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war in lebanon" part 4"

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  • war in lebanon" part 4"

    In the beginning we have had a look about the way they persecuted an innocent man called Dr. Dahesh. And how they treated him in that savage injustice way.
    And now let us know “who is Dr. Dahesh” and why they treated him in that way? What are the specific reasons for that persecution? And sure no body know him more than the family who shared him that persecution from the first minute to the last, and shared him the torture, the pain, the jail, the hunger and even the death itself. Let us read how the great lady and the mother of the courage Marie Hadad introduced Dr. Dahesh, and how she explained the real reasons behind the persecution. And who are involved with this horrible crime in the twentieth century. The century of the light and the freedom.

    Who is Dr. Dahesh?

    The doctor Dahesh is a man above thirty four years old.

    He is single personality, noble in its aims, high in its thoughts and its goals.

    Coincidence we knew him, so we found in him a spiritual ability and a genius literary which attracted us with some other group of the top literature and culture people.

    And he has more than seventy volumes, even his young age, waded in its the social subjects in high soul and ideas back on the whole its readers by the welfare, and in his easy abstainer style which admired the oriental writers whose balance the matters in scale of the brain and the wisdom, and astonishment the sons of the flag and the lovers of the literature.

    And above all this the Dr. Dahesh is a great religious and social reformer, owner of ingrained belief fill up his wide heart. He seeks (the justice) in injustice world, the strongest eats the weakness, and the predatory wolf assault the peaceful lamb.

    He seeks (the loving) between the people and the individuals, that loving which recommended in it all religions, and which plays in accomplishment it the ignoble purposes.

    He seeks the sublime about the spreading material, and the walks toward the virtuous and the high parables.

    He vocalizes in the soul’s immortality and what follow this belief of rectitude duties in every one.

    And he Sees to fulfill these legends fictional – what a pity - that there is no way except to return into what had recommended by reformers and the messengers and the purify prophets.

    So the religions had overturned into a commercial establishment slay by it the virtuous and the high principles on the slaughterhouse of the material and the desires, and forums of the light and guidance overturned into forums of the darkness.

    How much and how much from the wicked fabrications already added by the religion men to the right religion range of the generations and the centuries.

    How much and how much from the novelties still innovates it for getting thereon the vile money, and that transient perishable worldly control.

    So the religion is not still religion, yet became a machine plays in it the hand of the purposes, and these purposes deface its beautiful face, so made it a reference of scorn and contempt among the people, and a symbol of the darkness and the injustice for the rude necks instead of to be the holly torch light guided by it the groups, and the nations walk on its track.

    The Dr. Dahesh determined the determination that announce that truth by his sonorous, and to invite the people for the return back to the noble ways and to the recommendations of the prophets, and not as the self-seeking men of the religions teach them.

    Also he announced that all of the known religions are sent down should be respected and recognition in it because all of them are urging to the rectitude, and it’s the will of Allah.

    So the fanaticism is a human crime pulls its punishment back. And not the crimes and the pogroms and the bloody massacres which happened in the history of the world back to the dispraised fanaticism it’s clear evidence and bright proofs about this truths.

    So desire of Allah be exalted his magnificence does not absolutely agree to use of the religions for ugly fanatical purposes. So the religions made disagreement as the difference of the people and the colors (even though wanted Allah made the people one nation). But all of them are command by the justice and the completely loving not in the grudges and the antipathy.

    As for we that this right eloquent education attracted us, so we joined to the Dr. Dahesh, and became believing in his thoughts and in his principles.

    Strip Dr. Dahesh from his Lebanese nationality

    The religion men whose belonging to the Romanian church from Maronette and Serian of Catholic and Armenians of Catholic and others begun the troubles, and in their front the archbishop Mobarak, and the apostolic ambassador Tapouni the Cardinal, because they saw the principles of Dahesh started spreading between all of the middles.

    Hereby the right education they felt the complete end upon their oppressive clout and upon their phony educations which pick the spoils from its behind. Because the recognition in all of the religions and respecting them means the end of the separation between the factions, and replaced the loving and the rapport between the numerous factions, and this what the bishops don’t want who always been in side of the autocratic colonists living from their tables remainders, and obey their commands for a wage of some despicable benefits.

    As for the return to the Holy Bible educations, it means annulment (the Mass) and (the recognitions) and deleting (al-zyyaaHaat) and (the forgiveness) and destruction (the idols) and (the Icons) and what pulls behind it from earnings, and charities, and vows. Presents on it the stupids from (the believers) in illusions of the clergy owners of the arrogance and the illusive overbearing.

    Also we saw it means to distribute (the entails) on the miserable and destitute, and establishment the schools and the hospitals and the social foundations from the believers money, that money which behaves in it the religion men for their personally uses and their worldly purposes.

    Indeed it means a lot from the matters which these bishops prefer it to stay folding of the secrecy about eyes of negligent confusion people.

    And the wolves of the monasteries and the high palaces found a natural allied in our aristocratic Feudalism families from the families Al-Khoury, Shiha, pharaoh and others, and all of them from our closed relatives.

    And how the matter is not so! And these aristocrats think that the royal blue blood flew in their veins, and they descending ahead from thigh of the god (Jupiter) the god of the Olympus…
    So how they gratify that one of their families walking side by side with a democratic man does not claim the goddess? And hasn’t in his safes tons of gold, and they who don’t evaluate weight except for the owners of the gold… really it’s a criminal, and a great criminal… Dr. Dahesh deserves upon that the hanging…

    As for enormous ordeal that it’s our splitting of the religion men…the players with the drums and the clarionet in the name of my brother in law during the elections… and this Beshara runs for the presidency since twenty years!...

    So how we split and make them get angry so they change the direction of the elections?
    Finally how do we change our religion belief without asking the permission from these gods the greatest?

    And how do we believe in a religion and a principle it’s the antithesis what they believe in, and they who think that the life created for them not for anyone else, and enjoy in its grace with who are similar to them?

    And so on from meanness to meanness, and from inferiority to inferiority, the idea of the crime ferment in the heads of these sinners, and all of them decided to get rid of the Dr. Dahesh, so their services and different benefits sources will be safe, so they began the intimidation, and resort to the government of Alfred Nakkash asking to send away the Dr. Dahesh out of Lebanon.

    So they went back a lot and tried a lot, and turned over the land upside down. But they failed, and their unjust request sent back after clarified from the investigations that their done is not justified for any reason, nor it’s a direct assault.

    This way flamed their anger, and started wait for the favorable opportunity to kill this innocent who they wanted him a victim of their appetites, and their meanness lowness desires.

    by my humble translation,
    To be continued,
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