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    MX's comments in the "I love America" thread (Human Race Sub-forum) required we create a new Sub-Forum in the Debate center called "Why Daheshism."

    Originally posted by whitetiger
    it seems to me your debate and discussions are like regular daily general discussions in any banal subject sorry i dont want to sound rude and i am not but you seem like nostalgic people looking for answers, to every interactions there is a purpose to achieve what are you looking for and what is the ultimate goal of Daheshism

    thanks in advance


    Originally posted by Mario
    Hi MX and welcome to "Daheshville."

    In terms of what the ultimate goal in Daheshism is...

    Here is my take on the subject...

    The ultimate goal in Daheshism is to elevate our energy level (the essential "stuff" that makes who we are) to a higher plane of existence, perhaps through countless numbers of life cycles, perhaps involving "waking up" and "living" in other dimensions —for now, let's call them "worlds"— hopefully collecting all our scattered "selves" we might have left "here and there," so that, in the end, we become so pure as to become one with "GOD."

    In this day and age, the core concepts in Daheshism are nothing new. In fact, just watch movies such as the Matrix...

    But, back in the 1930's... Daheshism was "Way" out there for some people, especially if they did not have any knowledge of physics, may it be Newtonian, Relativistic, or Quantum physics.

    Today, however, anyone who has grown up watching Star Trek has no problem pondering the notion that time has no arrow and that all possible scenarios exist simultaneously, and may not need any "ism" to live a spiritual life, considering that they might draw some conclusions on their own.

    However, where Daheshism mattered in the case of some, was that they needed to see (or, rather, they were "destined?" to see) the types of physical manifestations that occurred at the hands of the man known as "Dahesh." Those physical manifestations were considered by many who saw them (myself included) to be "Miracles."

    To many Daheshists, these "Miracles" constitute "proof" of God's existence.

    Personally, I tend to have a different (dare I even say "opposing") point of view on this matter. Basically, my argument is that—in this day and age of quantum physics — Miracles (and speaking strictly from the point of view of scientific methodology) prove nothing of the sort. In other words, when I witnessed a Miracle, I "believed" or "knew deep down on a highly intuitive level" what was going on. But for me to pretend I can use scientific methodology to prove without a shadow of a doubt the existence of God (which, to me, is a BELIEF, something I cannot prove anyway, and if I did, why would I need to believe in it in the first place...) would be fundamentally wrong. For starters, the Daheshist experience shows that we are as governed by fate as we are by free will...

    If you're interested, check out these articles:

    Originally posted by whitetiger
    you want to gather your scattered energy to become one with the creator
    this is what all religions and disciplines athletic, artistic or proffessional thrive or aspire to do, the quantum physics theory of potential possibilities that will materialize by the oberserver is a universal thruth that is nobody's property, man is what he beleives and we are the product of our imagination, instead of starting a new religion and recruit new adepts we must think how to better the existing ones and find a common denominator based on tolerance, openess and rejection of violence. Any other attempt is just a new manipulation to mobilize and scatter the already scattered humankind.

    Before I answer , I must go on record and say that Dahesh was against proselytizing. In other words—and I am, here, addressing, all self-proclaimed (or otherwise) Daheshists— we/you cannot go and attempt to "recruit new adepts." There is nothing wrong with opening our doors to "outsiders." But we cannot go knocking on their doors. In other words, when I go into some religious websites (or even in some reviews) and I see any Daheshist trying to beat Daheshism into people's heads, and potentially disrupting their inner peace, that's wrong. Dahesh himself wrote that we ought to even respect a primitive culture who worships the stone, because that's their way of relating to the creator.

    Now that I've got that off my chest, I will address the issues brought forth in MX's reply:

    "instead of starting a new religion and recruit new adepts we must think how to better the existing ones"

    I truly believe that's what Daheshism is doing. Let's take the Christians, for example (and I speak as a former Catholic): When we see a baby born blind, we (Christians) say "that's God's will." When we say innocent people die in war, we (Christians) say "that's part of God's plan."

    Well, on a fundamental level, sure, everything can be brought back to being part of "God's plan" and for many Christians, perhaps, that's enough—and good for them.

    However, there are those who might say "if God truly existed, then he would not let an innocent child suffer!"

    If that same former-Christian, who now totally rejects the notion of a creator, were to immerse him or herself in Buddhism (for example), they would perhaps accept the concept of a Child suffering in this life cycle due to their past actions.

    Then again, Buddhism is not totally "in tune" with our contemporary plane of existence...

    Thus, in fact, Daheshism completes the ESSENCE all these former religions (which we recognize as being "true"... I say "essence" because we cannot vouch for how people distort the essence... and I am sure that even in Daheshism we will need reform).

    Daheshism ( in part and especially) came to unite the Christians and the Moslems. And, just for record, I am not suggesting that we are to forsake Judaism. In fact, Daheshists believe in Moses, David, and Solomon.

    But, because of some "mystery" that (here we go again) "God only knows" Jesus was (according to our mythology) to appear in the 20th Century, prove his credentials by means of "Miracles" and (as part of his mission) to bring the Christians and Moslems together. I don't know why the Jews didn't factor into the equation... But it would certainly seem obvious to anyone studying the history of Daheshism that it was important for the Christians to believe in that Mohammed was a prophet. I will gladly expand on that upon request. I just wanted to make sure I underline that very important aspect of Dahesh's mission

    Did that mean that Dahesh wanted the Christians and Moslems to come together into a new "ism?"

    I don't know.

    All I can tell you is that he had friends who remained practicing Christians, Moslems, Jews (not sure about the Buddists, or if there were any in Lebanon... besides... they don't need our help!)

    Reason: Daheshism—corruption aside—does not feel that those religions are to be forsaken. In other words, if you are a practicing, sincere, devout Christian, then PLEASE remain one. Except, please do not "poo poo" the Muslims (for example).

    On the other hand, some will surpass the limitations of Christianity and require an updated view of the "big picture."

    Our job (and I thank again for coming and asking) is to (step by step) disseminate a wealth of knowledge.
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    "It is the question that consumes us"... I couldn't have put it more eloquently. There is one caveat however: coming to this revelation is akin to viewing a 3D stereogram... only the "lucky few" (or those who diligently practice) will see it... There is that "AHA!" moment where we get it and everything is "clear" and "makes sense." We're not necessarily and suddenly immune to pain and everything else that life might have in store for us, but somehow, there is a sense of peace—and dare I say, the whole question of "what is the meaning of life" becomes moot. After that, every thing becomes important despite the fact we know it is a mere illusion. We begin to live in the "now" and we stop stressing about the (so-called) future. Sure, within reason... For example, if I might see that my refrigerator is low on food, and I know that tomorrow is a holiday, my sense of logic tells me "buy milk and eggs." But, I am not going to worry about the demise of the dairy and poultry industry and figure out ways to freeze dry milk and eggs, just so that, in the event of a nuclear winter, I can have breakfast for years to come...

    I suppose what I am saying is (and please take this as a compliment): Your response warms my heart because you strike me as someone who knows how "to let go."

    I am not sure you'll find what you are seeking in "Daheshism" given the current state that it is in. Which is why Daheshville was created... All I can say is that we're working on it.

    What Dahesh left behind will take the average person (present company excluded of course!) years to absorb. Dahesh himself used to say "it takes me 20 years to turn someone into a Daheshist" (referring to how long it takes for him, through example, discussion, and... patience, to enable a person to reach that "AHA!" moment.) To fully understand Daheshism (or any "ism" of its level) one needs to truly study hard, read a lot... and, for heaven's sake... be human.

    I'll continue this tomorrow. In the meantime, thank you so very much for your kind words and for sharing with us your wisdom.

    I hope everything is well with you and yours back home.

    Lastly, thank you for the link, I loved the inspirational message at ""

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      Mario (what are the odds we would have 2 Marios in Daheshville!), I don't know what to say ... Except that you are a true inspiration because you are reacting in a highly dignified and objective manner (dare I say Zen) despite everything you've gone through... I know the four years I endured between 1975 and 1979 were tough enough on me, and they left me quite bitter and angry for a while... Thank you again for being a model for us to follow.

      Here is a photo I found at a local Lebanese restaurant called "The Pita House." Its owner was kind enough to let me photograph it. Also, as luck would have it, he was a neighbor of ours. The image shows what "Ras Beirut" was like before the Holiday Inn Hotel was built.

      Mario (#2)

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        "Peaceful Warrior" Excellent. The movie version is playing in theaters and I'm eagerly waiting for it to make its way to my neck of the woods.

        SO, you are a fellow pilot!

        I have a little bit over 270 hours (over 60 at night). I must admit I never completed my IFR training. I'd begin, then stop, then repeat...

        I did manage, however, to get rated for high performance an complex single engine.

        And, just for the record... Yes, I admit it, I love the smell of burnt Jet Fuel !

        I've flown quite a bit on the following:
        Cessna: 172, 172 RG ( Cutlass, retractable gear), 182 (Skylane, my FAVORITE) and 182 RG (top speed 160 knots...)
        Piper: Cherokee, Archer, Warrior (retractable)
        Aeorospatiale: Tobago

        I've flown right seat (once): Ballanca
        Right seat: Bonanza (now we're talking... No, really, THAT's an airplane!).

        Technically, my last flight was circa 94 (I have to check my log book). Around 92 (I think) I flew the plane through the (actual) "Perfect Storm". A friend of mine, a flight instructor flew in to get us out and he gave me the controls, and just about then all hell broke loose. Our aircraft was the last one to be able to leave Nantucket before the "No name" storm hit. I remember taking off in 40 knots wind (I am not making this up... the plane was the Warrior) and landing in the Boston area (Hanscom Air force base) with the same wind gusts of 40 knots. If you've seen the movie, then you might remember the scene in the helicopter... the bumpiest and most "violent" ride I had in my life. The "Miracle" was that, in both cases (the take off and landing) the wind was perfectly aligned with the runway.

        But that's not the interesting part.

        We had a passenger in the back.

        While she was escaping Nantucket, a cousin of her cousin's was drowning in the storm. He was portrayed by Mark Walberg in the movie... He was the lead character...

        We would find out years later as the movie came out.

        Anyway, I haven't flown (really) since. So I've had 10 good solid years (83 to 93)

        As far as SCUBA, I initially got my license in Lebanon then in the USA. Diving in Lebanon (compared to the murky cold waters of the North Atlantic) was magical. All we needed was a tank, a couple of kilos... Meanwhile, here, over 20 kilos in weights, 1/4 wet suit... etc... Going to the moon seemed easier sometimes.

        I also did a fair amount of skiing while in Faraya (I lived in the village for about 1.5 years before moving to Ajaltoon) THAT was something also...

        Incidentally, David (who you might have heard about) was both my pilot and SCUBA buddy. He and I did a lot of night time diving (and flying)... And he could tell you diving stories! Like that one time the one-clawed lobster got caught in his inflatable vest ... I never laughed so hard... under water...
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          Originally posted by whitetiger

          excuse my over zeal but when i talk about skydiving this is how i get
          Please, you should see me discuss the upright bass!

          In the USA, if (fading) memory serves me, "High Performance" means anything above 200 (I think) HP and retractable gear (+?) variable pitch prop is "Complex."

          I had a similar experience in a 172 on final approach to Boston's Logan.
          Skydiving... wow... When I said you had the ability to "let go" I had no idea! That's one thing I am too chicken to try... Just as well, since chickens can't fly—coincidence? I think not!

          Right around 9/11, I started itching to get back into the air and I even took my physical... Shortly after that... I still can't believe it.

          In the old days, we had the luxury of the VFR corridor over the Hudson river... And, you also mentioned St. Exupery, his "Night Flight" inspired me as a child—he's one of my heros.

          But back to mastering one's fear, I agree with you on that point. Although, being the (aforementioned) chicken that I am, just landing the airplane safely was all the challenge I needed to give me that sense of perspective

          But I bet it would be awesome to freefall...

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            Hi Mario,

            I can't complain, even though (and technically) I'll begin receiving invitations to join the AARP in 4 years

            Life in the USA... I can't put my finger on it, but (and here's a scoop!) things changed after 9/11. As for the question pertaining to the ME, absolutely and depends on who you talk to. I've known Americans who are critical of US foreign policy, and many public figures (may they be political or entertainers) have clearly voiced dissent and consider that the current US administration of breaking a plethora of international laws and treaties.

            On the other hand, you have the Neo-conservatives who believe that the US foreign policy is paving the way for Christ's return...

            As for Mr. and Mrs. Average America... A couple of days, and once the news stop mentioning the ME, all that matters are things such as ... paying the mortgage, the price of oil, or perhaps even bigger worldly issues, such as which Hollywood couple is divorcing.

            I might have mentioned this in another post, but something happened to Mass Media in the 80's during the Reagan era, which (basically) lifted from it the duty of carrying a burden known as "the greater public good." I heard this from the mouth of Robert Kennedy Jr. during an interview with Charlie Rose, on PBS. In fact, just compare TV in France, the UK and the USA and you'll see the difference. Here, network TV is about the sponsors.

            It doesn't matter how controversial an issue is, if sponsors think they can sell their product, and there is a public ready and able to be entertained, you've got a match made in heaven. I don't mean to sound as if I am pure... I'm certainly guilty of watching sitcoms etc. But, it gets to a point you know your intelligence is being insulted... and your brain goes numb... So, I rarely watch TV. Only movies on DVD. I READ the news (forget TV).

            So, the short answer is : people eventually forget and focus on their own issues.

            I meant to tell you last time that your accomplishments are impressive. You've certainly had SOME journey.
            What's impressive is that you're able to "simplify" ... and (once again) "let go."
            Kickboxing... Here is another thing we have in common... In my youth I studied Shotokan karate and I got to watch Hideki Okamoto in action at the Dojo where my older brother trained. If I could do it all over again I would because I don't think I was old enough to appreciate the depth of Martial Arts beyond the obvious outer beauty and elegance. That's really great... In one of my CD's in which I teach "Holistic Drawing" I talk a lot bout martial arts (breathing technique, how to move the pen over the page) and the business of "clearing the mind" and "not to think" and trusting one's "subconscious." To the casual observer, it's all fluff. But, if you BELIEVE in it, it works. My claim is that every person CAN draw, and that the ability to do so is already programmed into us. Which brings me to your question about my interests nowadays: teaching holistic drawing which on the surface (and to me) means you attempt to draw on every portion of the page at the same time —at least in your mind—and not linger too much in one spot. You will constantly be moving up and down, left and right, diagonally, and curvilinearly. In addition, you would also need to apply your keen sense of timing and rhythm.

            The aim: to draw anything you want without having it in front of view (to use as a reference). We're NOT talking about become artists... I honestly still don't know what "Art" is... This is merely about "Drawing" which is not necessarily limited to "sketching with a pencil on paper." A writer can draw characters using words. Drawing is about formulating and extracting the essence. It's all in the approach—a state of mind. AND, here is my theory: if you learn to draw holistically, you learn to solve problems holistically as well. Anyway, that's the idea.

            I agree with you about nostalgia. However, and if I may add my 2 cents: Nostalgia is good if it helps us heal and move on. In my case, and not until I was 40 did I feel the urge to back to my roots (which I totally lost). For example, I wanted to "rebuild" my neighborhood, my memories, my history... it was both cathartic as well as traumatic. But I don't think I would have been able to move on if I didn't face my past and made peace with it.
            I know it may sound strange, but in a way, I wanted my past to say " I am sorry, please forgive me."

            Back to flying: Wow, you've had SOME experience! (And, isn't the C182 just grand? I mean... please, give me ROOM! If I were to buy an aircraft, it would be the C182. And those FLAPS... When they go down, they GO down.

            I am glad you were able to fly the VFR corridor! THAT is an experience! Plus, that WHOLE area is simply electrifying.

            "approaching the river and engaging in the corridor it felt like entering or breaking through a spellbound dream sharing the organized bustle, the energy and the space with all the traffic and the helicopters, harmony and synchronicity, being part of the essentials components of collective living..."

            Beautifully put... It so nice being able to "speak" to someone who has "gone through it."

            I can't tell you the number of people I used to beg to join me on a night flight down the corridor... Yeah, I suppose I WAS proselytizing!

            I'd like to discuss "Nostalgia" some more and how it relates to democracy and freedom.

            Until then, take care and I look forward to continuing our discussion.

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              The institute of higher ... UNLEARNING!

              Ooops! Sorry... Of course, now that I've corrected the quote, people are going to wonder "huh, what "t" is he talking about. So, allow me to explain (for those of you who have just joined us: I added an extra "t" (actually... it's a spankin' brand new type of "silent" T we now use in the USA... yeah... that's it!) to "through" (hence, I spelled it "throught..." but like I said, the "t" is silent...

              All that aside, you're welcome and likewise!

              Also, and as an important side note, although (legally) religion and politics are distinct entities in the USA, you'd better believe that there are many who wish it to be otherwise. For example, just take the abortion and prayer in schools debate. It's strange. "Talking" to you I feel that the Middle East is becoming more like the West, and talking to some of my countrymen, I feel as if we are becoming (or... maybe we always were) a religion-based nation. And, I, for one, yes, believe it or not, cannot stomach "religion."

              One need not look too far, just search Daheshville and you'll find rhetoric that (to me) is downright dangerous (if left to its own devices, unchecked, and unfiltered). Who needs a Pope when Wikkipedia says that we have someone as close as possible to the Apostle Paul?!

              Allow me to step onto the soap box for just a minute (um... I speak, we might be more than a "minute.")

              I grew up in an environment where my father (God rest his soul) would really kick your gluteus maximus if he found out you were a Daheshist. I mean, I had to burn my prayer in hiding. The way I knew about Dahesh was through hearing my brothers (who were a lot older than I was) talk about "him."
              I would often see my oldest brother "C" (20 years older than me) speaking over the phone, and ever so respectfully, to someone he referred to as "Docteur."

              One day I noticed that "C" hid a book under his mattress. So, what's a 4 or 5 year old, with a immensely tendency for curiosity to do? You've guessed it! I snuck a peak at the book. I couldn't read it to save my life. But, I just fell in love with the look and feel of it. Later (when I learned how to read) I found out it was "Repose of Death" (Daj3at Al Moat).

              For years I ached to meet the Doctor. Finally I did meet him once. Then maybe a couple of times. But I would have given anything I had to be able to see him more, except that I was too afraid to call and ask if I could visit, and forget asking my brothers. Between the "you're too young... you'll embarrass us..." you know, the ususal stuff older brothers say to their younger siblings... and what have you, I developed a nice little complex. In fact, and except only when he asked me to call him, and up until his death, I never dared pick up the phone and call him.

              So, yes, one might say I was a total outsider. I didn't see him "Hundreds of time over 20 years" as one esteemed "de facto Apostle" (according to Wikkepedia) reminded us, here, in Daheshville.

              And, no, I was not given all the knowledge in the world, nor have I been instructed to write what should eventually become the Daheshist Bibles.

              Heck, one time even, as I was visiting his house (where my brother C was staying during the civil war) he called from the United States and asked to speak to practically EVERYONE except ME! I felt so ... small. I even heard myself saying "he didn't speak with me" to a woman (quite older than I) who , without skipping a beat, pulverized my heart by saying "you're not relevant." I was always amazed she was a head nurse... But I digress...

              For all I knew, I was "irrelevant."

              To make things worse, one time I had the audacity to fall asleep on a mattress that was "parked" in the living room. Little did I know that it was HIS mattress. So, after haven been made to feel as if I committed the crime of the century, the senior Daheshist had someone FOLLOW ME as I went around the house... Imagine THAT...

              (Where is Mario going with this... Heck if I know... but, hang on... I think I have a point to make...)

              Yes, I was as irrelevant as can be. Yet...

              Why would I suddenly find myself with Doctor Dahesh, now having practically distanced himself from "everybody," as a personal assistant, host, chauffeur, body guard, tucking him in bed (he was in a lot of pain and needed assistance getting into and out of bed), preparing his meal... become a spokesperson and a gatekeeper.

              I'll tell you why... CHECKS and BALANCES. That's why.

              See, the problem is that I know ENOUGH to make my BLOOD BOIL.

              When I see some people act so arrogantly and flaunt their "credentials" in the hope to make us (here, in Daheshville) shrivel in a corner, I have to BITE MY TOUNGE and think, deep down... "If you only knew what I know..."

              So, I hear you... I cannot STAND "religion" ... or "politics" ... but... UNFORTUNATELY, they are a necessary evil.

              Sometimes dictatorships work better than democracy. Let's face it, if a whole nation is "stupid"... I can't believe I said that... COME ON! You know I am speaking the truth!

              THAT'S why whe have the Philospher Kings...or the unwilling heros...(Han Solo) and only through education (knowledge + intelligence + "That magic something") one can only hope to see (even though far from reaching a perfect state) religion and democracy coexist.

              As you say, "nothing is good or bad" (please, those of you who are about to blast me with "oh, and what about stealing!" please... climb to a higher altitude and see what we're saying in context of the bigger picture, which says "there is not past, there is no future. In reality, there is no causality. There is only the instant, within an instant, within an instant...."

              In other words, LEARN to UNLEARN.

              To the "uninitiated" this statement is of course nonsesensical... but... is it?

              On that note, I'll step off my box!

              Side note, Fine Print, and to whom it may concern: I'll just add one more thing: My father would eventually become a fervant supporter of Doctor Dahesh, and he even told him "we should get Mario to meet you!" That's when people around him said "Guess what, Mario is already a Daheshist" (that was told to me by Dahesh himself... in other words, I've never really bestowed upon myself the title of "Daheshist"... It was given to me. See, I have to say this, as I proceed to make many "Daheshists" out there upset... and if I'm lucky... "outraged"!
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                Speaking of Tabbouleh!

                Here is a discovery (maybe you already know this): soak the bulgur in Lemon juice (with some olive oil) and remove the core from the tomatoes (use Roma tomatoes). It makes it "less soggy" and it will keep better in the fridge!
                "Fail, to succeed."


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                  Very well, thank you and yes you passed with flying colors!

                  1966 was a great year for music: the Beatles released Revolver and Michel Polnareff his album "Love me Please Love Me" which opened up with "Sous quelle étoile suis-Je ne´" and... hold on... stop the presses... how can I forget the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" (still a masterpiece in today's standards...) which featured perhaps the most beautiful love song ever written "God Only Knows"

                  As for me, 1960... not much going on

                  At 46 (and skeptics you may say what you want) Yoga, Pilates, heck, even stretching, is important for the joints... Um... Speaking of which... no... I don't "smoke chicha" (which I thought was a fermented drink made from corn?) ... in any case, I think I know what you mean (wink wink, nudge nudge). But I honestly think my body generates it naturally!

                  "Democray is a relative term, there is no stupid and smart people only different people, stupidity is in the use of violenceT." (here's that silent "T" again )

                  Let's analyze this from my Daheshist perspective (if I may).

                  One time, a Daheshist (whose name I will not reveal) referred to Doctor Dahesh as an Emperor. Reason: one night, Doctor Dahesh lost it. I was there and I saw it (and, honestly, I don't blame him). Why did he "lose it?" Well, imagine that thousands of your books, which you were able to print against all odds—in Beirut, in 1979, come back with a different title than what you meant.

                  In particular, I am referring to the book "My Broken Hand" in Arabic "Yadi Al Muzalzalat, Aw Kayfa Sakatt Saktat Al Maout al MUZALZILAT" On the cover, someone told the hand letterer to write "MUDAMMIRAT" instead of "MUZALZILAT"

                  So, the Doctor was extremely upset. No, forget that, he was outraged, sad, tormented, on the verge of tears.. I honestly thought he was going to have a heart attack that night. He didn't kick (box) or punch anyone, nor did he swear or utter obscenities . It was more like "How could you let this happen? Weren't you paying attention? This is unbelievable..." (at a few decibels higher)

                  And, just to show you how polite he was under these extreme circumstances, he exclaimed "And what are we going to do about Mario, he has to travel to the USA, we can't have postpone his flight! (I was suppose to bring back a few samples to the USA with me), it's not fair for him, he's got things to do!"

                  Hearing the Doctor say this, in the midst of his "delivery" made me go "wow"... (flashback to the "you are irrelevant" comment above).

                  The Doctor was certainly The only leader in this "group." There were, of course, little pockets of leaderships here and there, as many wanted to have their own "flock" to lead... but that's classic and there is nothing new here and I can't tell you how many stupid.. um... sorry... "intelligence challenged" morons... um... sorry ... "seriously intelligence challenged humanoids" that tried to take me under their wing (WHY do you think the "Comedy Forum" is here?)

                  As a leader, he rarely interfered in people's lives, and only in extreme circumstances—such as when someone in the "group" was clearly taking advantage of someone else, or if a violent argument broke up... (remember, this WAS Lebanon...) In fact, so many people would go to him and ask "should I do this, should I do that" and his answer was (in general) "Do as you see fit"

                  Rarely, again, would he interfere. One time, he told one Daheshist (who I remember meeting) not to get married to a particular woman because their spiritual "chemistry" was dangerously incompatible. He didn't listen. He perished in an avalanche, leaving behind a son and his wife.

                  And when I got to live (literally) with him, I got to see up close who he was and how he "ran" things.

                  Often times, there were discussions with those who would eventually "inherit" his legacy. I got to see him as more of a President of democracy than (as that Daheshist called him) an "Emperor." In fact, he wanted to create a democratic body, and even attempted to do so but (for whatever reason) was not successful. If I have to put my finger on it: the egos of those surrounding him (and that's perhaps why he would eventually distance himself and live in the USA, and while here, it would be extremely difficult to speak with him, let alone see him. I should know, because almost "everyone" was told to contact "Mario" if they needed something or other (and I was not particularly gregarious nor... helpful... in those days. In fact, I often heard that people complained to him saying "do we HAVE to call Mario?" But, what was I supposed to do? I was merely doing "my job."

                  It got to a point were I (literally) couldn't call anyone anymore, because, that might have given the impression I was calling on behalf of the Doctor. I NEVER called ANYONE (in fact) unless instructed to do so. So, as far as comparing Daheshism with a Democracy, you might say that, at one point, I was like... the CIA? . For example, one time he calls me up and says "I hear that 'so and so' asked 'so and so' to come and help them with their new store. AND that he is NOT getting paid. Is that true?" I would say "Let me investigate." And I would pay "so and so" a visit and, indeed, see the other "so and so" working away, like a dedicated Daheshist brother, spilling his sweat away... thinking he is working for a great cause... to help another Daheshist brother. And I would ask him "soooo, what ARE they paying you over here?" and he would say "Heavens no! I will not accept money from a brother!" and I would say "Excellent... excellent." Of course, I couldn't tell him the Doctor sent me to look out for him because he thought the Doctor passed away (long story). However, the Daheshists who "hired" him, knew where the Doctor was... and were worried that I showed up. In fact, as I was waiting for the elevator, I hear from around the corner "Mario is great! Isn't HE!" ... I KNEW what was going on, and in fact, later, the guy I would eventually "extract" from there (upon the Doctor's request) told me (after I "deprogrammed" him) "so and so," right after shouting my praises so that I can hear it all the way to the elevator, whispered "what did Mario want?' "

                  So, yes, in addition of being "intelligence gatherer" I also played "deprogrammer" (unfortunately, that same guy would become brainwashed again, this time, by the same people who used to, behind his back, and to my face, speak of him as a hoodlum. In fact, I hope he is reading this...I am sorry... For I was the one who convinced them to take him under their wings... NO one wanted him around. Even my brother (despite the Doctor's request) would try to prevent me from inviting him to stay over. One time even, the Doctor, his current "brainwasher" and I were in the car and the Doctor said " How about we go and surprise 'so and so' !" (remember, "so and so" thought the Doctor was dead... Had the "brainwasher" not opened their mouth in disgust and say "oh, PLEASE Doctor, enough about ' so and so! ' " he would have seen him a lot earlier.

                  My point, had the Doctor acted as an Emperor, he might have said "I order you to drive to Amsterdam Ave. NOW!" ... Better yet... He performed miracles, right? He could have "magically" transported us there... but he didn't. And we never drove to see "so and so." ... now... I hear he is "so and so, EdD."... Congratulations...

                  Or, how about when the Doctor asked me to contact "the Brainwasher" and ask them for some yellow paper (for our prayer) so that I would give it to the same guy who is now working for "the Brainwasher." I remember the Brainwasher yelled, saying, " I will not give this man ANY yellow paper of mine. He is not worthy of it. He is working with "so and so" (the one that took advantage of "so and so, Ed.D.") are you following this??!!!"

                  Once again, the Doctor didn't say anything... Again, DEMOCRACY...

                  I am willing to bet you that many are not participating in Daheshville because they consider it "Mario's site." And, I don't blame them... especially that many of them (thousands perhaps) think I am evil. In fact, I was so notorious in my day, that one father forbade his daughter from learning guitar because "Mario plays guitar" (see "The Daheshist Loan" in the Comedy Forum). That decision on his part to impose a ban on guitar learning was due to a wave of information that propagated through the "group" and altered his chemistry and creates a new reality for him. He also, had a "beef" with the "Brainwasher" and... now, pledges (blind allegiance). You see, here is what happened (and this will make a great movie one day): "The brainwasher" wasn't always like this... They were "pushed" into it. The SAME people that PUSHED that person to the brink, would eventually, and out of a feeling of guilt and seeking forgiveness, pledge allegiance... and, sometimes... power CAN go to one's head, especially IF they have MONEY to buy it. A classic case of the victim turned "dictator."

                  Where am I going with this?

                  Daheshism needs a united, organized, legal, and DEMOCRATIC body. For the record, that's NOT my department. I am merely an observer, and as we've seen, I am practically an OUTSIDER, who the Doctor (for whatever reason) singled out and brought into his most intimate circle of friends.
                  So, as an observer, I will tell you that unless you RISE and DEMAND your RIGHT to GROW and FLOURISH, this, YOUR Mission will fade into oblivion.

                  Put into more practical terms... Join us and POST... Sure, use fake names!

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                    Originally posted by Whitetiger View Post
                    i liked your story Mario, there is nothing new under the sun only differents combinations and configurations of the same ingredients or stuff or what you called sayyal. I respect and appreciate your allegiance and faithfulness to your mentor, mines where in books, i never got the chance to spend time with a real one. But i came to the same conclusion that everybody else before perceived; "thoughts preceed actions, our actions follow our thoughts, therefore judge or evaluate every thought you acquire and every action you undertake on the basis of universalism versus individuality, in other means, if it benefts you alone or the entire humanity. From egocentricity comes evil, from universalism comes good"
                    by the way chicha is the "arghileh" the water pipe which i smoke like the native americans smoke the peace pipe, so if you do smoke it lets smoke it together.

                    "Happiness=satisfaction/desir" Socrate

                    have no expectations and judge not and thou shall be happy

                    Thank you Mario... that means a lot to me.

                    And, got it! Of course... I lived in Ras Beirut, where our side had the cafes... Love the sound and the aroma. No, I don't smoke, BUT, it would be my privilege to share a "Peace pipe" with you.

                    I think in the final analysis, I am a "Daheshist" out of loyalty to Dahesh, no more, no less. I don't claim to be "perfect" nor to have the "key to knowledge." But I can smell egocentricity a mile away. And, perhaps, one day, I will walk away from Daheshville, if and when a foundation or society is created in the image he intended. And to quote my own brother, I think the ultimate goal is to be "free" from all "isms." Except that, Daheshism is (in my opinion, and when taught correctly) a good rite of passage.

                    "From egocentricity comes evil, from universalism comes good"

                    I think that it might be helpful to share with others what Universalism is (after all, this is a learning forum!)

                    Here is a very informative link about Universalism. Of course, I admit I am a "newbie" so if that link does not do it justice, please let me know.


                    Incidentally, I have to share this anecdote about "eternal punishment" (which is a sore subject as far as "The Church" is concerned and seems to be the "building block" of its campaign against Universalism)

                    One of my older brothers was uniquely special to Doctor Dahesh. So special, that the Doctor would really get very upset with him when he committed a mistake... (such as almost burning the house... or something like that...) In fact, that particular brother, at one point, quite literally "lived" at the Doctor's mansion (with another older brother) for long stretches of time. When we saw him return to "home base" the joke was "what did he do this time?" Don't get me wrong, my brother is no dummy. Like I said, he was "special" (I would even say a "favorite" and, I suppose, Dahesh felt he could take it. By contrast, I have another brother, who, due to his level of sensitivity, the Doctor was always "gentle" with him. Dahesh (in fact, the spirit we refer to as "brother Ali," who actually performs the miracles) actually nicknamed one "Angelique" and the other "Diabolique." (In FRENCH, mind you)

                    How "diabolical" was "Diabolique?" I'll wait until he departs this plane before I tell you some stories... All in good fun... of course!

                    Anyway, one time, the Doctor was SO upset at my brother he yelled out "I don't ever want either see you or speak to you again. That's it, for ALL eternity!"

                    So, my brother (and you have to admire his guts) says to the Doctor "That would not be fair, especially if I better myself! If I better myself, then, one day, one reincarnation, you WILL see and speak to me"

                    According to legend, the Doctor said "You did good. Go, you're forgiven!" ( I swear... he had 10 lives...)

                    Incidentally, about "Brother Ali"... If you remember I mentioned that Dahesh was suffering from many physical ailments. So, there was no way for him to run, for example. But, then again, sometimes, he would be overtaken by that "entity" and run!

                    Speaking of running, I have to say that he purposely raced a much younger person (he was VERY fast) and FELL and seriously damaged his hand and face. Also, prior to that, he began to "mysteriously" suffer one terrible accident after the other. What was happening was that he was taking the harm away from others during the height of Lebanese Civil war. Since nothing is created nor destroyed in the "Universe" there had to be a "fair exchange." So, he gave "himself" as "payment." As far as his falling while racing: years later, the woman who would be the President of the Dahesh Museum tripped and sprang her foot. She was in a bad shape for a while. I remember sitting with her and the Doctor in his study, while he rested on the recliner and she telling me stories... Well, as it turned out, she was supposed to have a heart attack as the result of that fall. Dahesh took the harm from her.

                    I truly believe that, even in whatever dimension he is "living" he is still "absorbing on our behalf. Case in point, circa 1987, I was changing the string on my 12 string Ovation Guitar. The G string broke and whipped my face and eyeglasses. Had I not had my glasses on, who knows... Today, I wear contact, but I always try to wear protective lenses when I change strings.

                    Anyway, back to the theory... I later had a dream. In the dream I saw the case of my OVATION Bass Guitar (Also called OVATION, so the same brand as the 12 string guitar) levitating in space, swinging and severely whacking the Doctor's face. I remember cringing in the dream... Why do I think I saw the Bass case versus the other? Well, as it turned out, the Doctor actually TOUCHED the Ovation Bass circa 1983.

                    Incidentally, and as a side note, I think the concept (or metaphor) of the "Sayyal" might have been a necessary creation at a time when physicists "invented" the concept of the "Ether" (so that they explain, or justify rather, how light was "held" in space). Personally, I think we might need a different word, more in tune with Quantum physics and The Matrix. Something that has "Quanta" or "Quantum" (?) in it, for example. In Star Wars, we have "The Force." Maybe... "Essence"...
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                      Originally posted by whitetiger
                      "words are a source of misunderstanding" (the little prince)
                      what i meant by universalism is the opposite of egocentricity "I"
                      i searched a lot for a name like altruism which didnt like cause sacrificing oneself is as bad as sacrificing any other, needed a word halfway between egocentricity and altruism and which embraces the whole and balances the poles, the same that today's new age movement call One,
                      realising that you are a tiny but essential part of the whole, not the whole. Being in harmony, balance. In religions understanding, the epitom of wisdom is the fear of god, their god is scarry a god of fear and punishment, in ours the epitom of wisdom is the love of God. It is an issue of missing father, a psychological and sociological issue of representation of the father authority, "father" figure from which stems springs the eternal question. Why? Authority of father! strange since religion and politics are both associated with authority, we people of the middle east have a definite problem with authority we are rebelling against the authority of our fathers and throwing the blame on others. We are patriacal societies who are missing, ignoring and usurping the feminine share and right. We are anti-authority, defensive, insecure, misogynous, archaic and self centered. In other words and bluntly Half men.
                      From diversity comes richness and abundance. A win win situation. Differences can become bliss or misery whichever way we take them.
                      Everybody disagrees on symbolism, definitions and representaions yet the meaning
                      is the same in our minds, we all want the same thing in life, love. Money, power and every interaction is aimed at it, everything else is replacements, subsitutes. We disagree not on the essence but on the forms, on what to call it and when, for example everybody needs to eat and drink but we might not be hungry or thirsty at the same time, life is about cycles and rythm. It is a dance.
                      So dance

                      and slap: it is a peaceT pipe i see you're quick you corrected it

                      "Essence" is good or may be "fabrics"

                      Honestly, Mario, you'll have better success splitting the atom than finding that "elusive" word.

                      Um...nooo, I am not referring to myself in the 3rd person... for those of you who haven't been paying attention, there is another Mario in Daheshville... so, now, we ... "entertain" ... some of you... in Stereo. A couple more "Mario's" and it's "Surround Sound"!)

                      Mario, what you're trying to do, basically, is find a way to condense the concept of "Holism" (Gestalt) a non linear entity into terms that are ... linear. Yes, I know... writing is linear, but the meaning is non-linear... But there are words, such as "Energy" or "Randomness" that, by themselves, say little about that which they are trying to describe (as opposed to Rocking Chair, Dances with Wolves...)

                      So, I am proposing that it impossible, because of the mutually exclusive nature of the elements involved in the concept, which the word is trying to "summarize". It is turbo charged "sahl Mumtana3" (for you English speaking folk: It looks easy, or "simple" on the outside, but it isn't and take away one element, you've destroyed the whole. Um... What do you know... HOLISTIC!
                      A good life has to be an expression of the "Sahl Mumtana3" ... Let's take the example of a bumble bee who goes from one flower to the other, gathering the pollen in order to make honey. Is the bee taking advantage of the Flower? Surely. But, without the bee, the flower cannot pollenate.

                      That's a perfectly balanced relationship.

                      Now, let's replace the "bee" and the "flower" with "human being" and his/her "society." A human being is (as far as we know) more complex that a bumble bee. There are so many feelings and motivations that drive a human being that, not unless they have deep pockets, most of their dealings with other human beings will be tempered by varying degree of "greed," "desire" etc.

                      For example, during hurricane Katrina, the company that makes Brita Water filters donated filtration systems to the refugees. It was a classic marketing move—a once in a lifetime opportunity. And THEY were the ONLY ones to jump on it.

                      The other companies can argue "we didn't want to give the impression of impropriety" all they want (let's assume they do that) the fact of the matter was that, thanks to the BRITA company, many were able to drink healthier water.

                      Opportunism, altruism and egocentricity all came together is an "Sahl Mumtana3" way (like ... the "perfect" storm") and left, virtually, NO trace of evidence that could be used, at any time, against any of the involved parties, which include: the Brita water company, the government who allowed the transaction, and the people (the enablers) who willingly accepted the offer. In other words... the perfect "opportunistically benevolent" act.

                      What do you say to that! (he takes a bow!)
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                        Originally posted by whitetiger
                        you still haven't acknowledged my peaceT slap
                        so when do we smoke the pipe?

                        Ooops. You're right! "My bad!"
                        And, darn, I was hoping you didn't see the typo

                        Mario, by the looks of things, I think you and I ARE already "smokin'!"

                        And, that link you provided... I haven't laughed this hard in a long, long time! I swear, we Lebanese have the trademark on comedy... That "bridge" joke was a classic...

                        We had one "war" joke (incidentally, my father was born in Aleppo) circa 1978... A car stops at a Syrian check point, and the guard approaches the car and asks the driver for his ID. Being that it was night time and that he didn't have a flash light, the guard (who was from Homs) asks the driver to put his dome light on. The driver shrugs his shoulders and says "how, can't you see the electricity is out in the whole neighborhood?"
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                          Originally posted by whitetiger
                          ok how about we talk about nostalgia now?
                          and is there any listeners on this???
                          Hello "Whitetiger" ...

                          Nice to meet you ...

                          I Have seen that you quoted "Le Petit Prince" and that you’ve studied in Belgium ... Do you speak french ? ...

                          I’d like to thank you for sharing your thoughts with us … indeed … very interesting!

                          Mario, do "You" feel nostalgic about anything ? …

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                            Originally posted by whitetiger
                            are you analysing me Sandrine why did you keep silent during our dispute Mario and I.
                            hehehe i am an expert in avoiding and diverting questions, yes the little prince is a treasure of a book an essence, a condensed philosophy of life and living. I attended the jesuites school in lebanon so i speak french but find english clearer and more expressive. French culture and language is structured on subordination, english on juxtaposition. I feel more at "home" with english culture. And no i dont feel nostalgic about anything i was very "oriental" romantic and nostalgic, i made the conversion successfully sometime ago. What do you think about nostalgia?


                            Hi mario ...

                            In my opinion, "Nostalgia" is the expression of a kind of frustration.
                            Unfulfilled desires and sorrows that lead to nowhere ... "looking back" serves no purpose …

                            The only path to happiness is to live consciously each moment "here and now", like the zen philosophy teaches us …

                            Nostalgia may turn you into a bitter person. But of course, Nostalgia is not to be confused with "sweet memories" that can help in one’s life journey … which to me, is a good thing by itself …

                            Nostalgia can sometimes be a "Rocky Road" ... and speaking of which, I can really go for some "Rocky Road" ice cream right now, and that is the extent of my Nostalgia!
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                              Originally posted by whitetiger
                              Hey Mario we can use your help
                              I think you "guys" are doing just fine on your own!

                              This one's got me thinking... And in the meantime, we now have a separate forum called "Nostalgia" in the debate center. See you there (I hope soon!)

                              "Fail, to succeed."