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The Daheshist Theory of Reincarnation
The cornerstone of Daheshism, the Daheshist Theory of Reincarnation shows that the universe is built upon a system of fair, just, and merciful system of Divine Cosmic laws. In that universe, everything happen for a reason; nothing is random; this is not the only life we have lived, nor that we shall live...
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String Theory
In this forum, we will discuss String Theory in light of the Daheshist Revelations — or the other way around!
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Dark Matter & Dark Energy
Every text book says that the universe is made up of atoms and sub-atomic particles. Apparently, that's not the whole story.
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Loup Solitaire
The Higgs Boson Particle
The long-sought-after Higgs is the missing link in the reigning theory of particle physics, known as the Standard Model; it is believed to answer how all other matter has mass. The Higgs particle opens the door beyond the Standard Model for explaining the existence of dark matter — the mysterious substance widely thought to make up 83 percent of all matter in the universe.
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Daheshville~Year One Revisited.
The first year in review, where we've been and where we're going...
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Quantum Mechanics
In the everyday world, everything appears to have a definite position, a definite momentum, a definite energy, and a definite time of occurrence. At the quantum level, however? None of that certainly nonsense! And that's just the beginning. Welcome to a version of reality you will never believe exists, even though it does!
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Daheshism 101
Formerly known as "Daheshism for Dummies." An introduction to the basic teachings of the Daheshist Faith.
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by zionic
General Relativity
Space, Time, Einstein...
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Daheshism 201
Here is were get a little bit more in-depth. We recommend you familiarize yourself with "Daheshism 101" first.
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by Mario
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Cosmic Civilizations
We are not alone in this infinite cosmos.
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Last Post: The Planet Fomalzab
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by Mario
This is where we freely and fairly discuss: Documented crimes committed against Doctor Dahesh and Daheshism as well as any certifiably foolish, illogical, insane, or just downright disgraceful statements that were made by some Daheshists—on the record! This forum is not for the faint of heart!
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