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  • A glimse of Dr. Dahesh's life

    Born on June 1st, 1909 in Jerusalem.

    He traveled extensively throughout the world.

    He was much talked about in the intellectual, literary and official circles as well as in the media.

    His doctrine, known as Daheshism, which emphasizes the unity of religions, was proclaimed on March 23, 1942.

    A vast number of intellectual gathered around him.

    Though totally self-educated, he was granted an honoris causa doctorate from the "Sage Institute" in Paris in 1930.

    Because of his doctrine he was violently persecuted during the rule of the despot Bechara El-Khoury then President of the Republic of Lebanon. He was unjustly and arbitrarily denuded of his Lebanese citizenship on September 8, 1944 and was accordingly exiled the very next day, on September 9.

    After nine years' struggle, he regained his rights and his citizenship in 1953.

    He founded the Dahesh Museum, whose quality rivals that of other national museums.

    He formed the Daheshist Library, the largest private library in the Arab world, known for its literary, scientific, artistic holdings, and especially for its distinguished periodical collections.

    His more than 150 literary works have been translated into many languages.
    His works include: The Repose of Death, Memoirs of a Dinar, An Innocent in Chains or the Diary of the Prisoner of Treachery & Treason, The Song of Songs.

    Dr. Dahesh's literature is famous for its wide ranging thoughts and subjects and for its lofty aims.
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    Hi Hussein,

    Just so that we give an objective historical perspective—and I will go on record saying that, based on what the Dahesh told me himself, and manuscript of "Innocent in Chains," which I've read, I consider Bechara El-Khoury to have been among the worst despots to have ever walked the face of this planet—was there "evidence" that pointed to that fact? In other words, and again, I am asking this question so that the public (and perhaps decendants of President Bechara El-Khoury) understand why we feel this way, and why (perhaps) we demand an admission and an apology for the conspiracy to harm, jail, and torture Doctor Dahesh. If that is not all, to strip him of his nationality, to exile to the Syrian/Turkish borders, without papers, to be left alone, at night, potential prey for the Turkish soldiers to capture and shoot as a wartime spy. Did I mention that all this happen without due process of law? In other words, Dahesh never saw a court room. So, basically (and I am not a lawyer, so you lawyers feel free to correct me) we are accusing him of perpetrating some pretty serious human rights crimes. Besides what the Doctor and his close friends witnessed, is there any evidence out there that would help us mount a (virtual) legal case?
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      Been reading through several postings on this site, very interesting i might add, so far it seems that Mario is master of his domain in here.

      I came across the name Dr. Dahesh and Daheshites several weeks ago by mere chance, i have read extinsively several books that were posted on the net, two books which amazed me were (Born again with Dr.Dahesh by S.O) and ofcourse i read (Daj3at al maout) it gave a sense of hope and made me look deeper into this if i can call it "movement" of yours. Although i might have to read it several times for its very extinsive and needs to be read with a special mind set.

      I was really astonished that i am Lebanese and didnt have a clue of such a spiritual revolution has been happening in my country decades ago. i dont know if its quite open to talk about this back home for i havent been there in a while now.

      I have never met a Daheshite before this will be my first interaction with a Daheshite through this forum.

      I have gone through ur brief history and "perscution" that your brothers and sisters endured in the first half of this century in Lebanon and that didnt suprise a lot of what i know about the relgion institutions in Lebanon and what the country suffered and still suffering just because of thier existance.

      I have so many questions regarding ur beliefs, and i appreciate that if someone espcially Mario can be of assistance.

      Looking forward for this...


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        Hello Erwin,

        If by "Master of his domain here" you mean "does not let certain people intimidate him" then you are right (and I appreciate the kind remarq).

        Beyond that, please know that we are in fact a team behind that project. Many of the decisions made here are taken by vote (unless, of course, there is an emergency and one of the moderators has to make a judgment call). What's interesting about this place—fascinating even, if you are a student of how cities and cultures are born, grow, and sometimes die—is a reflection of what might one day happen in real life.

        In essence, it is a SIMULATOR. And, as mario (with "lower case m") would tell you, pilots often say that flying a simulator is a whole lot more difficult that flying the real thing.

        Therefore, and here we come to the big answer to the big question (which is "why does Daheshville exist?") and which finally came to me (honestly) just a couple of minutes ago: "to function as a simulator." Anyone (especially Daheshists) who can "survive" Daheshville, would have completed an important "obstacle course." They would have learned as well as taught.

        And, before I continue, please note that the proper way to refer to "us" is "Daheshists" (versus, Daheshites) There was in fact a debate about this issue. I know there was a web site that a former Daheshist created that was filled with incorrect information, one of them was that particular detail. And, historically speaking, the Doctor himself put this issue to rest. Therefore, the correct way is "Daheshist" (And I thank you for indulging me! )

        Thank you for giving us the nice summary of what led you here. I can relate to that exactly.

        So that you know: I personally knew the Late Daheshist Brother Salim (or Saleem, not sure how he spelled his name) Ombargi. He stayed over one night at the NY apartment, as our guest. He and I spent a good deal of the evening after the Doctor went to bed, talking. He in fact told me the story of the Black Dog (if memory serves me, he wrote about that in the book. I redlined a copy of the manuscript in the late 1980's). Also, I am not sure if he talks about how his brother (Ali) passed away. I will write a tribute about him soon. It's a very touching story...

        You also mention "Repose of Death" (Daj3at al maout). I used to sneak into my brother's room, lift the mattress, grab it, and flip through it... I couldn't read one word (I was probably 4 or 5). That book ... I can't explain it... fascinated me... and I know it sounds silly for me to say it, but it felt "familiar." So, you and I have that particular link in common.

        I'll stop here and give you an opportunity to "absorb."

        Again, thank you SO much for stepping through the virtual doors of our city and feel free to ask us anything you like!

        With our best wishes,

        "Fail, to succeed."


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          Nice!! Good with words aren’t u??

          How do Daheshists view the Bible (Old and New Testaments)? What is your interpretation towards the plan of salvation that is entrusted in the Bible, The Prophecies, The Revelations, The second coming, The Great Controversy in our world between the Devil and God, and false prophets that are mentioned in the Bible.

          I ve noticed that there are several references to the Bible and Quran; why do u quote books and make them in some way a base of your beliefs in where those exact books differ in reality (if studied the right way) by far of what Daheshists believe (of what i know so far that is...) in?

          Those are just the few things that come to my mind right now. I apologies for the spelling dont know anything about a anti web site or whatever, just wrote it this way.

          Appreciate the effort



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            Answer... Part One

            Thanks. But, let's hope I don't let you down with what I about to tell you

            I'll begin with a little story in which Doctor Dahesh told me something specific about one particular episode in the Old Testament (which then opened the door for me to be more curious about the bible in general). And, before I begin, I must go on record saying that I attended French Catholic School ... for... ever... In fact, one might argue that Catholic School forced me to become a spiritual person, being that it forced me to deal with eternity on a daily basis... (I admit, I am recycling that particular joke...) Anyway, we had bible study once per week (in addition to attending mass... I think once or twice per week. The Class what "MathElem" and we had a reasonably "hip" Priest... So hip in fact, he masterfully slipped a healthy dose of anti semitism under the cloak of scientific curiosity.

            As it turned out, this priest did not believe in that Moses performed any miracles.
            His first target was Passover. "What if" he said "there was a logical and scientific reason for what happened that night? For example, Moses, with his gang, could have gone on a killing rampage that night."

            OK, so according to that priest, Moses was able to go around and kill all the Egyptian first borns...

            When I told this to the Doctor a few days later, he said without skipping a beat "he must have had a very quiet, and lighting fast army to be able to silently kill all these Egyptians."

            Then I would get access to a book that very few have at the moment. In that book, Doctor Dahesh tells of a dream in which he travels to the world from where the prophets emanate and he recounts an incredible encounter.

            Hold on, I am about to tell you...

            In that dream, he sees THE CHRIST talking to all his own ... how should I put this... let's say spiritual extensions (which we refer to as "Sayyals" or "Fluids" in Daheshism. These "extensions" were in fact the many prophets that have travelled to our dimension and tried to deliver GOD's message.

            And here, allow me to open yet another footnote: I've heard it from the Doctor's mouth that not even the Prophets know what GOD is. In other words, GOD is such a grand, huge, unimaginable concept that, not even THEY can claim to explain it. On the other hand, one particular (and dearly departed) Daheshist from the "old generation" felt he could tell me the following: GOD, is in essence... everything. The Goal is... basically, to rejoin the "collective." Now, let's ponder this particular idea:

            In the "Usual" religions (not Buddhism, which, by the way, is recognized in Daheshism) GOD is separate from US. Now, I was faced with the notion that you, I, and everyone, CAN become ONE with GOD! (Yeah, but, let's also not forget that typically, we might have to reincarnate "God knows" how many times, in "God knows" what scenario... species... and even NUMBER (for example, on person COULD come back as a whole nation... and vice versa... and we'll talk about Adam at one point... Oh, what the Heck, let's talk about him now: Based on a document that one of my brothers once sent me in order for me to learn about the roots of the "original sin" (by the way, I am traveling at the moment, and I don't have access to these documents, so I am working from memory) and according to that I (think I) remember Adam in fact materialized, from thin air (so to speak), in this "Dimension" we refer to as Planet Earth, in yet a hidden dimension within that dimension, called EDEN.

            That story, basically, is true (as per Daheshist Doctrine). What happened? Well, before ADAM became... ADAM... he was a whole bunch of ... "angels" (Listen... I have to use some references to the bible, lest I am accused of being a Star Trek Freak!... But, you get the idea, imagine "entities" living in a whole separate "level" where... well... things are a lot nicer than here... or "Down here" on Planet Earth. These "guys" broke some law... they went where there were not supposed to go. I think one Angel convinced the other "hey, let's go and check what's on the other side" and "GOD" was pretty upset. So upset, he put all these "angels" into a magical machine (yes, I am indulging in a LOT of creative license here... then again, you stay in Paris and not feel... "free!") and "condensed all of them into one singular entity which materialized in that hidden "Garden" within Earth (where he could do whatever he pleases, live happily... forever (almost) after. Actually, ADAM was basically sent to a very comfortable "Holding Cell" where he was supposed to "cleanse" the mistakes of all these "Fluids" or "Sayyals" that he (essentially) ... "represented."

            One problem... living alone was tough... EVE then materialized (upon his request).

            Now, things got interesting. And, this goes to show that there is ALWAYS a price for EVERYTHING.

            (Here, I paraphrase)"You want company do you? No problem, here's EVE. ... (Cue special effects, POW, EVE materializes). "Now, listen up" (God says) "I can't tell you why, and you probably won't get the concept ANYWAY, under NO circumstance are you, I repeat, are you to go past a certain point..." (Are we all clear on what I mean here?)

            We all know what happened and their act caused (OK, I AM a Star Trek junkie) "a rift in the space-time continuum" (maybe... who knows...) and (maybe) their "atomic frequency" degraded and they "fell out of the phase with the higher and hidden dimension in which they were living" then, poof, they are now HUMAN like the rest ... of... the other ... humans ... that ... actually were alive on Planet Earth.

            NOW, wait, it gets even MORE interesting: they have to make babies... Theses babies will grow into a nation etc. (yes, I know, Cain and Abel. And, by the way, I'll have to check my notes, but I think that Cain killed Abel because in fact Cain had the spiritual fluid of the Angel that LISTENED to the other Angel (which materialized in Abel) and, instinctively, and perhaps not even knowing why, he just hated him for having been the cause of everyone's misery. And I think that might have to do something with the fact that GOD (who obviously would not have permitted this murder to go Unpunished) to tell everyone "don't touch him." So, he was shunned but not ... tried and possibly killed (back in those days? "An eye for an eye" was a step up! Anyway, this is juuuust a little taste to show you that Daheshism (when it comes to the Old and New Testament, and of course, The Quu'ran) looks upon these as not just stories. These things happened. However, not necessarily in the way we were customarily taught.

            Let's take Sodom and Gomorrah (and thank you "Johnson" for the correct spelling!). Back in those day, the story tellers were not going to say "and two space ships entered our atmosphere and blew these two cities using nuclear weapons"

            Nor, would the old stortytellers say "And Prophet Elijah was actually taken away in space ship"

            By the way, I don't even know what Scientologists believe (albeit I love Travolta) ... These "ideas" have been around a LOT longer than any of these "movements" appeared.

            Before I stop (and hopefully resume this at a very soon date) I will add that Dahesh himself, in that Dream he wrote about, said that Jesus Christ (speaking in turn) would explain what happened and why he had to come back in the 20th Century and be known as Dahesh. And, here's a hint, all the "thugs" that hated Jesus, came back with him... including Judas...

            To be continued (if you like!)

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              Answer to Part One

              Didnt let me down a bit Mario, expected such kind of answer, waiting for the 2nd part till i comment.



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                Thank you Erwin. Once I return from my trip, I'll access my some documents I've been storing for over 20 years, one of them being "The Spiritual Letter of Father Noah" and I will give you the summary of what it said. Until then, please also know that in Daheshism we believe in the story of the flood. Noah's letter (which appeared during the 1940's) contained a fascinating passage in which the spirit of Noah showed, using simple arithmetic how humanity has (for some hidden reason) miscalculated the actual number of years since the flood (you know, THE Flood). He enumerates the names of the key historical figures in the old testament, one by one, citing the number of years they each lived, (basically, provides with a spreadsheet) and shows you how, in the end, the numbers don't add up. In other words, that for (hidden) reason, and until now, everyone has not noticed that their calculations are wrong. It's as if we all look at the same column of numbers, add it up, and end up with the same (wrong) answer.

                I am not sure what the relevance of all that is... or how it would help a person deal with and face life, or evolve spiritually. Perhaps, knowing that we are priviledged enough to have access to such information should be viewed as a sign that "we are not alone"... There is a lot to be said for being accepting of certain "truths" I suppose... If, indeed, this is all an illusion, then, our biggest obstacle is, in fact, fear... that life... might have no meaning. But, if we can make this "illogical" and utterly "intuitive" leap of faith, I am convinced that we would then (somehow) "resonate" at the "right frequency" and become more in "harmony" with the "right cosmic/spiritual waves" we might feel less fear, and hopefully, and despite the pain and hurt, and everything else... there would be a sense of peace...

                I say this without malice, because, despite everything I was privileged with (with regards to my Daheshist experience, and let's face it, how can ANYONE get ANY closer —proximity wise— to Doctor Dahesh than the way I and others found myself/ourselves in?) I have experienced, over and over, the same scenario... it's as if, even within this lifetime, I've had numerous "reincarnations" (deaths and rebirths)... the context might have been different, but the "plot" was basically the same... and the cliffhangers had almost the same narration running the background "do I have faith? Will I fear the unknown despite everything I've been given? Am I strong enough to survive emotionally and psychologically these invisible "demons" that made surviving the Civil war a walk in the park?" I am talking about desperation and the feeling that you no longer have dignity... Anyway, I apologize for this segway, I just felt it was necessary to get this off my chest this evening. Thank you for indulging me.

                I'll pick this up (as far as this particular discussion, next week).

                With my best wishes,

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                  Genesis — The Daheshist version.

                  Hi Erwin,

                  I am back "home" and I went through the archives. I found the photocopy of the document that my brother sent me years ago. It is hand written. From the looks of it (and judging by the first line) it would seem that the Doctor was narrating this to someone.

                  Here is the condensed version. I'll post it probably in 2 or 3 three parts.



                  "And each level had a leader and you'll need to expand on each of the 150 levels. " (Most probably, that was the Doctor instructing whoever was taking down the notes)

                  "And GOD distributed his Angels within these happy level and he assigned each team of angels a particular level that HE had chosen for it."

                  (Now, I will paraphrase):

                  The "angels" had strict orders not to go beyond (or higher) than "Level 150" and learn what is there.

                  "Woe to anyone who crosses that level before they complete their time given to them" (Okay, so, for whatever reason, the "angels" were supposed to wait for permission or until their "complete their required 'credits'" (to use school analogy) before they "ascend" and "check out" level 150. Note: in SCUBA diving, we have similar rules... If we dive at a particular depth and we stay beyond a certain limit, we cannot simply ascend to the surface. We must do what is known as "decompression stops" to allow the excess nitrogen diluted in our bodies (and which cannot be absorbed) to dissipate slowly. Otherwise, and just as when we open a can of soda and expose the carbonated liquid to a fast drop in atmospheric pressure, our blood will "bubble" and that could either lead to paralysis or death. So, WHO knows why these "angels" were not supposed to visit level 150...

                  The document goes on to say that the predetermined time for each level differs from others.

                  In the first level (for example, and using our "earthly" conception of time) the limit is 1000 years. The one after it, 2000... and so on.

                  In other words, the higher you go, the longer you need to stay in order to "merit" going to the next level.

                  Then the document goes into describing some specifics in terms of the hierarchy... One angel as the leader assisted by 20 entities known in arabic as "Karoobeem" (we learn about their qualifications) and each of the 20 has 100 "saints" and each saint has 1000 members of a choir (and the document describes what they do)

                  The document then mentions that due to amount of happiness these entities felt, they did not feel the sensation of time...
                  The document also says that the "truths" are unveiled to them and the secrets of ages is like an open book before them. Love and tenderness fill their wings.
                  (then we see a description of some of what they experienced.

                  The first choir singer from level 150 (so, we're talking "way up there") was greedy for power.

                  He wanted to be the leader. He coveted the position of "Leader of the Angels." In fact, he wanted to replace the acting "Leader of the Angels..."

                  However, the leader of the Angels in level 150 was beloved by all the angels regardless of their rank (and their assistants, all the way down to the Choir singers.

                  Unfortunately, The leader of the Angels had a general meeting and he proposed to them that they should try to reach level 150, so that they can see the greatness of the creator."

                  (The document then describes the back and forth leading up to everyone feeling great about going beyond level 150, leading up to their being "intercepted" and ordered back down... WAY down, until they can overcome their desires. And the document says that whoever is able to overcome their desires will regain access to their prior (I paraphrase) state of bliss.

                  However, the TEN ANGEL LEADERS whose duty was to be patient and not hurry to gain infinite knowledge, they were ordered to stay with their Leader (the architect of the idea and it's promoter).

                  As for the FIRST CHOIR SINGER (remember him?) he was forced to be (or, perhaps to "materialize as") always the "First choir singer" alongside the Leader and (now pay attention to this!) that in EACH incarnation he is to have the SAME DESIRE to replace the Leader (whenever, wherever, the two of them materialize) ... WHY? Well, as his TEST. In other words, EVERY time he is to reappear with the Leader, he would feel the NATURAL URGE to replace him...


                  His job is to OVERCOME that urge.

                  According to the document: unless he is able to do so.... (let's put it this way, he is going to really suffer the consequences...

                  (To be continued)...
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                    Genesis — Part 2

                    (Genesis Continued...)

                    what happens next is pretty much consistent with what he have in the old testament, with the following added bit of information:

                    GOD speaks and says to Adam

                    Oh my first "Heavenly/Earthly" creation (we actual read "Ya Makhlooky Al Samaawee Al Ardy Al Alwwal" you have fallen for the second time, you were not able to (and here I will paraphrase) follow your duty and that which you were supposed to do. When you were in Heaven, in level 150 you tried to sneak a peak at what was behind that beautiful (?) sky where you were living, and your punishment was that you fell down to the material world of Earth.

                    You were given an opportunity to get back to that world of eternal beauty. That is why I asked of you not to "eat from the tree of knowledge" and all you had to do was spend 2000 years in the World of Earth so that you would be permitted to taste that fruit and ascend/elevate yourself, thanks to it—or via that fruit—to the world that is above your world. And there, you would be given another chance to to rise from a pure world, to one that is even purer in the first heavenly test.

                    That is why you should know that I ordered EARTH to grow its thorns... (here, we learn that the "free ride" is over...) and that I've limited the amount of years you can live on Earth (or set a limit to your Earthly Age) beyond which you cannot cross (so, now, Adam will die of old age)... and my will is such that you gain what you eat from working and exhaustion."

                    Then... GOD addresses Eve

                    "My mercy wills it that I look with kindness to ALL THOSE WHO LANDED TO EARTH AND HAVE MIXED WITH FIRST MAN and FIRST WOMAN. That is why I have allowed procreation, so that (each of?) these "teams"/"groups"/"clusters" who (also) wanted to visit the forbidden areas/zones/countries to separate/disengage from Adam and Eve so that THROUGH ITS ACTIONS and BY DIRECTING ITSELF TO THE HIGHER EXAMPLES it would rise/elevate towards the heavens it was banished from, each by itself and by its own effort."

                    Then, GOD addresses the "Singer"

                    "As for you, Oh first Singer, cursed are you, banned by everyone, and loathed by the nations that will arrive in the coming centuries. And know this (I can't translate the adjectives... "Ya Saaheb Al Daseesat, wa sayed alwakee3at) that you will (and I paraphrase) have a "fantastic bit of business" with my First Creation unless you straighten out and do good deeds. Then, your name will be cursed for centuries, century by century..."

                    OK, now, here is the interesting thing about this (eight page) document I have, and again, this came to me in the early 1990's from my brother.

                    In the epilogue, we read

                    "And so you see my father Peter that it is you who builds yourself by yourself and that I don't have anything to do with that as I have told before. And so that I add a clarification, I tell you:

                    When Adam "connected" with his wife after she broke the will, he was blessed with Cain and Abel.

                    It is Cain who is talking to you now... And my roots are the first "Karoobeem". As for Abel, he is you.

                    And in the beginning, you were the leader of the Angels in the level 150 and I am the first one who agreed to your wish to go and discover what was beyond level 150.

                    That is why Cain (or I) killed Abel (you). It was by revenge because it was his (Abel's) idea and he was the reason he (Cain) fell (as well).

                    As for rest of the children of Adam, they were from different levels and all who joined us in this desire...

                    OK... I am not sure who is speaking to "Father Peter." I can take a guess, but since I don't know for sure, I'll refrain from doing so...
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                      Hello Mario,

                      I really appreciate your prompt reply to my several questions earlier, sorry that it took me a while to read the second part and post some comment for I was on the road.

                      Of what I see from the way you are replying is that I need to read more about Daheshism, what do u recommend? Currently I am going through the book “Daheshism and the Journey of Life, by Mounir Murad"

                      I really enjoy your comments and ur description of how you believe the government of the angels and God functions (the great fall origin of sin etc...) To tell you the truth you really shed a complete different light on the interpretation of the first few chapters of Genesis in way that I have never thought about before.

                      Please keep the good words flowing and I will keep on reading the different literature available with me...



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                        Hi Erwin,

                        You're most welcome and thank you for your kind words!

                        I am personally looking forward to seeing the rest of the document one of these days. I will tackle "Father Noah's Letter" (in it entirety soon). Also, when we read these revelations and see what Hollywood is doing, one wonders if some directors or writers are not truly inspired... I keep thinking of "The Matrix" for example... When we see Father Noah's letter, we will see an interesting passage that will remind us of something we often see as recurring theme in these movies. The letter was "revealed" (probably) in the 40's... I don't know the exact date.

                        Now, in terms of the books I would personally recommend... That's a tough one... I know my brother Georges published "La Rencontre" in French. But it might be totally different than the version I edited and almost got published through an US publisher (who loved it, and THEY specialize in DEBUNKING cults... in fact, they were even sued by one famous "church" for 8 million dollars... in the early 90's... and WON! Anyway, they fell in love with the version I presented to them. However, my brother later opted not to get it published through them... So, I can't really recommend something I haven't read. Although, judging by what "mario" (AKA Whitetiger) said, that book was the reason he decided to learn more about Daheshism. Plus, I WILL personally vouch for my brother's "tone." If anybody can write at "human level" he can. The only thing is that, inititally, I felt the book was too... "non-linear"... as if we were in fact reading a movie script for a movie that is "heavy" and which shifts back and forth etc. But, all that are comments about style.

                        And, I WOULD read it in FRENCH before reading it in English (if there is such a version). For one thing, he writes beautifully in French.

                        I see you are reading Murad's book... I do have a comment on that one:

                        I've always made the author aware of my opinion that this book contained two different styles which were not compatible. For the record, he does state in the copyright page that the ideas he presents are his own and do not reflect necessarily those of Daheshism... Also, I would never judge anything based on the premise... However, from the beginning, we get the sense that this book gives us the impression that the tone is objective—and for the first 3 chapters, it is. However, come to chapter 4, I always felt the book took a radical shift in tone... out of nowhere. In other words, the reader is suddenly bombarded with all that ... "stuff." We can agree or disagree with the author. However, I will always maintain that blending the two "voices" was not advisable.

                        And so that we are clear: I've told him that to his face... In fact... my exact words were "Everything is great, except that you need to BURN Chapter 4"

                        But, none of this worries me as much as what he claims the Summary of Daheshist Principles to be.
                        (I mean... look what happened when I quoted what the Doctor told my brother and I about the non-virgin birth... thank heaven we TALKED about it in a forum!)

                        I dare not imagine what anyone, not knowing anything about Daheshism, would feel when reading a couple of those "Principles" ( may it be the lack of context or the total lack of foundation... I am for sure 1000% opposed to one in particular "Principle"... But I'll wait until you get a chance to read the whole thing.

                        In terms of what I recommend (if you can find it): "Memoirs of a Dinar". Also, the series of books called "Strange Stories and Wondrous Tales" all by Doctor Dahesh.

                        Interestingly enough, all these books were translated in just about EVERY language (OK... I am talking... German, Spanish, French) EXCEPT English...

                        Here is what I intend to do: I will take whatever Book the Doctor gave me and SUMMARIZE the stories (Reader-Digest-style).

                        To be continued!

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