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    Simply put, there is no way for us to see Spiritual Fluids. The Miracles of Doctor Dahesh were for many people the necessary proof of the existence of the spirit (let's face it, Dr. Farid Abu Suleiman — a man of science — would have found it hard to disagree that the alien entity he once saw materialize before him out of a glowing cloud was not real...). But the existence of the spirit is one thing. A discussion about the mechanics of the Universe is another thing totally.

    One need not be conversant with the mechanics of the Universe in order to believe in the existence of The Creator. What does it matter if one knows how Spiritual Fluids interact, which Fluid leaves the body when we die, and how many levels of Paradise and Hell there are, when that individual is suddenly faced with a life and death situation and all that counts is courage?

    Nevertheless, there are those who need a theory to sink their teeth into.

    Let's take for example a classic question such as "Why would God allow a Child to be born blind?"

    Questions such as these can only be debated successfully if one uses the theory of reincarnation and thus theorize that the state into which we are born, may it be physical, environmental, and financial, is a direct result of what we did in our "past lives."

    Therefore, we would have brought back order to the Universe, where everything happens for a reason.

    But there is a serious flaw in the theory of "everything happens for a reason"... a couple as a matter of fact:

    The first one being the Arrow of Time. In other words, for that theory to stand on its feet, we have to imagine that Time travels in one direction only. In other words, any given time and date is not preserved forever.
    Yet, by definition, for a prophecy to hold true, every action, every moment, every thought, every emotion we "borrow" must be (somehow) frozen.

    According to Daheshist Belief, the obelisk at "Place de La Condorde" fell and crushed the Egyptian Princess. Immediately following her death, the Prince fell and right before he passed away, he described how he will meet again his beloved in a City in the future with fast and horseless carriages... In essence, according to this story, the Prince was able to see a vision of himself and his beloved thousands of years "ahead."

    For that to happen, part of his consciousness must have (or, would have "jumped" ahead, and peered into the distant "Future."

    And the only way for that "Future" to have taken place exactly according to the vision or "prophecy"—regardless of any variables and parameters the timeline might have encountered along the (perhaps) numerous cycles of "births" and "deaths"—that "Future" would've had to have existed already. Otherwise, the concept of "Free Will" would be invalid in the first place, because to have true "Free Will" means, the "Future" cannot be determined until it happens.

    I might have mentioned here and there on Daheshville that I've been asked by the person the Doctor referred to as "VOUT" to author a book or booklet that would explain Spiritual Fluids in "a scientific manner."

    I specifically remember "VOUT" saying to me something along the lines of "it would be great if you could write something that would have a scientific approach" to the process. She actually asked me that in the same kitchen I was when her daughter brought out the documents from the Doctor's quarters which dealt with how a Daheshist had to respect other people's faiths (I've posted this a couple of time on this forum).

    At the time, I was around 27 years old and within a few months, I produced a little pamphlet called "Daheshville."

    Now, I must tell you that up until this time, my approach was simple: " Do not question, do not wonder, do not probe, do not analyze, just accept and believe."

    But once I was asked to undertake such an assignment, I had to go all the way, and even become the "Devil's Advocate." In other words, one cannot hope to "prove" that something is "true" unless he or she is willing to come face to face with difficult questions, even though he or she might never dare ask them. After all, why would one, if one believed?

    Perhaps asking certain questions tests one's faith, far more that bullets and bombs...

    And it was during that particular "rite of passage" that I realized one cannot apply scientific methodology or the way physics functions to the problem of "proving" one thing or the other with respect to Daheshism.

    And vice versa. And, as a result, "Daheshville" ended up being a discussion between myself and myself... A visit to a place called "Daheshville" where I met someone called "D.V." and I proceeded to challenge him and he would respond in a manner that made me ask more questions. Finally, I realized that neither of us could prove anything to the other. Except that he knew it all along and was comfortable in his own skin, whereas I was always restless. He had already "surrendered" while I was still "resisting."

    For better or for words, "Daheshville" was perhaps too "out there."

    VOUT gave it to her own son to read, and supposedly he said that I was indeed very educated and that this document was perhaps too sophisticated. Bottom line, it was not accessible to the public.

    I am sure he was being very diplomatic... Today, when I read "Daheshville" I scratch my head and go "What the...?"

    But hadn't VOUT asked me to write something, I would have lived my life believing that only a chosen few were meant to publish anything official about Daheshism. However, I would come to realize that, outside of certain aspects of Daheshist knowledge, the majority of the "Body of Knowledge" is UP TO US to create. But create based on what? I think there is enough that Doctor Dahesh gave us that, married with our personal experience and acquired knowledge, that can be the basis for a revised "Encyclopedia of Life."

    It is not merely about Physics, Astronomy but also about Ethics, Morality, Sociology, philosophy, anthropology, biology, ... Economics... medicine... Architecture, Art, Music... Politics...

    To truly be in touch with reality is to believe that we cannot dissociate ourselves from existence and we can't simply stop living the present because we're constantly waiting for the Future.

    Doctor Dahesh lived in the moment. Everything was important. Even how we washed the lettuce before sitting down and enjoying a meal.

    But what do I know? I am merely an insignificant spec of nothingness in this big vast universe. However, we also know that the smallest places in the Universe—smaller than a pea perhaps— can swallow stars, planets, and even light itself due to the pull of their gravitational field.

    Just imagine if the concentration of "heavy thought" is what creates a "black hole" in the middle of our galaxy and in countless other places within it... That we are, in essence, a different form of "Gravity" (just as Ice is a different form of Water). Just imagine, the only thing that would allow us (theoretically speaking) to traverse a concrete wall is changing the nature of our atomic vibration. After all, we may feel "solid." But, seen up close, we're made of noting but space. And who knows what one might see if one could see the Universe from a vantage point so far away, our Universe might actually look as flat as a sheet of paper?
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    "Fail, to succeed."

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    I think we can all generally agree that despite the sometimes rather wonderful moments of clear thought, we are all rather full of short comings and we are rather limited carbon units living in the universe. The True ways of the universe (and I use capital “T” True, versus small letter “t” true to differentiate between what WE FEEL to be true versus what the universe holds as Truly True….herein lies the bridge for me between the two... the notion of faith and belief…whether or not one wants to distinguish spiritual faith as independent from scientifical faith, the same rules apply …)

    We as a human creature are very limited by what we can perceive and what we cannot perceive. For many, if they cannot see it, they cannot “believe” it. Some live only by prima fache evidence…only as things appear, so only can they be. But lets look a little deeper to understand time and the notion of free will that Mario has been talking about...

    This is kind of the way that I look at our limited notion of time... Then, as an extension of this, the notions of free will and prophecies tie in. In our very limited senses of how we can take in information from the world around us, (sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell) we are able enough to formulate what SEEMS to us to be a reality. And here I am talking about the physically perceptive senses, not the psychological or metaphysical sense what we often refer to as the "6th sense". What if there were other senses as clear and informative as the five we know? What if one of our senses were 25-100 times stronger or more informative than the ones we currently have? Take a dog’s sense of smell for example; depending on the authority, their sense of smell is 25-100 times more acute than our own. This roughly equates to being able to find one particular grain of sand in a 10m square patch of beach. How different would the color and sense of our world be if we had this level of scent acuity? Dogs are able to sniff out the very scent of cancer in a patient’s body among many other amazing capacities. Now imagine what the color of our realities would be with a 6th physical sense, a 7th? An 8th? But herein lies our limitation: if we are able to detect a 6th or 7th sense, invariably it already lies within our existing five, otherwise we would not be able to detect it.

    Through these five senses our true reality is created within the confines of the True reality of the universe. (And I can imagine there are invariably thousands of senses in the universe) My statement of there being ‘thousands’ of unknown senses in the universe is as real for me in that I believe there are also literally thousands of other types of beings in the universe as well…yes, we are truly ‘not alone’!

    I believe our very perception of time is within these same seemingly narrow confines as well. Mario has already explained so well here the awakenings that Einstein and other scientists have illuminated for us within the scientific community regarding the physics of what we theoretically (the scientific word for “faith”) understand.

    Within our limitations, Time (True Time, not our perception of it) seems to “pass” at a constant, apparently quantifiable amount. The image that I have of our perception of Time is that due to our limited natures of observation, it appears that Time to us comes along sequentially in small ‘morsels’ or packets that our brains are calibrated to perceive as a passage of this actual Time. True Time is 'slowed down' for us because of the limitations of our brains to perceive.

    The very notion that Time existing at all may in fact be a unique ‘quirk’ to our human experience!

    Time (again, True Time) may all be an instant, a flash, a fractional nano-something that nary exists, except for the fact that within our primitive perceptions, this nano-something-second may be drawn across millions of years of our perceived time in order that we may even experience it all. Again, this nano event is "slowed" down by our receptors so that we can perceive these momentsl…except that this moment in True Time, equates to millions (billions?) of years of our perceived time… It is kind of like we swim through molasses, while other beings in the universe swim through water or ether. In the book of Genesis, time for man is differentiated from what Time is for God.

    Even within the limited scope of what we can perceive… think about how this regular incremental passage of time we all accept as hours and seconds even has variables of how we perceive these moments. For example, when we are in pain, excruciating pain, seconds pass like hours or worse. Every throbbing moment of pain “seems like an eternity…” When we were all young and the final five minutes of the last class at the end of the day was ticking away… how long did those moments feel? How long did it seem for those final five minutes to pass so that we could get out of school and go play with our friends in the sun? Why? Human pain and longing, elongates our perception of these passing moments.

    At the other end of perception, reflect upon some of the most beautiful moments in your life. Imagine a time or a place when you were happy, blissful and all seemed well with the world. How quickly did those moments pass? Hours passed liked seconds… Why? Happiness and bliss compresses our human perception of these passing moments.

    And folks, perception IS everything. The way we feel affects our relative realities…

    In Dr. Dahesh’s writings, he talks about the paradisical worlds, where beings no longer have physical bodies…they are entities of energy for lack of better terms. He writes about how this entity takes this form for "thousands of years" before returning to this place or that…in those worlds, "thousands of years" pass like seemingly nonexistent moments… why? Because of bliss…

    What is hell? “Hell is eternity….” poets write… “Hell” is described as pain and suffering…These notions of hell are not so much due to the pain and suffering (though no small consequence, I gather!) but rather what I imagine as the insufferable duration of the perception of the unending pain and suffering.

    In this scale of Time and the perception of Time, as one purifies…and walks “nearer my God to thee…” time compresses…If as in calculus, we take this perceptive slice of time to infinity, to ‘dx’ as it were, ultimately at the God Source, Time as any being knows it, no longer exists.

    So how do prophecies and free will factor in here? Well, finally, they calculate in rather simply. The question is always asked, "if we have ‘free will’, how can it be known what our actions already are?" Again, our actions, at some place in the universe, some higher place, our actions of free will have already been observed and are known. Its just that our pace, our "morsels" of slowed paced perceptions and knowledge, they appear to not even have happened yet.

    What does a prophet "see" when he makes a prophecy? The beloved spirit of a prophet operates at this higher level where Time passes "faster" and truer to the actual passage of the actual NON EXISTENCE of where there is little or no time at all…. Looking in to the space of the TRUE TIME, where in fact, "passage of time" does not exist. In this realm of where time does not exist, only LIFE exists.

    This gets in to the spiritual fluids that Mario has been talking about that can never be held or quantified here in our mortal human existence. Yet, we can FEEL these higher (and lower) worlds… we can feel the DRAW of the energies of these worlds. These are the silver threads that connect us to each other and all things within the universe. Our faith, our hope and our love… and of these, the greatest is love…


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      "Living in the Moment" seems like an appropriate heading...

      The welcome page to Daheshville states:

      “The intent of this place is to allow discourse that is as truthful and transparent as possible to convey with the best of everyone’s ability, the legacy of Dr. Dahesh.”

      Has this been successful? Yes, I believe it has. We are not here to convert, proselytize or recruit for Daheshism. We are all here to convey and talk about what we know, have experienced or believe about Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism… Openly and honestly. That is all. Anyone is free to ask questions or just come and read.

      Would I like people to believe in Dr. Dahesh and what I know about Daheshism? Well yes of course… BUT… People will come to any belief system when and only when they are ready ...and open to do so. Anyone’s true belief is only up to them and their God… I, you, anyone... cannot and should not try to “convince” a person of anything.

      Early on in my years of learning about Daheshism, and in my (formerly youthful) exuberance, I wanted the world to know what it was that I knew. I wanted the world to know... I wanted my family to know... I wanted my friends to know... I wanted my thesis advisor at the time when I was in graduate school to know.

      Over the past 20 something years, as with so many things in my life, as the time passes and I grow as a person, I realize how little I really knew back then. I assumed if I explained what I knew clearly enough, if I could explain things well enough, people would “believe” and accept the message of Daheshism.

      Lo and behold, in the end, I was just viewed as a bit of an oddity (to my then surprise) and I guess they all sort of marginally tolerated me for either academic and familial reasons. I think some people I spoke with just politely listened but never really seriously were interested in what I was talking about. Sadly, even my own family didn’t really embrace anything I was telling them about Daheshism. In fact, for a long time, I think they were 'concerned" and did not want me to be any sort of an influence on my younger brother. This schism has saddened me greatly over the years, and to this day they have all still somewhat distanced themselves from me.

      Over the years, I have come to realize that people can only come to believe, accept, acknowledge or embrace concepts, spiritual or otherwise, when and only when they are ready. …especially since some of these concepts, in the beginning, take some rather heavy lifting. I have experienced responses everything from, “well yeah, that all makes sense to me… but I really don’t want to change…” to some just going away scared…Some thought it was all just wrong… and some just thought “um, yeah right….whatever…”

      Are people, “the masses”, ready to really struggle with the concepts or nuances of Daheshism? I honestly don’t know anymore… but I have to imagine that invariably, yes, in time it will happen... but naturally. Mario has told me that Dr. Dahesh has said there will be a temple one day. Read Dr. Dahesh’s “I will sing…” It is filled with such beautiful hope and dreams for us all. As we talk about the Daheshist prayer here on Daheshville and with the ever helpful video series (for we non-Arab speaking Daheshists) I imagine one day where the prayer is taught and performed in this temple. I imagine families praying together. I imagine friends coming together to pray. I imagine people that have severed ties from one another coming to together to renewing their brother and sisterhood.

      Mario and I gave two lectures at M.I.T. on Daheshism back when we were in graduate school. Looking back, obviously today we could do a whole lot better. In all honesty, while we had a love and desire to do this, it was in fact very difficult…. Difficult in the sense of “where to start?” “what to cover in an hour’s time?” …it was truly a nerve wracking rite of passage for us. Did any “converts” come forward? Well, no, no and no…and that was not the point of the lectures. The point of these lectures was to START the dialogue of talking about Daheshism in America.

      I also reflect now upon Mario’s graduate thesis at M.I.T. Mario’s dialogues in his thesis are really a building block as the forerunner to Daheshville. We always had discussions of what would come next, and the genesis of Daheshville was in his mind back in 1985-87, even if not directly in concept... this was before the internet after all...

      Our presenting information and having discussions here in Daheshville is to create an interactive volume of the teachings, writings and direct experiences of and with Dr. Dahesh. Sadly, the Daheshist community outside of Daheshville is fractured in to non-communicating clusters. Seemingly, each of these clusters have personal issues with groups or individuals in the other clusters.

      Daheshism in concept is meant to be a unified community. Pure and simple. But alas, aside from the purity of the belief system, people are involved. People’s personalities and people’s jealousies and people’s agendas are involved. None of this is surprising… yeah we say we all believe the same thing and love our prophet, but guess what? …we can’t quite get along in a totality... yet.

      Daheshville was formed to avert the continuation of this mentality. Yes we will have misunderstandings and “disagreements”… we are people after all! BUT, we will KEEP TALKING and work them out together… and grow… and guess what??? We'll still keep talking and learn to work out the issues of getting along together!

      For years and years there have been so many thoughts, ideas, drawings, paintings, music… well everything devoted to the name and legacy of Dr. Dahesh... it all just kept growing with no where to go. Along with this, there was not any sort of centralized outreach to the Daheshist Community in general.

      Enter Daheshville. I do not mean to imply that this is the be all and end all of what can, or should be done. But it IS something. The real purpose is to define a centralized place that all can come to… Daheshists or nonDaheshists. It is a place where ANYONE can participate and CONTRIBUTE in any way he or she so desires.

      No one will be shunned for having differing views or asking questions. This is a community of what we hope continues to be fair, open and encouraging to all who come here. It is to be a vessel in which to place all the ideas, works and histories of all who contribute… so that no one, and no one’s ideas or efforts are ever lost or discarded.

      Thank you for reading this long piece… I hope I have made everything clear… it is late and I am tired. I just want all who come here to somehow appreciate what it took to get here, even if all the nuances may not be clear.

      Thank you Mario, Thank you Sandrine… the spiritual parents of this place, and Thank you all that have participated and continue to do so, making Daheshville what it is today.

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        The root of all evil...

        In 1946, psychologist Gustav Gilbert was assigned by the U.S. Army to study the minds and motivations of the Nazi defendants at the Nuremberg tribunals. In his studies and extensive interviews, he was searching for what he referred to as “the nature of evil”. In his work he concluded;

        “Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy…”

        I have to ask myself, “How are we as a human race doing in the empathy department?”

        When and if any of us REALLY get what Daheshism is about… a full, complete and natural community will form... bit by bit. And in turn, that growing community will go through another set of growing pains… Daheshism is longing for this natural progression to happen. It is the truest testament of living what we claim to believe, and truly knowing what we claim to believe.

        Daheshism will not be controlled or commandeered by ego.

        Daheshism will not be left smoldering under a cloak of denial.

        This balanced, LIVING EXAMPLE, this living community of Daheshists, will be the light of the true POWER that the Daheshist Message embodies. This powerful balanced entity will be the example and the guide for others to SEE and FEEL and ultimately FIND, the Daheshist Message.

        As others find and see the embodiment of the Daheshist Message within this community, and feel something awakening within them, they will in turn merge and participate and grow themselves within this community.

        Daheshism in time, will move beyond ALL and EVERYONE that has tainted, distorted or denied it.

        Daheshism will in time move beyond all ego and cult of personality to come out in to the light that it so rightly deserves and desires.

        Daheshism, like water, will find its proper level… whether with any us, or without any us.

        NOT ONE of us as any individual creates or can create what Daheshism will ultimately be: we can only in our ignorance and self-serving ways, create everything it is NOT.

        We must become a community that embodies our beliefs... And yes, this community, must have, at its foundation... love and empathy.
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          People rise and fall because of their vices. The growing pains of the Daheshist Mission, because people are involved, will be no different.

          But to those that have climbed over the backs of others in the name of their own blinded egos… they may one day be forced to stand aside and watch as their dreams move past them on the shoulders of others.

          To those that have written words and lies in long harbored anger… they may one day see how their actions have rendered their voice that they once cherished so much, painfully irrelevant.

          To those that have long cloaked the Daheshist Message in darkness… they may one day see a whole new generation “discover” the burning embers of what they left behind and see a new generation reignite it to its rightful place.

          To those that have harbored hate and envy behind smiling faces… they may, on one surprising day, be embraced ten-fold by the energies of torment they once so willingly gave to others.

          To those that have stood silent… watching as others smother the light of the Daheshist Message in darkness and denial… they may one day see the light of Daheshism rekindled elsewhere… without them.

          To those that have let their talents and energies lay dormant… waiting for the “right time” to administer their abilities in the name of the Daheshist Mission, they may one day find, time passed them by… many years before.

          To those that have knowingly, blindly followed… banding themselves together in the name of rumor, lies and here say… they may one day find themselves surrounded and ensconced in a world that no longer holds any form of peace or truth.