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war in lebanon" part 2"

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    If we believe in Jesus Christ, so we believe in his words as he said:” in the scale you weight, will be weighting for you and more”.
    So let us have a look about the suffering of Dr. Dahesh and his tortures, and who can tell us about it better than and honest than Dr. Dahesh itself. And while we are reading his message, let us imagine the movie for Mil Gibson in The passion of the Christ (sure it’s just a movie) and imagine the suffering of Jesus Christ and the suffering of Dr. Dahesh.
    Also from this message we can imagine what had been with the Lebanese people of tragedies and what is going with them now, and may what is going to be later. I’m not going to talk about that now, just may later will be discussed.
    Note: And here I would ask for the forgiveness of the God and the Beloved Guiding Prophet for any mistake that I have done during the translation of the message, and here by the way, I would like to ask any one who is speaking a perfect English to correct any mistake may be found. (Moderator note: corrections—in progress—shown in green).

    The founder of Daheshism's message
    to the lawyer Edward Noon.

    My brother Mr. Edward Noon may God keep you.

    O my brother, what happened to me and which I am about to tell you, reads like a Greek myth. And whoever reads my story will think I am a skillful storyteller due to the enormity of what I endured at the hands of the government of The Lebanon, in an era of freedom and light, and boasting about upholding enacted pieces of legislation.

    And now listen to my true story, and inform the ears of public opinion and official references about it, may you be able to extricate my stolen right from those who didn’t slack in pushing me towards death for their degraded purposes. So God wanted for me salvation, and their noses are down.

    On the evening of Saturday September 9, 1944, all of the following came to the Sand’s jail ( Sijen Al-Ramel): The police director Aref Ibrahim and
    Omar Tabbara the chief of the investigative branch , and Mohammed Ali Fayyad the commissioner of the "Bourg" disctrict, and they requested from the guard Caesar (Kaysar) who was on guard duty that night to inform me that a memorandum of discharge was issued on my behalf, and that the jail administration will set me free this evening, on the condition that that I do not inform any prisoner or any other member from the guard about this matter. And indeed Caesar came and informed me about that matter, and asked me to swear that I don’t notify anyone about what I heard. Here, I felt doubt and I told him:

    "If you are speaking the truth, then why all of this secrecy? And why don’t I get out right now?"

    He answered: ” Because we didn’t receive the actual memorandum yet.”

    I said: “Then how did you know about that?”

    He said: “ That does not concern you, the important thing is that some people will arrive at 10 o’clock at night and escort you. Just keep a tight lid on it."

    I answered him: “You have to know Caesar that I’ll not step one foot outside the jail unless both doctor Khabsa and mister Noon are present; only then will I be assured of the truthfulness of your words and then I will leave in their accompany. If, on the other hand, anyone other than them comes, then it would be conspiracy for getting rid of me...”

    I left him and I’m in tough cases of the passivity. As for he returned begging me and repeating to secrecy of the matter. In nature of the situation I got into the room of the jail, and informed the prisoners saying for them: “there is a grave conspiracy on my life, they want, as alleges, to free me just I have to secretive this matter, and their real intention from this secrecy that when I come out, or rather when they took me out, whereupon the fire releases on, and call saying: ” that he tried the escape and was complete getting out, so we compelled to shoot the fire on him “, and the cover on this crime lowers. And now should all of you know this matter, if happened, so essentially that you inform my family and my friends to broadcasts for the public opinion the details of this horrible crime”….
    Caesar knew that I informed all of the prisoners so he wasn’t pleased. He informed the director of the police and his colleague about knowledge of all prisoners in details of the incident, so their hands fall in and weren’t very grateful.

    At 10:00 o’clock night the room of the jail was opened, Caesar came to me and in his companionship are two gendarmes, and said for me: “that they are waiting for you to go with their companionship”. I so opposed, because I knew the conspiracy. But they insist the whole insisting. And I didn’t convince and asked him the memorandum which says in to discharge me, and read it.

    Then despite of me had been taken to the room of the manager. And there had found who I mentioned to you, I mean the manager of the police and Omer Tapara and Mohammed Ali Fayyad are waiting for me. So I asked them to call my friends, they refused and said: “we drop you”. Firstly we went to my house, I have seen it with tens of the policemen surrounded, I have been so astonishment. From there we attended the Brother George’s Hadad house, schwager your friend previously, to take some cash from my sister, because they told me that they will take me into the Tripoli Al-Sham to stay there for a month time, and then will return me to Beirut.

    When we arrived to the house of the brother George, Mohammed Ali Fayyad rang its bell, and appeared to us my sister Antoinette. So I called her to come down, so act. And descent Majda with her the daughter of George Hadad. And when Mohammad Ali saw them coming down, he pulled me in a great force, so I tried to get rid of his forcefully attraction. Here start a horrible Quarrel used in it four or five fiery shots from the pistol of Omer Tapara.

    Then I felt a strike over my head by the pistol of Mohammed Ali Fayyad, so I fall down onto the ground don’t remember anything from the strong strike which obtained me from the hand of this sinner monster.

    And the strange that I was hear the noise and the cries and the interviews which were revolve between the attendees, but I couldn’t speak, my tongue tied from the terror strike. Finally they put the iron shackle in my hands, and then carried me, and threw me in the manager’s car of the gallant police, Allah blessed in his high origin.

    And I swore to you dear brother in God of the heaven, and in purified blood of Jesus Christ, since the savage villain Mohammed Ali Fayyad had threw me into the car until arrived to the police station in the tower square, and he exhausts me in a very strong hits on my face and my jaw and my chest and my head and all my organs, and he curses me by insulting that I had had never hear throughout my life lower than that phrases.

    And when I arrived to the general center which you know it very well, I had been asked to get down, I tried, but I couldn’t from the much I got of great hits, so these three beasts hitting me by the fists of their hands. And Mohammad Ali turned kicking me by his foot in all what he has from strength to get out, so I tried as much as I can, but I couldn’t do that, yet fall down from exhaustness, I couldn’t walk on my feet. And here there were tens from the police on the stairs of the center, they carried me and entered me to the room of the investigation men which it is near Omer Tapara’s room!

    Here, yes here, Mohammed Ali Fayyad the vile caught a thick whips and start falling it on my body in horrible severity, I felt that my soul came out of my chest, and the flesh slit decomposed, and the blood got out of my body. Despite from this, he didn’t stop of continuation flagellate me strongly, until the sweat poured from him, and becomes gasp like the animal that has done a difficult works throughout its day and its night.

    Here he threw the whip from his hand, so Omer Tapara catches it and completed flogging me in great strongly. When fatigue from flogging me hardly took it by some one else, so another, so another … until I thought that they want to kill me by flagellation.

    Finally came towards me the delicate polite gentleman owner of the generous moral manager of police in Beirut Aref Ibrahim and slaps me consecutive slaps in all what he has from determination and power, so the blood emerged out of my mouth, and I Lost consciousness, because the land turned with me, or I turned by it, and the presence vanished of my vision… and when I woke up alertness on the cold water which poured at me by these Executioner, and they repeated again the flagellation and torture, then carried me to the car, and the common vituperation poured in my head from the mouth of the honorable and the noble wellborn Mohammed Ali Fayyad the manager of the general security in the tower square which the children of badness feel shy from saying it, this Guardian man on the morals, and on the general preservation of the security. What a shame!

    O afflicted nation acting by these uncivil murderous!
    In the car, yes my brother Edward in the car!... had been rode me inside it and I’m chained with iron, and sat beside me from the right side a detective called Abed Al-Salam Itani, and the one on my left side called Sizak Strak, as for the driver called Mohammed Makki and he is the son of Sheikh (Muslim religion man rank) Hasan Makki, and he is detective too, and beside him sat authorized Omer Tapara.

    And here as well- what a pity my brother Edward- Omer Tapara caught the whip, and started flog me by it, and the car been driven with us, towards Tripoli, I felt too much pain, and told him:” Isn’t it shame to flogged a man didn’t do badly to anyone of the people, and no accusation proved on, neither from the general representation nor from the detective men? And supposed (no God’s will) that any accusation approve on me, there are courts and they will prosecute me pursuant to laws of the countries, then judge on me in the jail… as for the beating and the flogging and the exhaustion and the torture so this of which does not use it apart from the savage barbarian people”.

    As my words were a new reason for him to restart flogging me, so he did, and two hits from his whip fall on my heart, I felt it stopped beating. And another hit fall on my left hand damaged three fingers from it to me, so several for loosing the consciousness. When my feelings in the road returned to me the car was going on so quickly, as for my character was on the following image:

    The message by my humble translation,
    To be continued,
    Last edited by Mario; 08-13-2006, 11:03 PM. Reason: Title and a couple of paragraph edited as per author's request (shown in green). Ideally, those who have the original letter in Arabic—and are fluent in English, should step forward.