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"Beirut, Beirut!"

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  • "Beirut, Beirut!"

    Those who have had a chance to read the "I Love America..." thread know by know that I consider myself an American citizen and that I can be (brutally) pragmatic about my views about this savage war. But if they read the prayers I posted, they would also see that I prayed for both sides.

    All this has been both emotionally as well as exhausting for me, as I feel helpless. I can only imagine what those who are caught in the inferno must feel.

    The part of me that is Lebanese cries for Beirut and for its people. When I see the beautiful face of a Lebanese child, my heart vibrates with childhood memories long gone. When I see that child's suffering from sulfur burns I feel outrage... But I am also a Daheshist I must remember that God does not punish. Instead, it is our actions that lead us to whatever reality (may it be pleasant or horrific) we experience. The pragmatic side of me tells me that this is the way it must be. That child's destiny is of her own making. And who knows, maybe the burns could have been worse, so in fact, that child—in another life—deserved to be saved from an even worse fate... still, as a human being, I cannot help but cry...

    Lastly, Lebanon... If only one of your citizens back then raised and lodged a complaint when God's beloved guiding prophet was treated in the most horrible way, all "this" might have been avoided.

    Here is a theme I composed, called "Beirut, Beirut!" (the title was inspired by a piece by Doctor Dahesh)... It is upbeat and reminds us of happier times... of walks along the "corniche" at night, caressed by the gentle ocean breeze, eating corn cooked over charcoal bricks...