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The Universe, Paradise, and Hell in Traditional Religions

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  • The Universe, Paradise, and Hell in Traditional Religions

    The Universe, Paradise, and Hell in Traditional religions:

    1-The wisdom of God wanted the concept of the universe stays (folded on hundreds of millions from the worlds) unknown completely in the precedent inspired religions. So no clear sign had been shown in the old bible neither the new bible nor the Qura’n for the consist of the material universe according to the modern flags concept. As for the Catholic Church which insert in it’s believe the concept of Thomas Aquinas (1274 - 1225) for the universe which had been built upon the opinions of Betlimous (died about 165 A .C.); and it’s summarizes as the following image:
    The earth is the center of the fixed universe in the space. And in the inhabited northern side of it, and in its middle, the rattle’s mountain straightens where crucifixion sovereign Christ. And around the earth are the nine orbits of the skies: Sky of the moon, then Mercury, Venus, the sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, then sky of the constant stars, so the crystalline sky. Surrounds in all of it and comes out of it, in local and in time, sky of the skies and it is in image of rose be in the middle of it Allah, surround him the angels and saints.
    This past illusive image for the universe which revocation by the modern flag the search Catholic Courts reclined to quoth its despotism Adjudication against the great scientists copper nix and Galileo who announced that the earth is not the fixed center of the universe, yet it is a mere small planet revolves in the regime solar and in circumference of the infinite universe. [1]
    As for age of the universe - if we intended with that the sun, the moon, the six planets and the constant stars - so it decreases about a day from the age of the earth in the belief of the traditional religions, [2] and at any rate the creation of the universe happened in 4004 B.C. according to the religious belief which built on account ages of Adam and his progenies and still prevalent between the middles of the Christianity and especially the Catholic, until the twentieth century!
    As for the hell often in” the old Bible “it means, headquarter of the dead in interior of the earth. [3] And in the new Bible preveal over that “, meaning of the concoct punishment for the villains. [4] Then the Holy Qura’n confirmed that it is the horrible headquarter of suffering sinners, and intensified on its terrors. [5] But in the Holy books of the three religions didn’t mention any details about it.
    As for the Heaven - or the paradise - meant in “the old Bible” the paradise of the earth which Adam lived in it with Eve before falling in the sin, and summarized within, then the meaning comprise the headquarter of the faithfulness from the dead. ِAnd in the new Bible abstruse the meaning of the word, so in the explanation of the expositors confused in the sky. [6] and the Qura’n increased a new little signs to the meaning of the paradise, so it’s a paradises full in the wholesome living,” whose width encompasses the heavens and the earth “, [7] it has rivers of pleasant water and of wine and yoghurt and honey, as it has basil, fruit, shades and springs, and pure spouses and houris with wide lovely eyes. [8]
    Worthy in mention that all the hinge descriptions for the hell and paradise which spread in the Christian and the Islam procreate by the writers imagination or the general believers, so not including what the prophets inspired to. [9] As for reason of emptiness the revealed religions from a hinge descriptions about the paradise and the hell, back to it’s their truths and the truth about the universe does not separate, and the human’s mind wasn’t able on assimilation natural secrets of the universe in the far past eras because the flag wasn’t ready for that yet. [10]

    By Dr. Ghazi Brax
    "used with permission"
    by my Humble translation
    "to be continued"
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