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Dahesh's Dream — Part One (A Random Rant)

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  • Dahesh's Dream — Part One (A Random Rant)


    At face value, and if you didn't you anything about Dr. Dahesh and why he is considered a prophet by many who interacted with him, Daheshism might seem like an amalgam of selected tenets of the major religions, some of which — by the way — are loathed, on account of their members having "elevated" themselves to poster-child-status of the all-too-common idiom: "the gift that keeps on giving."

    That's right folks, blame them for the boom in militant-like atheism!

    I mean, it's one thing not to believe in God. Hey, everyone's entitled to their opinion. Even the New Testament is purported to have mentioned something about being hot or cold, but not lukewarm.

    I'm particularly referring to those who verbally attack you for believing in God; and, God help you for not siding with those who believe in Evolution.

    On that front, let me just say this: Yes, the Earth is far, far much older than those 6,000 years that evangelists keep throwing in our face. Guess what, though: much of the Bible is written in CODE and you have to know how to decipher it — not that I could. Furthermore, we're talking about a document that had been authored by many, in languages nowhere resembling English. So, how can we decipher a code unless we have the code key? Well, actually, we do have the Koran and then the Daheshist Message...

    That aside, I don't see people knocking down the field of Physics as a whole, because it got certain things wrong, along the way. And yet, they beat up on a multi-thousand year old document, which basically says that there is a purpose to our creation, that we were created, and that there is a creator.

    And as far as evolution? This is the way I see it: correlation does not imply causation, indeed. Just because a human and an animal look similar, and share 99.99% of their DNA, that does not necessarily mean that one branched out of the other.

    Ah, but there could certainly be a LINK in terms of SPIRITUAL FLUIDS. If you were to say THAT to me, then you have my undivided attention.

    Also, and as a pit stop, please watch Leonard Susskind's fascinating lecture, and listen to the part where he tells us that the idea of the universe being a holographic projection is now a mathematical reality. Put THAT in contrast with everything Daheshism's been saying since the early 1940's — as regards the nature of reality, multiple dimensions, and the Spiritual Fluids — the cosmos's true "information network."

    But back to the bible.

    While I'm not here to set up straw men, I'll certainly won't hold punches:

    Devout Bible believers can't even get themselves to do the MATH correctly, when it comes to calculating the number of years that the Earth has been purportedly around.

    For that, I'll repost, in the Public area of Daheshville, an important excerpt from a thread I started years ago, in the "Registered Members Section," in which I summarized and paraphrased many sections of something called: "The Letter of Father Noah" (a spiritual letter that appeared to the Daheshists):

    (Here's the excerpt from that thread)

    Then Father Noah says that coming out (along with the members of his family) from the ship (or ark), marked the end of CYCLE 760 OF CREATION and inaugurated CYCLE 761.

    (Meaning, Adam marked the beginning of Cycle 760... In other words... and "The Matrix" fans will relate to this... the "program" has been "aborted" and "restarted" ... 759 times... already... )

    Then Noah lists all the descendants of the father of all (Adam the holy). The names I show are as they are in the Old Testament, English version. I placed the Arabic version in "( )" (parentheses), as per Noah's letter. Following each name, is the total number of years the person lived.

    1 - Adam (Aadam) lived 930 years.
    2 - Seth (Sheet) lived 912 years.
    3 - Enosh (Aanoosh) lived 905 years.
    4 - Kenan (Kaynaan) lived 910 years.
    5 - Mahalalel (Mahlaaleel) lived 895 years.
    6 - Jared (Yaarid) lived 962 years.
    7 - Enoch (Akhnookh) lived 365 years.
    8 - Methuselah (Metushaalehh) lived 969 years.
    9 - Lamech (Laamek) lived 777 years.
    10 -- Noah (Noohh) lived 950 years.

    We get a grand total of 8575 years

    As for Noah's son, Shem, and all those who came after him:

    1- Shem (Saam) lived 600 years.
    2 - Arpachshad (Arfakshaad) lived 438 years.
    3 - Shelah (Shalehh) lived 433 years.
    4 - Eber (Aaber) lived 464 years.
    5 - Peleg (Faalehh) lived 239 years.
    6 - Reu (Raa3oo) lived 239 years.
    7 - Serug (Serooj) lived 230 years.
    8 - Nahor (Naahhoor) lived 148 years.
    9 - Terah (Taarehh) lived 205 years.

    From Shem to Terah we get a grand total of 2,996 years.

    Add to that the number of years between Adam and Noah (8,575) and we get a grand total of 11,571 years.

    And by then we have God's Abraham.

    And here, Noah, directs our attention to a matter of the utmost of importance. Bottom line, he says that all the historians and writers etc. have committed an error in their calculations, because they thought that, since God has created this cycle (in other words the cycle of creation of Adam the holy/sacred until "today") that Earth's age, from that time, is estimated to be 6000 years.

    And that is a blatant error.

    Noah then says "and here you are sure that from Adam until Terah the total amount of years is 11,571 years MINUS the difference between the age of the father and the birth his son."

    And with that (as in, "the remainder") we get the actual age of Earth's LAST creation.

    Therefore, if you review the Gospel of Matthew (Matta):

    From the era of Abraham (Ibraahiim) to David: 14 generations
    From David (Daawood) to Zerubbabel (Sabi Babel) : 14 generations
    From Zerubbabel to Christ: 14 generations.

    How didn't any human pay attention (Noah goes on saying...) to what was written clearly in Matthew 2-17, as it says clearly: " and the total generations from Abraham to David is 14 Generations..." and it did NOT say from "ADAM to David."

    And here, father Noah tells whoever received that letter that the Divine watchful eye wished that this matter remain HIDDEN from everybody, and so it cloaked all of humanity with a "fluid" that made them commit an error in calculating the age of the Earths' last creation. And therefore, Noah, declared that to them.

    Another favorite of the Militant-Atheist is the following argument: "if there is a God, how could he allow 'this and that';" (feel free to substitute "this and that" with every possible kind of inhumanity you can imagine, from a dingo eating a baby, to Sting becoming a troubadour on a mission to cure insomnia — and everything in-between).

    The fact of the matter is that God has really NOTHING to do what is happening. The system which the Creator has Created and in which we exist is a CLOSED SYSTEM. It operates through a STRICT set of rules to deliver DIVINE JUSTICE. Nothing is random. Every bit of energy is accounted for. Each one of us is a resultant of many selves, living/existing (of whatever you want to call it) in different dimensions, pulling on our own "strings," as well as others', in a never-ending battle of "good versus evil."

    And to help up through all that, The Creator sent us, over the course of millennia, His prophets, which include Jesus Christ. And to be exact, in Daheshism we differentiate between THE CHRIST and Jesus Christ.

    The CHRIST is a PURE entity (let's leave it at that) who resides in levels of Creation SO PURE, that they are THIS SHY of being — literally — within the realm of the ONE AND ONLY GOD. And for the record, and I've said often, here, on Daheshville, Dr. Dahesh himself told me that NOT EVEN THE PROPHETS knew what the true nature of GOD was. For all we know, GOD is ... EVERYTHING. In other words, imagine the totality of CREATION being that BEING we refer to as GOD, and we, puny little humans, living on a puny little planet, or on what APPEARS to us to be a puny little planet (along with all the other illusions created by our limited senses), consist of HIGHLY SEGMENTED, and DEGRADED ENERGY SIGNATURES that have been lost, and shipwrecked on these cosmic wastelands.

    Some of you may snicker, laugh, and scoff at will, but as a witness of the DIVINE POWER, it is my duty to inform you that we all have been given numerous opportunities to rejoin that DIVINE REALM. First, VOLUNTEERS (i.e., The Prophets) had to COME DOWN to our realm, enter it, subject themselves to its laws, and suffer all the hardship that humanity had in store for them.

    Case in point, THE CHRIST sent parts of HIMSELF (Spiritual Fluids) that merged with a selected few human beings, including Mahatma Gandhi — whom the Doctor called "The Prophet of the 20th Century."

    Hence, all the major prophets came FROM ONE SOURCE.

    That includes DOCTOR DAHESH.

    His Mission was unique, on many levels, and I can't cite them in this thread.

    But let's get back to the premise I opened with:

    To the casual observer, Daheshism might seem like an amalgam of selected tenets of the major religions, such as Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, with new theories added to mix. In all, a strange mixture of religious belief, science-fiction, and pseudoscience.

    If you fit my description of the "casual observer," then you would be right...EXCEPT...for one nagging, dare I say, FACT that Daheshism was shored up by thousands of physical, tangible, occurrences that seemed to and were witnessed by people from all walks of life, including myself.

    Therefore, no matter what I do, or how academic I attempt to sound, I cannot circumvent the issue of those physical manifestations, which I will henceforth refer to as Miracles.

    Arguably, those Miracles served a practical purpose because they provided, at the time, tangible evidence that corroborated what Doctor Dahesh was speaking about.

    For example, when in the early part of the 20th Century Dahesh had spoken about the existence of unseen dimensions populated by lofty civilizations, the only way this otherwise flight of fancy, which it wasn't, could have been proven would have been by materialization by alien beings, who would then communicate with those present with Dahesh.

    Now, before I proceed, let me make one thing clear: Doctor Dahesh, himself, had no control over the aforementioned manifestations. In fact, he had no idea when any such an occurrence was about about to happen.

    And, often, his whole body would be overtaken by one particular entity that would proceed to communicate with others. Often was the case that you could not discern the presence of the entity, until Dr. Dahesh asked you a question, or made a comment that showed he was not in on it.

    As for that entity, it has a name, it is considered by the Daheshists as the caretaker of planet Earth, able to twist the laws of physics in ways one can only imagine — acting only on specific orders coming to it from "the top."

    Now, before you say "what a fool you are, you were duped by a con artist," let me give refute (with sugar on top) your knee-jerk reactions: I wasn't.

    And I'm sorry I'm not re-investing time to rehash and debate some of these issues in this thread. There are, however, THOUSANDS of pages I've published already. It's all laid out in black pixels on light blue background. Knock yourselves out.

    Oh, what the heck, let me just say this:

    When you hold something in your hand, and it changes right before your eyes, or experience a TRUE TIME WARP, or TIME GOING BACKWARDS, you're either hallucinating, on drugs, or you might just be fortunate enough to have, quite literally, touched the Divine Force, you've heard about in myths.

    And there's the prophecies...

    All right, they're lucky guesses and those "Miracles" are the random manifestation of highly improbable, but still possible events, as per quantum mechanics — OCCURRING ON DEMAND. Yeah, not so random, are they?!

    But let's overlook the fact that true infinity can't exist in a closed system, let alone pure randomness...

    Just how many blessed lucky guesses and random events would it take before we come to the conclusion that there is more than meets the skeptic's eye? And furthermore, even the most devout of atheists would have to agree that when you have enough "random" events that follow a particular pattern, surprise, a pattern emerges.

    (To be continued... )
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