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    If it pleases my fellow netizens, I would like to express the following:

    Talking about "God," "faith," and "religion" is not easy for me. But, as a witness to what I think is this millennium's most important event, I would be remiss if I didn't share knowledge with you or offered this modest springboard for anyone else in a situation similar to mine to step forward and add heir voice. What makes my task all the more difficult is that I consider myself an intelligent, educated individual; this said, chances are I would not believe my own message if I were to hear it myself for the first time again.

    I remember once, when Dahesh stayed with me in my New York city apartment , going to him as he sat at my desk reading through the stack of newspapers, and saying to him:

    "Doctor, sometimes this feels utterly implausible to me."

    He smiled and replied:

    "I know what you mean."

    At that moment I realized that he was in the same boat as all of us and that he was merely the messenger.

    Many of us walking this earth are messengers. Some are physicists discovering cures, others, human rights leaders and even others, messengers of evil, ruthless dictators.

    Dahesh, like those before him, belonged to a special category of messengers: the prophets. Now, I never met Moses, or Jesus. I never met Buddha. And I certainly have never met the so-called miracle workers whose followers claim they can perform astounding miracles...which you can see on daytime Sunday TV, many of whom claim they speak to God himself.

    However, I met Dahesh.

    Dahesh bent time and space and broke every known physical law known to man in my presence on many an occasion. I saw "it," I touched "it," I even "doubted" it. However, and to my mind, there was no escaping the obvious conclusion: This man packed "something" I've never seen before and only have read about in mythology. He therefore had my attention. Ironically, he didn't really ask for it, and interestingly enough, not once did Dahesh claim to be higher or better than me. And God only knows why we crossed paths. He earned my respect by being a gentle and kind man, a hero of a man who brought down a corrupt government with the stroke of his pen. While he surely proved to me that there is nothing that could physically stand in his way, should such powers be unleashed, that ultimately no one, not even God almighty could convince a man or woman to follow a certain path. That made perfect sense:

    Historically, according to the Old Testament, the prophet Moses went to the Pharaoh and asked him to choose to free his people. When Pharaoh refused, "God" acting through Moses, as the messenger, applied pressure until Pharaoh himself let the people go. Was is out of fear? Perhaps. Many tyrants are notorious for yielding to fear and pressure only to swing back to their old habits. Case in point, and according to the scriptures, Pharaoh was overtaken with anger and hatred and chased after the Jews to slaughter them. At which point, his entire army was struck down by God's own hand. What is sad about this story is that although Pharaoh could have chosen peace over war, he opted for the latter. Here, we will see a parallel:

    In the case of the young Dahesh, one man—Bechara El Khoury (who later would become the first president in the new Republic of Lebanon)—becomes filled with hatred. Influenced by his wife Laure, sister to Marie Haddad who was a Daheshist herself, President El Khoury launches a ruthless campaign against Dahesh and his followers, all defenseless and powerless in a country that boasted freedom of the press and religion.

    Why did it happen? What makes certain events seem as if they are being replayed over and over again? This and over 70 years' worth of history, knowledge and tradition, will hopefully be presented here. And to me, whether one believes in Daheshism or not is not as important as knowing the facts at this point. Is Daheshism a faith, a religion or a spiritual movement? Or, is it a cult? Well, again, all we have to do is look at Christianity and we can almost see where Daheshism will be in a few hundred years. As to what Daheshism is, let me give my version, plain and simple:

    You have the universe. Right? Well, according to Daheshism, it is teaming with life of varying degrees of good and evil. What is the Universe made of?... Well, let's just say that it is "energy" In Daheshism parlance, we refer to the "sayal," which is the Arabic word for "fluid."

    Whenever you hear a Daheshist speak of "fluids" (i.e. the intelligence "fluid," the greed "fluid," the sex-drive "fluid," the generosity "fluid," et al) and unless they are at their local tavern, they are probably speaking of matters pertaining to the makeup of the universe. So, you have these spiritual fluids that travel back and forth, up and down just like the Stock Market...

    The result? Well, you have happiness, anger, anguish, love, hate, good fortune, bad fortune...

    Can we control our spiritual fluids? Yes.

    Can our spiritual fluids control us? Yes.

    As we shall later see, because every person on this planet is linked to both the higher "spiritual" worlds and the lower "infernal" ones, an inner struggle occurs. This is typically where the good people of the Cloth would urge you to give yourselves to God, and send a donation. However, they are somewhat, and unwittingly, correct. In Daheshism, the notion of trusting in God is primordial. Why? Let's put it this way and let's talk about planet Earth for a minute here...

    "This is a test folks."

    We are here for a reason, and everything that happens to us, or will happen to us is because of something we did, or have caused to happen, whether directly or indirectly..."We may run, but we cannot hide."

    And, when you add to that anyone you share spiritual fluids with is now contributing to your're lucky if you leave the house! And look at the irony. We are told to stay chaste and yet we are given urges that would move mountains if applied in the right context!... That is why we have reincarnation:

    God, as an act of compassion and love, grants us the opportunity to come back and be re-tested, over and over again, in order to ascend to the higher worlds, where we are promised that life would be better. Therefore, we enter this world not remembering our past lives, or our deeds, into situations that have been predetermined by our own choices from those aformentioned past lives. Furthermore, God keeps sending us his prophets to help us make our way back to the collective, of our own free will.

    And to make things even more challenging, each prophet must communicate the message in a way that is compatible with the times. In other words, a prophet visiting cave dwellers at the "dawn of civilization" will need to communicate the idea of God and salvation a lot differently than modern prophets.

    The same prophet visiting cave dwellers might come back and continue the mission in future incarnations, and speak to the same cave dwellers whose "fluids" have now taken the shape of a whole nation, or one person! (for example)

    To many, the idea is ridiculous.


    I mean think about it. There is a whole universe whose origin no one can explain with absolute certainty. Isn't it possible that everything in it lives and dies, over and over again?

    Well, Dahesh, by performing countless miracles (i.e. physical manifestations that break the physical laws of nature) proved that life is an illusion and that death is a temporary physical state which does not destroy the "spirit" or the "soul"...or the spiritual fluids. They travel to another time, another dimension we cannot see, and enter a new chapter based on what level they were able to reach. And, the story gets really complicated from here on. So, sit back and enjoy as many of us fumble through interpretations of Daheshism. Chances are, and with the coming of age of many of the ideas once deemed ludicrous, you might actually find a kindred point of view.

    Mario Henri Chakkour
    New York city, May 1, 2000.
    Copyright © 2000 by™
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    "Fail, to succeed."