The clock rang, and the opportunity came….When the destinies ruled Beshara Al-Khoury the mace of the arbitrator in Lebanon!...

So as soon as this creature sat on the chair of the presidency he started discomfort Dr. Dahesh the founder of the Daheshism. And began persecute and torture him in various ways desire from him in that to make the Dr. Dahesh to escape and stop his new invitation.

So the police investigations started, and the policeman manoeuvres which is well known in a countries are identical to our countries succumb under yoke feudal that imposes their will above the laws had placed, so they force their men who employment them under their hands to do their inferiority hearts wishes…

Followed that the attempts of the terrorism and the terrifying. Ineffectiveness they acted their farces and their childish manoeuveres. Dr. Dahesh stayed in his house didn’t comment nor act back, and he looks the contempt deep look for these attempts which effect in minds not the free minds who don’t evaluate weight except for conscience and for the law.

When the sinner Beshara felt that these circumventions couldn’t achieve his purpose from the Dr. Dahesh he got so angry, so he called the attorney general appellate Yousef Sherbel the submissive subservient docile lowness in orders of Beshara, and request to him to gets him out of this deadlock, because all of them knew the personal enmity which inflames in the chest of the republic’s president against the doctor Dahesh, and disability of this criminal President to fulfill his wish in harm Dahesh, which seems in his sight a great failure in front of the public opinion. And of course this is not possible for who thinks himself above the laws, and above the society, and the owner of the penetrative performed word whatever include this word from disobedience kinds and the deviation about the constitutions way which placed in the country.

So Yousef Sherbel starts realize and verify and fabricate, and pay for witnesses to wetness falsity against the Dr. Dahesh that he profiting from his talents for material purposes… But it didn’t help him. And he couldn’t make any evidence, or charge with any crime the Dr. Dahesh.

The months elapsed and the founder of the Daheshism fixed in his new invitation steadiness of the mountains. And his rascal deductions eating them the rancors and the fire inflame their hearts for lack their ability to get from this great genius man. And they are the ignoble low-down, and the ignorant rascals.

Finally they saw themselves that they spread for the Dr. Dahesh and the blowers in his horn, and their criminal attempts gave publicity to him, and his news circle become wider, even spread in Lebanon and the Arabian and out broad countries while they appeared in the failure and the letting down dress.

This matter was the last shock which broke up their lost diffidence and their burial honor, and carries away by its horrible current the last barrier stead between them and commits crime. So they decided to assassinate him without increase or decrease…

So the republic’s president (Beshara) agreed with his wife Lour – who was my sister- and her brother ( Michelle shiha) and Henry Pharaoh and Habib Abu Shahla ( their judicial minister at that time) and the director of the police Aref Ibrahim and his circles and the religion men and their brokers... that they will send a group of the abject villainesses who belong into a party they call it ( The Lebanese Phalanges) to assassinate the Dr. Dahesh inside his house, and they promised these criminal gang in too much money, and pardon of the punishment and wiping out of the crime….

This after they raided an intense press campaigns, indecent, silly, full in the cheap slander, and in despicable fabrications what Allah descends in it from Sultan. Their purpose from those campaigns in their hired newspapers was blacking the Dr. Dahesh name in front of the public opinion to justification what they decided the intention to do. And they were preventing us of replying about these outrageous attacks that the observation governmental circle was refuse signing on our articles and the authorization to be published.

Already I explained the stages of this tragedy in (my black books) supported it in the touched materialism proofs which they will not and never denied. And explained in it how they tried carrying out their ignoble conspiracy and how Allah wrote for it the great failure…

When they saw that their matter already disclosed, and everyone understood that the gang who tried to kill Dr. Dahesh they were delegate from side of (the president’s republic), so this (sinner president) start think how to cover this matter after he had been taken in the trap of his outrageous crime… so he took his cheap pen, and in one dash he deleted the name of Dr. Dahesh from the (register of the breaths), and stripped him from his Lebanese nationality, opposite thereby items of the constitution, and the national laws and the international, striking the wall in all of the sentimental considerations, and the humanitarian deterrents, breaking upon his despicable retaliation chancel all justice and conscience.

After this oppressive done his work and sent away the Dr. Dahesh to the Turkish borders where admitted him by stealth to meet his death after they jailed him and whip him and insult him and stripped… and it wasn’t enough for the criminal Beshara all of that even more he threw his sister in the prison because she sent him a telegram asking to tell her about the place of her brother to go and see him…

Nor conceal upon you what is the case of man without a nationality or identity in circumstances the critical war. So in any city or in any country arrested him will throw him immediately in the jail because he neither is a stranger nor doesn’t carry identity… this if the borders guards didn’t kill him, when they admitted him to the Turkish lands stealthy.

And the doctor left behind him an old mother and a grieved sister have no other helper except him after Allah.

And this wild revenge was done not for a crime committed it the Dr. Dahesh, just for the merely revenge, and for the reasons which explained it above. Because if Dahesh committed any vice - whatever was slight – Beshara Al-Khoury would used it for his own benefit and made it great, and enlarge it, and referred him to the courts to check in its matter, so condemns him, and demolishes on his name forever, and didn’t need the turning and the roles, and he didn’t to walk this crooked way, and critical his situation, and put himself in a criminal position or in the cage of the accusation and he is the Lebanese republic’s president…

So what a polluted conscience in the sins, and what a consciousness burdens in the crimes accept to treats an innocent man in a way like that to gratification a group from viles and ribalds.

This is what Beshara Al-khoury done the Hamitic of the constitution, and the defender about the justice.

This is the huge crime which committed it this opportunist sinner.

But trust me sir that we will and never keep quiet until account him on it. And give back the justice to its original condition and the stolen right to its owners…

I already explained the stages of the Daheshism case in my black books, and in my publications which delivered in tens of thousand until covered the orient in complete, directed my clear accusations for this arrogant opportunist.

And his despicable answer was that threw me with my husband and some of my Daheshism brothers in darkness of the jails, and didn’t dare to judge us, because he’s sure that will be the broken looser, and we are the victorious winners.

And my dear daughter Majda suicide and she is in her spring life, flagrant protests on what our relatives done with this innocent man from horrible matters the one can not imagine it without the pain sting in his heart and cut up his intestines…

But her sacrifice was ineffectiveness, and uselessness was our cries! So no listener or replier…

As for council (deputies of Beshara) so it is a group of bribers who have neither consciences nor affection. They are keeping silence about the behaviors of the executive authority to keep quiet by it turn on their scandals and abjectness which acerbated of its terrified fetors the horizon.

And trust me that we will take our rights completely and not deficient with the assistance of Allah and our peremptory Truth, and our powerful determination.

Marie Hadad the Daheshist.

by my humble translation,
To be continued,