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War in Lebanon

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  • War in Lebanon

    War in Lebanon,
    While the wars are almost every where in the world wide, I would like to submit thread "the war in Lebanon", Reasons of the war, The results, Is there any end for that? Where is the justice in the war? What Dr. Dahesh said about that? Our opinions as Daheshists.
    Best regards.

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    I have a theory...

    The Daheshist point of view is as follows:

    A nation is made up of people. Their behavior, the behavior of their children, and their children's children will determine what happens to it.

    If a nation allows one person to be wrongly accused, jailed, tortured, illegally stripped of his nationality, then exiled far away and left without any papers in the middle of nowhere, only to be caught and executed as a spy... the nation pays.

    When no one steps up to the plate and defends that person, worse, if that person is not even given the chance to defend himself in court. When the leaders of a nation abuse their powers and the people allow them to do so... the nation pays.

    Jesus himself said that the sons will pay for the sins of their fathers. Why?

    Well, if we consider that a son's spiritual fluids contain in part that of the father's, and with that ... the spiritual DEBT the father owes towards the universe, we can therefore understand that even though the son is technically innocent from any wrong doing, some of the burden falls upon his shoulders.

    I'll stop here and offer a solution:

    Daheshists must show they are united under the banner of the Beloved Guiding Prophet, and not follow (blindly) certain "human idols."

    Join us, here. NOW.

    I am so tempted to share with you the sequence of dreams involving the Doctor, one in particular in which HE was very specific about the fate of those who are following "the idol."

    Who knows what might have happened if the Spiritual Mission of Doctor Dahesh was officially recognized... by its own people!

    No, instead, we have trustees who keep everything locked in and go on record saying there is no Daheshism, supposedly so that they would allow the Museum to grow!

    Yes, it must be such as hardship having to sound like a lunatic before the New York City elite...

    But, let's look at what we caused...

    Because of us, maybe, a whole nation is drowning. Whereas, we could have reversed the tide and lifted the curse that is forever looming...

    "Fail, to succeed."


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      What Lou Dobbs thinks...

      Here is an article by Lou Dobbs (anchor and CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight)

      We Americans like to think we're a pretty smart people, even when evidence to the contrary is overwhelming. And nowhere is that evidence more overwhelming than in the Middle East. History in the Middle East is everything, and we Americans seem to learn nothing from it.

      "Fail, to succeed."