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war in lebanon" part 3"

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  • war in lebanon" part 3"

    "The message 2nd part"

    I was wearing a torn shirt without a jacket from impact of the battle, because Mohammed Ali attracted me from it and took it off my body, then threw it on the ground and trod it by his feet. And the pants was torn too, and my head was swell from terror of the blows which hit me, and my body was paste some of it in the other some from the hundred of the whips which obtained me on the hands of these savages. And my face if had been seen by the most closed people to me will not recognized, I was swelling face, bleared eyes, shaggy hair, and in very regrettable situation even the enemy feels pain.

    And it seems wasn’t enough that what I had of persecution because Omer Tapara continued insulting me in his shameful vituperation. And I have been Astonished that how acceptance of a government respect itself in employment some one like this creature and his identical…And the car completed going on and I say in all instant that they want to shoot the fire on me, and terminate me.

    At 9:00 o’clock morning we arrived Aleppo, and there they took me straight to the center of the general security for the army.

    For what the time was early, yet no employees attend except only one delivered me to him, so entered me to the frightening room prison, then they closed the door on. After about half an hour the door had opened, and had been requested to me to exit, so act, and had been entered to a second room, and if I’m face to face with the Hajj Touma, and he is the chief of the center, and I had been met him once two years ago or more in the general security center in Beirut, so he had been astonished the complete astonishment when saw me, and asked me about the reasons, so reported him that the Lebanese government want this way, and the reason is the friendship of George Hadad, so he had been very surprised.

    Here I undressed, and invited him to see the traces of the intense beating which had been obtained me on the hands of these villains, if my back and chest are all a black stain piece, Hajj Touma scared of what his eyes had seen. It’s a savageness which never happens alike except in that old dark ages, ages of the horrible searching courts. Then the four torturers came and delivered a letter to Hajj Touma in term of me, He read, and said to them:” it’s unofficial”. They said for him: “so let him goes with us”… So they took me to the government’s center, and there take me up with their accompany and the accompany-ship of the manager of the police of Aleppo to the room of governor Ihasan Al-Sharef, in the upper floor, and gave him a sealed letter so he opened and read it. I think this letter it’s a begging from the Lebanese Government to send me faraway even from Syria, and don’t allow me to housing even in Aleppo or some where else from the Syrian lands; That what I understood from some persons after salvations from the jeopardy which dig for me to face my death by.

    After the governor read the letter, Tapara handed him a taking me out decree from the Lebanese lands, and I have no idea about it only in that moment. To you what this decree came in which not lean on a law, and which the constitution does not allow in it nor the direct texts with regard to the nationality.

    That the president of the Lebanese republic - accordingly on the Lebanese constitution – As for the existence of Mr. Salim Mousa Achi known by Dahesh on the Lebanese lands may make occurrences of disturbance and unsafely in the general peacefulness, and accordingly on the suggestion of the council of the ministers and Interior Minister - draws what comes:

    Decree No 1842K

    Article 1 – Mr. Salim Mousa Achi who is known by Dahesh be getting out of the Lebanese republic lands.
    Article 2 – inform the owner of the relationship this decree by a letter organizes according to the origins.
    Article 3 - on the Interior Minister fulfill of this decree.

    Beirut, on September 8, 1944 the signature (Bishara Khalil Al-Khoury)

    Exported by the president of the republic.
    The prime ministers, Interior Minister (Riyad Al-soleh).
    Inform to the presidency of the republic - presidency of the ministery - interior ministery - judicial ministery - owner of the relationship.

    When the governor Ihsan Al-Sharef ended from recitation it said to Omer Tapara:
    “we can not accepting him on the Syrian lands while the Lebanese Government don’t accept him. Was more appropriate from the Lebanese government, as long as the man is Lebanese, that shouldn’t take him outside borders of his country, yet stays him in a Lebanese village for a period specify for him”.

    Omer Tapara answered him:
    “that the man is not Lebanese as he alleges”.

    So I answered him for soon:
    “you don’t speak the truth Because I Lebanese, and my identity card assured that I’m Lebanese which its date back to the year 1923”.

    So the governor answered him:
    He didn’t incriminate in our country, and the law does not help me to put him in the jail without a crime he committed.

    So Omer Tapara answered: “that I put him on responsibility”.
    Here the interview ended, they accompany me to the chief group detective room in Aleppo. And there sat the mentioned Omer and wrote a paper said in it that he puts me in the jail on his own responsibility until the Lebanese government looking in my matter.

    And immediately they had been taken me into the frightening jail, and it’s decent to it by twenty steps down the ground. And I stayed their three days and its nights. And no doubt that their aim to make me die.

    As for if I talk to you about what I met in imprisoned me from kinds of the oppression and the injustice, and how I suffered of the hunger and the thirst and the undressing, that yourself will feel too much pain, consequently I traverses it, and says: On Tuesday morning they took me out of the prison, and ascend me the upper floor. After they had shown me to the responsible of taking the prints the different marks, he done his job and took my prints and my different marks as I’m an old criminal, then they took me to the photographer, he took me a photo and I’m in that sad situation, then took me back to the horrible dark jail.

    At 11:00 o’clock, or more, on Wednesday morning they took me out of the prison, and I’m in situation more closed to the death than from the life, they put me in the car which we had came by from Beirut to Aleppo, and took me to Syrian village about 45 kilometer away from Aleppo called Iezaz (Syrian village on the border with Turkey). And when we reached there they took me to the police station, and they talk to the commander of the gendarmeries privately, and fabricating lies as much as they can, and gave him the instruction which they had already given by their commanders, then they came back and told me that my destiny already decisive, and that I’ll stay for a period of month time in Iezaz in any place I choose it, but I have to approve my existentialist in the police station daily.

    Then they left me after the malignant Omer Tapara normalized on my forehead, what a mockery! … A kiss already normalized by Yahouda Al-Askharyouti on the forehead of his master before he delivered for the hands of his enemies.

    As for as I had gone to look for a hotel to have some rest, and have some food, after my soul could be pulled out from the tiredness and the hunger and the thirst for all length of period imprisoned me in Beirut and Aleppo, if in two men of gendarmerie following me, and as soon as they reached to me, arrested me, and told me that I’m their captive now, and a car is waiting for me to take me into the Turkish borders.

    So I very astonishment, and refused to believe them. So they took me to the center, and there they show me a decision has a number (413) exported, as it appears by the governor of Aleppo, and it accomplishes in taking me out of the Syrian borders, and admission me into the Turkish borders which does not far more than five to six kilometers from Iezaz.

    So I scared, and know the horrible conspiracy, and raised my eyes to the sky reciting the curses on the dead consciences people.

    This decision says in a part of it: “if Dr. Dahesh found within the Syrian lands on any time so he should be arrested, and prosecutes, then prison him in law of suppressing of the crimes imprisons”.

    After many supplications the commander except me to stay the night in Iezaz, so also they admissioned me into the jail to spend my night in its hospitality. And on the second day morning, and after the noon, they took me to the Turkish borders, to admit me within it.

    As for the goal of the Lebanese government, from the background of its agreement with the Syrian government to send me away from the Syrian country and entering to the Turkish borders, here its reasons:

    When the Turkish guard see me no doubt will shoot the fire at me, or that they prosecutes me, then they execute me as a spy according to the circumstances of the war, and especially for that they will enforce me to go inside the borders without delivery me for the Turkish government by the hand.

    Even though we supposed the impossible and I had been saved of the execution, so the Turkish law accomplishes to imprison who been arresting within its borders a period of three months, then come outside the borders. So if I had been saved of the execution they will judge me in three months period, then send me out of the borders, legions men of Syrian will arrest me, and imprison me the period will be judged with, and then they will send me out to the Turkish borders, so representation of this tragedy will be repeat to what Allah wanted, and the jail accomplishes on me.

    And now my brother I request from you to raise a case on the Lebanese government for its illegal work, and raise a case upon who attacked me, and let Mr. Halim Dammous to print my letter on two copies, and raise by his turn a case upon the Lebanese government and the attackers, and do what should be doing as authorizer for me by law.

    Finally a peace from who is suffering.
    Aleppo on Oct 12.1944.
    Your friend
    Dr. Dahesh.

    The message by my humble translation,
    To be continued,
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