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A prophetic warning for daheshists

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  • A prophetic warning for daheshists

    Originally posted by Daheshville View Post
    Below is the English translation of the Arabic transcript of the Doctor Dahesh audio recording we recently came in possession of.

    For those of us who knew him personally, Doctor Dahesh was rather famous for neither preaching nor giving speeches.

    But every now and then, when he'd reach a boiling point from having quietly watched those —who should know better—think he is naive ... or... that he has no clue what they are doing or thinking... Doctor Dahesh would remind them of who he was, that he knows what they are thinking, that there is nothing they can hide from him.........

    Chronologically speaking, and if we are correct in our assessment with regard to the date this message was first delivered, then it would make sense that Doctor Dahesh, already upset by the fact some were becoming potential "shakers of the faith", would make the following declaration.

    Now, what constitutes a "Shaker of the faith" ?

    It may be any individual or group whose ambitions include causing the breakup of what once was a united and cohesive Daheshist Mission under Doctor Dahesh's watchful eye.

    Evidently, Doctor Dahesh began to feel the presence of this evil force brewing in the minds of some of the Daheshist.

    "The Warning!"

    "My Brothers and my Sisters,

    I greet you with spiritual love, hoping that the Divine Power shields you from the dangers, and steers you away from the troubles, and preserves you for the day with extreme heat that is inescapable.

    I say "the day with extreme heat" because we live in a world conquered by Evil and ruled by injustices, and overpowered by dark spirits whose concern is attacking the holy and persecute the faiths, and you all no doubt remember the transgressor Bechara El Khoury, that tyrant who had bullied and became arrogant and attacked my freedom which was given to me by THE ALMIGHTY CREATOR .

    However, I was not neglectful and my determination did not rest, and I did not delay in attacking the opportunist greedy criminal with a fierce attack, which the books have recorded, and the logs have noted, and which crossed all corners of the Earth and both big and small, old and young, would come to know it, and the tongues transmitted it, and stoned that degenerate with terms akin to him.

    For he who cooks the poison eats it, even if the elite battalions of the Inferno rely upon him.

    Your faith oh Brothers and Sisters, is extended from Heaven it is firm as the tallest mountains.

    And know that each one who is neglectful shall receive his punishment sooner or later.

    For the Eye of GOD is watching him, and his conscience will judge him,and then woe then woe to him.

    GOD gives leeway and he does not overlook.

    And it is an obscenity for the believer in the lofty faith to put his hand upon the plow and then to let go of it.

    (That) Judas Iscariot,
    (he) who betrayed his Lord and Teacher Christ, squeals in the bottom-most part of the depths of the Inferno, and he is pacing its cells (that are) raging with fires with eternal flames he requests death, and Death avoids him (with the expression of disdain on Death's face), punishment that is according to his despicable treason, let alone the tongues of the people of the Earthly Globe who curse him with curses that shake (him to his core), because he is a traitor who deserves eternal suffering.

    I mentioned this because Fluids of lowly evil are trying to sow their lowly seeds in some of the heads/minds.

    I will not mention names.

    The "shaker" of the Faith knows himself whether man or woman.

    That is why I send this (my)warning for (I) fear (the befalling of) disaster
    (upon) whomever Satan has put in their heads (the idea) to sway from the straight path.

    Their movements and their words and their deeds and their thoughts are (perfectly) known.

    And their remorse will not do them any good once the appalling disaster happens

    And he who warns cannot be blamed.

    And peace may be upon you, Oh dear brothers And may you be blessed"
    When I first read this post, I thought it was powerful.

    And then, in the last day or so, spontaneously, I recalled vaguely the warning and the appeal contained in this very powerful message. I was not simply thinking about the things written in Daheshville or Dr Dahesh. But a thought interrupted my train of thinking while I was busy working on a project. That thought was simplistic, succinct, but powerful. But I was on the clock and had a project to finish.

    Then, when I had a few free minutes, I attempted to recall where I had read the warning that reverberated in my head. At first, I thought it was in "The Will". But that was written in Arabic only. And I don't read Arabic. But in trying to recall the post with "the Will", I found the entry containing "The Warning". I feel that this warning was a prophetic pronouncement appealing to those who accepted the blessings of Daheshism, that they avoid a grave, unspeakable error. I think some people need to heed this not simply for themselves, but for the harm they may do to others.

    If you are waiting or a clap of thunder, whirling winds, and then, the abrupt appearance of a savior, you should rethink. The information that has been laid at your feet should give proof of what can be, and was given so that all of you could take up the staff and bring change. Each of you has an opportunity to bring about something great. But as you know, the clock is ticking.