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Congratulations Ibrahim! You're on eBay!!

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  • Congratulations Ibrahim! You're on eBay!!

    About 4 years ago we received a letter from an individual claiming to be a medical doctor living in Australia who knew Doctor Dahesh and (supposedly) took a snapshot of him along with several other people, including the late Salim Ombargi and Ibrahim "S" (or "C") who actually studied engineering in Russia.

    First, we would like everyone who knows Ibrahim to inform him that his image is posted and IS FOR SALE on eBay.

    Legally-speaking, since Ibrahim did not give his consent, the photographer cannot post the image anywhere.

    Intially, that "doctor" tried to sell us the photograph, we respectfully declined.

    Now, check out to what great lengths he is going to sell that snapshot!
    You'll note the article he republished in order to give perception of value to that image.

    We've been watching him for a while, but when we saw the price shoot up to $480 (and counting we suppose) we thougth it is time to perhaps alert Ibrahim!

    By our count, if this photo sells, Ibrahim is owed money!

    Here is the link on eBay
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