 years old of age, begin to understand the depth of his statement. In other words, "expect nothing." And, as of today, here is my promise: I expect noting.

                    However, Daheshville, for better or for worse will continue. It will always be here. Sooner or later, someone, somewhere, is going to come and ask "is THIS true?" or "is THAT true?" ... That aside, I know David has the project of "Building" the real Daheshville (at least on paper). Anyone interested in assisting, do join in. I, on the other hand, I do have the task of translating some key documents ... at least, I am finally getting to the business of reading the books that the Doctor gave me himself (as gifts) eons ago. And the Doctor knew what he was doing. I am sure, in these books, lie some truths and revelations we have not yet read.
                    Last but not least, Sandrine has her own projects as well which include the the translating of key documents in French. We don't care if we're not given the stamp of approval by others. We're artists and free thinkers. We're not here to please this or that Daheshist. Had we waited for this or that Daheshist to finally get off their assets and begin publishing what they have always held on (for eons and for reasons only GOD knows why) ... well, let me tell you what would have happened:

                    People would have said "Daheshism? Why, of course it is a dangerous cult... Lead by a lunatic!"

                    And, let me be very blunt with those Daheshists who were watching, pointing, and judging without getting involved or at least FEELING sympathy.

                    You don't get it, do you?

                    You had YOUR chance to participate in an important debate and you purposely abstained.

                    Ask yourself why...

                    Some of you reading this forget that I used to think and judge others like you still do because, why, I am sooo special having met a prophet...

                    If you can truly look yourself in the mirror and NOT say "they deserve it" then please accept my sincerest apologies and disregard my comments.
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                    "Fail, to succeed."


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                      Yes, we will slowly and eventually move on from this. Those of us that have been dealing with this whole situation from the beginning... know the seriousness and deep implications of it all. As such, we have dealt with it head on, full force...openly and honestly.

                      To those just tuning in, or just taking a cursory glance at things...some may think we are a bit 'focused' on the task at hand. Well, if it was YOUR family under attack, you would be so lucky to have a team of caring and dedicated people see you all the way through. If you saw a belief structure that was important to you being distorted and manipulated for awful, self serving and egregous purposes... you would also consider yourself to be so lucky to have this same group of people dedicated within their means to carry through, and to the absolute best of their abilities...stand up, identify, clarify and make things right.

                      I thank all of you for your participation and support and caring through all of this. May you one day know how important and significant your help here truly was (and continually is).