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To Accept and To Believe

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  • To Accept and To Believe

    Why would anyone believe in something that they can not see, touch, smell, taste, or hear? Why would they believe in anything that they can not physically experience for themselves? The answer is so complex that I believe even the most intelligent people would need to devote great time and effort to conclude this analysis and develop a state of mind that would give them peace.

    For me, the journey has taken a lifetime. Yet I doubt I can convince anyone to believe what I believe. If I were to advise anyone, I would only say, as I have said in the past, consider the possibilities.

    But the more I am willing to believe, the more opportunities are presented to me to gain better understanding. And the more my faith is reinforced
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    Thanks for sharing this great idea, and allowing us to say our points of view.
    As to the question, I would like to say that many great writers, poets, artists, showed wondrous works, lettering the works with incredible abilities.
    One of the answers that may seem nearer to the truth is that they have lived in a former life cycle where they experienced and saw great technologies.
    For each life cycle on Earth ends in a high technological advances.
    Let's take the late great French writer "Jules Verne", although he lived in the 1800's his works of fiction seemed modern as if he saw what we are seeing today!
    The reason for that is that he lived in a life cycle, thousands of years ago, where technology was at its peak.
    So when a person reincarnates, he is drawn towards the things that are similar to what he experienced in a previous life cycle; his unconscious mind does the work. In his unconscious mind, there is a recording of his previous life cycles. What keeps inspiring him is his lofty spiritual fluid which is linked to him or to any truly inspired poet.
    And may God bless you all.
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      Proficiency at written expression is something I have always found difficult. If I have written anything that lights the world we live in for anyone, I am pleased.

      An open mind to understanding the unseen provides opportunity for enlightenment. In todays world, I see much written about quantum physics where theories have been given support by some clever person who develops a method to observe the effect of a quantum event.

      I believe that how God is defined is dependent upon each person's ability to understand.


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        YES Indeed, I agree with you, furthermore, it also depends on the person's will to seek the pure truth in heaven, and experience it, where science and spiritual truth are, as we may say, inseparable or correlative. Spirits are God's, and science helps us achieve the impossible.