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    These are excerpts of a body of work that I have carried in my mind and heart (and portfolio!) on and off for the past 20 years or so. Some of the ideas have evolved over time; some are as originally designed. The following represents one answer to “What does a Daheshist Center or cultural community look like?”

    While these are reasonably realistic looking images (or so I have tried!), they are merely representative of an idea of what could be…not THE idea of what could be. I have attempted to capture in form, my thoughts, my feelings and my musings of a world that I would like to see. Flight of fancy? Yes, for sure…for now…for here. I don’t know all the answers. I have only tried…humbly for sure. Some day, somewhere, I see ‘someone’ or ‘someones’ after me having to deal with maybe doing something much like what I have tried to present here. I do not know the direction of what the structure of Daheshism will take. I do not know how or when the collective desires of the community of Daheshism will need or require such an extensive undertaking…or where. I am designing in a utopian context…(This alone should make things easy!) I have unlimited land! (this would realistically indicate an area outside of a city) I have a beautiful climate! (although I have thought about snow removal) and most importantly, I have an unlimited budget! (the non-realities of this one are obvious).

    I think I have made some other assumptions that are somewhat more significant to me beyond what a physical complex such as this might actually look like. These thoughts I hope will be a trigger for others to start to debate and discuss these more important underlying issues. This has to do with what the actually “Daheshist Culture’ and operating organization looks like. I view an integration of the Daheshist thought, teaching and prayer to be more comprehensively cohesive and singular than what currently exists here in Western thought. I thought at great lengths the United States’ ‘separation of church and state.’ We can no longer, or rarely anyway, invoke the name of God in our public schools. Would a private ‘Daheshist School’ or teaching institution invoke the name of God? Yes, absolutely. Would a non Daheshist be welcome? Absolutely. Would the Museum that houses the legacy of Dr. Dahesh mention that he was The Prophet for our time? Yes, absolutely. Would the teachings include how to make a prayer offering in the temple? yes, absolutely.

    All are welcome to come here and learn. And see. And experience. I would like to see a program and overall concept that outlines how this Daheshist Community works. I think there needs to be a Daheshist Charter drafted up. Much like The Constitution of these the United States. This Charter is the Law and Rule and Mandate of the Daheshist Community. It clearly states the goals and structure and any decision making hierarchy within the community. Is it run like a corporation? I would think, yes it would have to be. Is there a committee? Yes, I think as long as there are people involved, an oversight committee would be necessary. But the governing body, is not about the governing body per se…it is about upholding the aforementioned Daheshist Charter. This is not about us, not about the personalities of us, it is about upholding up an ideal that we have chosen to be involved in. Nothing here is about the cult of personality.

    I do not see living quarters as part of this core complex. I do not want to create a cloistered monastery type environment. I adhere to Abraham Lincoln’s dictum regarding politics and I think it applies here… ”One should serve…and then go home.” This is about serving the community of humanity and not about the serving the keepers of the temple.