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  • "Welcome to Planet Earth!"

    "Welcome To Planet Earth!"

    Do we spend too much time trying to prove the existence (or non-existence) of God?

    In my case, I would often use my experience with what I considered to be miraculous manifestations I witnessed on dozens of occasions, between the late Sixties and 1984.
    When I was young, I looked at them in wonder. As I got older, I began to analyze them in order to formulate their reason for being. There was a period in my life where I became too attached to miracles as a means to an end: proving the existence of God, and inferring certain cosmic laws, such as reincarnation.

    When I would see Dahesh bring back a unique item consumed by fire to its former shape, I would conclude that the same laws that preserved its essence would rule over its materialization somewhere, somehow, based on certain factors.

    And the world was fine...

    Then, in 1986, during the first ever lecture on Daheshism in the USA I had the honor of co-chairing at M.I.T, I hear myself saying the following statement:

    "Miracles are not important in the big scheme of things."
    The reason for my abrupt shift in viewpoint was due to a question from the audience that went something like this (and I paraphrase):

    "If you base your belief on physical proof, don't you run the risk of shattering that belief given that your interpretation is tied to the methods of observation?"

    In other words, when we use the tools of science, aren’t we limited by the rules that apply to them?

    In the scientific method, we see an event, we form a hypothesis, we develop mathematical formulae to describe the event, we test over and over, confirm that the results match, and we call it the "law."

    Until of course we discover that our laws no longer apply...
    Could the tools we used to observe and quantify the everyday world be reliable when observing or predicting the behavior of objects at the cosmic level?

    Not in the least.

    Without taking into consideration the rules of General Relativity, for example, and basing our calculations on only Newton’s formulae, we would surely have missed our rendezvous with the Moon!

    The same applies when working with tiny objects, like electrons, or smaller.

    Certain things that exist in nature, such as gravity, electricity, etc., follow strict rules, and as far as we know, these rules cannot be broken. However, that does not mean they can be reconciled under one grand unification law.

    At some scale of existence, matter can no longer be observed in a way that would permit us to make 100% predictions about its outcome, and neither Newton or Einstein can save the day!

    Imagine throwing a ball and have it hit you in the face just because you observed it! (I am taking poetic license here, but you get the idea…) At that scale, causality no longer exists in the every-day sense of the word, as the arrow of time no longer points in only one direction–forward. There also, we had to devise a whole different approach to predicting the outcome of events at the infinitesimal level.

    The question therefore becomes: which scientific method do we use to debate the existence (or non existence) of God? Now, and after years of soul-searching, I believe you cannot prove the existence of God in the traditional scientific argument.

    In other words, in this day and age, a prophet (acting on behalf of his boss) bending, twisting, mocking the immutable laws of the universe is not providing scientific proof of the existence of God or of the way the universe runs.
    Rather, these miracles become an allegory.
    So, at this point in time, I can no longer claim I've seen "proof" that there is a God and that the Universe has a purpose.

    I can only say that I "believe."

    Belief is not anything we can base on proof.
    It is an invisible bridge that connects two sides of a canyon. And, it's not the kind of bridge you can walk on, step- by —step… You either believe or you don’t.

    And, yes, I know that life is not black and white.

    We are expected to follow Heavenly laws that are clearly designed for a perfect world.

    "Don't lie."

    Are you kidding? "Honey, do I look fat?"

    Sure, good luck with telling the truth… Furthermore, we put people on pedestals while our friends and family think they should be drummed out of town.

    And, more often than not, what we think of as love, is a need to fill a void…an addiction.

    It's as if everything on this planet is designed for us to fail miserably.

    On a smaller scale, some of us were privy to an event so fantastic, so logical in the big scheme of things (to us, at least), yet, and because humanity is so jaded, we are practically helpless. (Daheshists, that’s your cue to really pay attention here…)

    We want people to believe that everything they do today, and despite what science may say, will matter down (or up) the road. That any thought we evoke, or perpetrate, has a direct effect on the fabric of the universe. That two neighbors arguing over a small turf of grass, might seal the fate of 2 nations, either in the same temporal plane, or in some other parallel reality.

    But what if people don’t want to believe that Miracles did in fact occur on 34th Street, and despite how clear the argument you make seems to you, they most certainly don’t care for your message?

    How about coming to the following realization that you are, in the final analysis, not unlike any salesperson in need of a sensible marketing strategy. Your product in this case is an idea. Your target audience is out there waiting…But, you have to know how to attract, engage, and retain them.

    Your reward?

    That’s the hard part, and more often than not it’s not what you think!

    More often than not, you will find that cannot measure your own happiness by how many people you were able to reach.
    Isn’t that a lot like co-dependency?

    You have to be happy from the get-go!

    We, as Daheshists, have a simple mission: to live according to the way our prophet taught us. Not an easy thing to do. Plus, we also have a responsibility towards future recipients of our message.

    We are not here to convince anyone nor to convert anybody. Those who are waiting for your message will eventually cross paths with you, at which time it will be your duty to know how to relay your Daheshist experience with them with patience and without any expectation.

    You must–truly–detach yourself from the process.
    And, since in my humble opinion, generosity towards others can be a selfish act in of itself, especially when we love others so that love us back, the trick in the end is balance both sides.
    And, that’s when you really realize you live, not in heaven, not in hell, but somewhere in the middle.

    "Welcome to planet Earth!"

    Mario Henri Chakkour
    New York city, May 13, 2002.
    Copyright © 2002 by™
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    "Fail, to succeed."