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    Originally posted by whitetiger

    ...i would like also to share with you this site, may it inspire awareness and open mindness

    may all people the people who read us jump in and propose a theme or a subject to share and exchange ideas for the benefit of all of us

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    Originally posted by whitetiger
    cq cq

    anyone wants to discuss, or debate, or argue

    a lonely voice on this planet
    Hello "Lonely Voice" ... Hope you are doing well ...

    Hi Everybody ... I Hope you are all doing well too ?

    mario: This is the weekend and maybe you’ll be smoking peacefully your famous water pipe with your "wise tribe" ...
    If this is the case, I hope you will "all" be happy ... Hey, all we need is : "Happy people"

    “Diversity” ... well ... Here is a gift for your eyes ...



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      I think the fact we have cultural diversity means we are not all supposed to act or think alike. Therefore, the truth (whatever that may be) is a relative concept. Some might argue that cultural diversity is what we get (in other words: our punishment) for not all having followed the same path. You know the type... "if you love me then you must follow me..." (That's Brainwashing 101, by the way). To those people (and I've met at least one in my life) I say... "well, you're so much into this business of trying to use physics and the whole concept of causality to prove that what you believe in IS the truth, as YOU see it, why don't you read up a little bit on Special Relativity."

      The fact of the matter is this: when we learn, and I mean, TRULY learn, we end up seeing that we know nothing and that every preconception we had (including the way we interpreted our belief) was designed to fit our understanding at that particular intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development.

      What does all of that mean?

      Simple: Only when we really try to find the answers and suffer in the process, can we then let go and follow our heart. That's when cultural (or intellectual) diversity no longer scares us (should that have been the case). Fear comes from ignorance... of one's self primarily.
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