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Did Doctor Dahesh Ever Say He Was The Christ?

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  • Did Doctor Dahesh Ever Say He Was The Christ?

    Did Doctor Dahesh ever say, "I am The Christ?"

    Well, he certainly didn't go around saying it, let alone flaunting it. If anything, he shared it with a select few people.

    But, first, it's important to understand that from a Daheshist perspective, everything and everyone — including prophets who must be born on Earth like everyone else — is made of Spiritual Fluids. Some of these Fluids are lofty, others lowly. That's the way it is.

    Daheshists believe that a Spiritual Fluid of the The Christ reincarnated in Doctor Dahesh.

    So, is Doctor Dahesh THE CHRIST, in his totality? Of course not. THE CHRIST can only reside in the World of The Spirits (also known as The Divine Worlds. Please see

    From HIM (i.e., The Christ) emanate Spiritual Fluids that have incarnated as the prophets across the ages.

    And Doctor Dahesh put it in WRITING, in a chapter of Strange Tales and Wondrous Legends, Pt. 3, that the 20th Spiritual Fluid of the Christ had reincarnated as Doctor Dahesh. (Actually, in that chapter, The Chirst Himself was sharing the information with his prophets (i.e., his Spiritual Fluids) who were gathered around him.

    So, if you remove the nuances imposed by the notion of Spiritual Fluids, then, Doctor Dahesh practically said he was the Christ.