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    I am proposing to the members and visitors of Daheshville that we create a written doctrine that I am referring to as the Daheshist Charter. Bascially, it is a written dictum of agreed upon standards of truth and action that we all collectively ascribe to as we search for the ways and means to create some form of formal organization amongst ourselves as Daheshists.

    It is an attempt to set and adopt the beginnings and standards of protocol for how we deal with each as well as our greater communities. It is as much a welcome sign to others as it is a written testament of part of who we are and what we believe and strive for.

    This charter, much like our own Constitution of these the United States, can and will evolve and be amended to over time.

    Much of what is presented here may be obvious to the decency that we strive for in our hearts, but I still feel it necessary to establish this formally as our base. Much of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence is also common sense…”We hold these truths to be self evident…” but by formally adopting our position and establishing a standard to judge ourselves against and a code of decency to formally ascribe to, I think the welcome that we offer to all will be all that much clearer of who we are… as well as clearer to ourselves.

    I don’t think our goal is to organize Daheshism as a whole… I think the goal is to organize ourselves and adopt what makes sense for us in our current time and place.

    Link to proposed Charter in Members Only section...
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