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The Daheshist Teachings "part2"

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  • The Daheshist Teachings "part2"

    5 - The Truth and Religions:

    Daheshism believes that the whole Absolute Truth is the Creator-Power Himself, and His image does not exist except in the Heavenly Spiritual World, which is the image of God. Therefore, in vain do scientists, theologians and philosophers search for the whole absolute truth, because it is beyond the reach of men.

    Therefore, Truth on Earth is partial and relative, in all religions as well as in science. Religions should not then pretend a monopoly over the whole spiritual truth, because that is impossible even to the inhabitants of Paradise themselves, who belong to the most advanced cosmic civiliza¬tions.

    6 - Cosmic Civilizations or Paradise and Hell:

    Daheshism distinguishes between Heaven (which has purely a spiritual existence, Divine greatness, and infinite spiritual happiness), and Paradise comprising glorious material worlds of highly advanced civilizations, having religions, letters, arts, and inventions, unreachable by human imagina¬tion, and of great happiness, and immense material and spiritual blissfulness. This Paradise comprises billions of stars and planets distributed over one hundred and fifty spiritual degrees.

    Hell. However, comprises material worlds, wherein civi¬lization is backward, and ignorance, stupidity, psychological and physical suffering are great. It comprises, in its turn, billions of planets distributed over 150 lower spiritual degrees.

    Earth is situated at the spiritual threshold of Hell.

    And it is not imperative for the stay to be everlasting, neither in Paradise nor in Hell. For, in each one of them the being is faced with temptations and tests relative to his spiritual advancement, in accordance with the spiritual laws applicable to his world. Therefore, if he succeeds in passing the tests and temptations, he elevates himself to a higher spiritual degree; otherwise he exposes himself to fall to a degree determined by his acts, thoughts, and tendencies.

    The Daheshist's heedfulness of the lowly rank of Earth makes him realize the long arduous way he has to cross, while struggling against his low Earthly tendencies, to deserve entering the First Paradisiacal degree, wherefrom he could also pass to higher degrees all the way through to the end.

    As far as Daheshism is concerned, the existence of Paradise and Hell, in other words, of the cosmic civilizations, is an incontestable truth. For the Founder of Daheshism has not only written several works descriptive of the conditions of Paradise and Hell, bit also among his miracles there are those that confirm this truth in a tangible way.

    7 - The Fluids:

    The Fluid is an everlasting vital energy, of relativistic capacity of conception, driving will, different tendencies, and functional properties. Its substance is a spiritual radiating essence, that is impossible to be perceived by the senses because it is characterized by an extremely high frequency, and because the human being is limited by a network of senses that range between two thresholds: a maximum and a minimum, which he cannot trespass.

    And the substance of the entire cosmos, and of its beings, from atoms to galaxies, are spiritual Fluids of relativistic structural material forms.

    These Fluids, whether they are on Earth - in man, animal, plants, or inorganic bodies - or whether they are in the stars, planets, and all heavenly bodies, do not differ from each other except in the degree of their spiritual elevation, and in the functions they are allowed to exercise within the confines of their material existence, and the spiritual laws that govern it.

    On the other hand, the substance of matter - in all its forms, one of which is the human body - is a condensed Fluid made up of constitutive elements, some of which have been discovered by science. However, the spiritual Fluids are made up of constitutive elements immensely less condensed, which science has not been able to discover, because they do not fall within the range of perception of the senses, nor within reach of the apparatuses of observation, because all of these are restricted by material elements and ruled by their laws.

    In consequence the "material" structural Fluids unify the universe in its "matter", also, the spiritual Fluids unify the universe in its essence.

    8 - The Spirit and the Soul:

    The Fluids - whether they are in men or in beings other than men, living in the paradisiacal or infernal material worlds - are different from the Spirits. For, the Spirits are divine beings that do not commingle with bodies, and are unblemished by any material condensation, since matter is a contingent resulting from imperfection and defilement; where¬as the Spirits' habitat is the world of perfection.

    Each Spirit is Mother-Origin to many Fluids emanating from it; and these Fluids exist in incarnations that differ in the degrees of their spiritual elevation; they are dispersed in various worlds of Paradise and Hell, and are connected to their Mother-Origin by imperceptible radiating ties.

    The degree of the Spirit in its world is affected by the degrees of its Fluids that are scattered in the expanses of the universe. The more purified Fluids it is able to regain, the higher the degree of elevation it would reach.

    The Greatest aim of the Spirit is to be reunited with its divine origin (The Creator-Power). However it can never achieve that unless it has already regained all of its Fluids, had been first united with the Divine Power of "Christ", and has reached the highest degree of the Heavens.

    And as every Spirit longs to return to its Father-Creator, so too every elevated Fluid, whether in humans or in any other beings, cannot escape feeling the longing to return to its Mother-Spirit; for solely through this return is its true salvation and happiness.

    As for the soul of the human, it is nothing else than the ensemble of his vital Fluids.

    And within each soul, every Fluid has its own peculiar activity, which could be independent from the activities of all the other Fluids within the oneness of the human personality, or could be in some sort of a harmony with them. This reality is reflected in the individual's desires and motivations that are sometimes conflictive, and some other times coordinative, as in his thoughts that are sometimes discordant, and some other times concordant. And in view of this fact, it is justifiable to say that the human personality is composed of an ensemble of partial personalities, which are the Fluids, and at the same time, it is part of a more inclusive spiritual entity, whose Fluids are dispersed in the expanses of this universe in both its Paradise and Hell, and whose brother-parts are linked to the Mother-Spirit.

    Dr. Ghazi Brax
    Lights upon Dr. Dahesh and Daheshism

    "used with permission"
    to be continued
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