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"Thunder and Ligthning" - A book by Dr Dahesh

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  • "Thunder and Ligthning" - A book by Dr Dahesh

    THUNDER AND LIGHTING - A Book by Doctor Dahesh

    Introduction :

    These are lighting flashes of the soul and thundering words !

    In this book I tried to express what I feel and I sought to give expression to my thoughts and reactions regarding various aspects of Life, in verses not exceeding six lines each.

    The reader may think that my views are exaggerated about certain topics or in some of my opinions.

    But I personally declare that I did write everything with absolute conviction and certitude especially in what concerns:

    - Clergymen

    - Justice

    - Women

    - Money

    - An all things related to man’s existence in this degenerated world.

    This is My Opinion.

    I claim it without fearing critics, gossip and liars.

    The Author – February 1943