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war in lebanon" part 6"

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  • war in lebanon" part 6"

    If you don't know, that's a problem, but if you know it's a big problem.

    Usually in the Lebanese constitution, the people are electing the members of the parliament, and these members are electing their president in the council and the president of the country.

    And when the President makes a mistake, what ever is that mistake, the government will be the responsible including all of their members, even the parliament with all of his deputies, with addition to every person of the people from the country, where ever he is, especially if he shared in that election.

    As mentioned in the old Bible:
    “God will be judge the fathers in their sons, till the third or the fourth generation”.

    And in one of the Prophet Mohamed speech says: “As you are, will be your rulers”.

    What I mean, the nation who elect a deaf Parliament its deaf. And the deputies who elect a stupid and immoral president, and shared the president to specify the prime minister and the ministers they are stupidest and immoral.

    Such an example: If the president took a wrong decision in a war matter, all of the country will pay for that by different ways. And if a prime minister took a wrong decision in an economic matter, all of the citizens will pay for his mistake.

    If we are speaking about the material matters and we find that the peoples will be responsible as the government, so how if we are speaking about the spiritual matters?

    And here we will find a protest petition to the president of the Parliament Sabri Hamadeh as an improvement, how did they shared the president of the Lebanese republic the horrible crime against the humanity first and then against Dr. Dahesh.

    A protest petition

    To Excellency head of the Lebanese Parliament and his respectful deputies
    O highness President,

    When you won again in the presidency of the parliament you mentioned in the beginning of your fluent speech the immortal word:

    “In this hour which your valuable confidence carried me to presidency of the council once again, feels and the honor full my soul that your vote not turning towards my weak person as turning towards the idea which I embrace it, and the principle I believe in, it’s the independence of Lebanon Complete independences other than deficient, and its common rule at its current borders, and the propellant about the constitution fence of the freedoms”.

    So in the name of the constitution and that confidence and that noble principle request from you and from all the free deputies to use your constitution authority to shown up the justice and corroboration of the truth in the coming case:

    No doubt you have been informed, that on the past August 28 the Dr. Dahesh jailed after has been attacked, and on the 8th of September has been stripped of his Lebanese nationality according to the decree which has been published in the official news paper on the13th of September without represent it to the parliament by the government, and without its agreement on it, as dictated thereby the Lebanese constitution, least the doctor compels to appoint as an agent about him all of the professor Fouad Rezk, Alexander Al-Nakkash, Ramez shawki and Salim Abu Ismaiel, and under the knowledge and the supervision of his general agent the professor Edward Noon, to take back his plundered nationality after the strange stripped and displacement.

    And it’s written in the article 50th of the Lebanese constitution as follows:.

    The President of the Republic shall take an oath of fidelity before the Parliament to the Lebanese Nation and the constitution in the following terms:
    "I swear by Almighty God to observe the Constitution and the laws of the Lebanese Nation and to maintain the independence of Lebanon and its territorial integrity."

    Yes had sworn the Excellency of president in the parliament in front of the nation’s deputies that he will respect the constitution and laws of this constitution...

    But in this work he overstepped his rights and didn’t keep the fidelity which he should be as the constitution clearly says in the article 60th:

    “While performing his functions, the President of the Republic may not be held responsible except when he violates the constitution or in the case of high treason”.

    As stripped any Lebanese person – away of Dr. Dahesh – of his Lebanese nationality is responsible according to this article, and his trial is necessary in front of the supreme council because the article 60th continue saying:

    “However, his responsibility in respect of ordinary crimes is subject to the ordinary laws. He may not be impeached the president for such crimes, as well as for violation of the constitution and for high treason, except by the Chamber of Deputies…. He is to be tried by the Supreme Council provided for in Article 80”.

    And in the article 61 of the constitutions:

    “Should the President of the Republic be impeached, he is suspended from his functions. The presidency remains vacant until the Supreme Council has settled the matter”. So that the parliament should keep its promises towards the nation and its conscience and the law”.

    And the 70th article says:

    “The Chamber of Deputies has the right to impeach the Prime Minister and Ministers for high treason or for serious neglect of their duties”.

    And the 71st article says:

    “The impeached Prime Minister or Minister is tried by the Supreme Council”.

    And the 72nd article says:

    "A Minister leaves office as soon as the Decision of impeachment concerning him is issued. If he resigns, his resignation does not prevent judicial proceedings from being instituted or continued against him".

    And here we are waiting for the council of the deputies and the nation what will be doing. After we explained to them what perform Excellency of the president and both of the interior minister and the justice minister in stripped a Lebanese man of his nationality and sent him away of his homeland afterwards his Oppression, dimension and jail without any contest in law and without the agreement of the council about that strip.

    As the article 8th of the constitution is clear which says:

    ” Individual liberty is guaranteed and protected by law? No one may be arrested, imprisoned, or kept in custody except according to the provisions of the law. No offense may be established or penalty imposed except by law”.
    As the article 13th of the Lebanese constitution says:

    “The freedom to express one's opinion orally or in writing, the freedom of the press, the freedom of assembly, and the freedom of association are guaranteed within the limits established by law”.

    And we say that the highness minister of the justice instructed to the observation pen to refuse any reply by Dr. Dahesh, or by any of his agents or friends, and allowed for the newspapers, publish what ever want against Dr. Dahesh.

    Yes this what he did in the epoch of the independence and in the shadow of the holy constitution..

    And in the article 19th of the Lebanese constitution the following:

    "No law shall be promulgated lest it has been adopted by the Chamber".

    And the prime minister in an approval both of ministers the interior and the Justice pronounced a law without resorting to the parliament...

    And this law commands to strip Dr. Dahesh of his Lebanese nationality while he was in jail injustice, and then sent him far away, not only out of the Lebanese borders but the Syrian as well, from a village (Iazaz) to the Turkish boundaries, and this is the strangest decree published.

    How a law published and the government does hit the wall by the 19th article as it an ink on a paper?

    And how the parliament consent its rights and duties overstep, and the council is the nation’s fence, from it seek his strength?

    So consequence of we request in our petition of the generous parliament to question the government to give back into the innocent man his Lebanese nationality after passed several months upon him out of Lebanon. And he suffers the bitterness of the strip, homeless and the deprivation. And no doubt that the president and the members will listen to this petition by open ears and conscious hearts and pronounce their judgment, to cancel the nationality removal which did not depend on the law or any article of the clear constitution’s articles.

    Then the right will be back to its owner, and obtain thanks of the nation and its appreciation to your justice and honesty and application estimation, for the constitution materials, which is the holy holiness, and a defender of everybody, and the peace...

    Marie Hadad
    Beirut Jan 25.1945

    to be continued
    "By humble translation"
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