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war in lebanon" part 7"

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  • war in lebanon" part 7"

    Not all of the men are men, and not all of the writers are writers. Such a different between one and another.

    Men are by their well done and braveness, and writers are by their words and honesty. And out of that, they are just look likes the men and the writers.

    Hundreds of newspapers and thousands of writers and journalists didn’t raise a voice or wrote a word against the injustice which had been done to Dr. Dahesh.

    How about a brave man doing well, have the word and the honest. What we can call him?

    Jubran Massouh, the owner of a newspaper called Al-Mokhtasar, He is one of a little men, supported the freedom and the truth, didn’t sell their conscience for the religion men, or their words for a president or minister, who ever that is.

    Jubran Massouh, is a writer, wrote for the truth, he is a defender, defended the injustice, never scared of president, never been cheated for some money and never betray his conscience. He didn’t change his mind what ever were the promises.

    Jubran Massouh, heard about the case of Dr. Dahesh, so he looked for the truth, and he asked and discussed, he thought and deduced by his open mind. And he found what the mind can’t accept, even behind all of that the whole government, acting by its president and his ministers and the religion men. He didn’t scare of them. Because he believes that he is writing for the truth and for the next generations. To be a witness for the truth and upon the injustice.

    Let us read what he wrote while no one else dared to.

    Inspection courts in our countries.

    Article by the professor Jubran Massouh, the owner of Al-Mokhtasar Magazine, – 1st year 2nd volume, Feb.1946.

    From Abraham’s lap to the lap of the cursed Satan.

    In one of our newspapers which issues in this capital the following article:

    We received a telegram has the signature of Joseph Hajjar and his wife and children and Marie Hadad, Zeina Hadad and their family, George Ibrahim Hadad, Dr. Achi, Dr. Farid Abu Suleiman, Dr. Khabsa and his wife and children that they sent a telegram to the holiness of the pope in their separation of the Catholic church.

    And their separation caused of the efforts of the Excellency of the cardinal Tabouni and the sovereignty of the bishop Mubarak at the authorities against their chief Dr. Dahesh, which bring to banish him and strip him of the Lebanese nationality.

    This is the article as it. In spite of the disturbance and obscure we understand of it that a man called Dr. Dahesh has stripped of his nationality and banished, and that was by the cardinal Tabouni and the bishop Mubarak efforts.

    So who is Dr. Dahesh? And what is the relevance of the cardinals and the bishops in the laws of the countries until be able to banish and stripped a human of his nationality?

    We asked some persons who has heard about these matters, they said: Dr. Dahesh is a quack; so we asked them about his kind of cheating. And all what we could understand that the man from those who are looking to the palm of the hand and know the diseases and give treatments to heal...

    Then we went into the writer Yousef Abu warde to ask him about that because we trust his thinking as we trust his honesty and he reads some of the homeland’s newspaper continuously and all what he told us about that matter is:

    “The doctor is healing a lot of diseases, and do works point upon a superior intelligence, some of it is over familiar, and a lot of people trust him, some of them are famous writers and Halim Dammous is one of them who had write under his signature that he saw these superior works by himself. Then Dr. Dahesh distrusts the accidental wonders were report in the gospel, and educate the people that wonders are not true which contradict the law of nature.

    From that we know, the involving of the cardinals and the bishops in the topic that we do find strange, and how do this involving take an end in the banishment and stripe the man of his nationality, which the inspection courts couldn’t do in the past .

    A man called Bruno lived in Italy four hundreds year ago doubts in the wonders of the gospel for the same reason. Because it’s contradict the laws of the nature. And the inspection courts start discussing him and contested in law for four years to return of his aberration.

    But the man didn’t retreat his conscience nor the inspection courts did, and didn’t “returned of his aberration. So they burned him as it known, but they didn’t stripe him of his nationality, but an Italian remained.

    And the inspection courts in our countries made completely the same in the case of Dr. Dahesh, but it didn’t burn him because our laws in this era not allowed that, but exiled him because the laws of this era allow the banishment, then stripped him of his nationality, and that the inspection courts did not make four generations ago..

    Then observe of the news which conveyed were doctors between the followers of the Dr. Dahesh as well, means they have a high scientific degrees... So the man doesn’t lead the public of the people but entwined around him writers, thinkers and literates. So he has a new view point in the life, and a virtue idea wants to offer into this miserable homeland which has nothing put in circulation except the errors.

    And these victims of injustice, why lift their complained to the pope if they have a government do justice to them? Don’t we understand of that those braves no betray their conscience nor denied their leader in the affliction? Don’t we understand that they already complained to the government and didn’t respond, and request the justice and they didn’t get it. So they have no other way except that – the way of the separation of the sect – and that’s what the people do when the oppression closed all ways in their faces.

    We want from the leaders of the public opinion, from the writers, thinkers and speakers, and from all callers in the freedom and the independence and the yoke of the enslavement and we want of the government to know where he is living now. Yesterday, in Damascus they threw the people in the jails because they didn’t fast Ramadan. And today exiled a human and stripped of his Lebanese nationality for such reason.

    Did we expel France out of the countries to give it to the religion Authorities?
    If this is the way, so we are moving back, and what our present government just an instrument among the inspection courts operate in secret, and take back the homelands hundreds of years.

    Let us leave the article now and care a little in its title, in term: From Abraham’s lap to the lap of the cursed Satan “we would like to know that pure hand” which wrote that phrase, and search with it in the matter on base of science, or rules of the natural laws or the brain instruction.
    Who is Ibrahim this? And what is this lap which enough for thousands of millions from the people? Then if some one separate of his sect will be transferred immediately from that lap into the lap of the cursed Satan, without understanding how the transforming will be happened.

    To believe all of that must leave the science aside, and the laws of the nature behind, and step over the guidance of the brain. Nonetheless we will be collide with the society morals which not allowed for the men and women and boys and girls to be together in one lap, just if it was there barriers to separate between the two genders. Those did not mention to us who seek living, till now, from transferring Adam’s children from lap to another.

    Then we mention here the lap of the cursed Satan. Who is this cursed Satan and who can approve to us his existence? And is it true that his lap as big as the lap of Ibrahim able to contain all the other sects?

    And after this and that, also we collide with the humanity principles. Is it true that all of the humankind divided between those two laps? And there is no another location if occur to some one mind not to reside in a lap? Do all of that conformable to that God’s characters who called him a compassionate merciful.

    The one who is looking to the people’s hands to know their diseases and treat it, and then he denies the wonders of the gospel which the mind doesn’t confirm, and not ratify by science and the laws of nature don’t support. Who is doing all of that is not a quack. But the quack who is teaching the people in this era myths of the laps with all Impertinences and without shyness or an embarrassment...

    The teaching of these errors is despising to the mindfully human, and contempt to the dignity of the humanity, and underestimation with the people minds. And with that we leave these misguided free and pasture at will and very gay, we don’t banish them or stripe of their nationality and do not move an inhabitant to them...

    We do leave them and their business, but will not allow for them to transfer our freedom and independence to inspection courts.

    to be continued
    "by humble translation"
    Last edited by Hussein; 11-20-2006, 09:37 AM.