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  • Another episode....

    ...of As the Stomach Turns. So are the days of ours lives...

    Remember how several months ago a certain dissenter conceptualized a number of Daheshist orders, a Christian order, Islamic order, and a secular order among others?

    Well it appears that his thinking has evolved in such a way that he can now assign who belongs to orders of his own make. This is quite understandable in a way, since he has zero prospects of founding these orders anyway.

    Here is what he is projecting onto us:

    "The liberal faction is The Dahesh Society which accepts Gay and Lesbian Daheshists, and is basically a secular organization. The conservative faction is The Dahesh Mission which does not accept Gay or Lesbian members, and is heavily Christian is belief and worship."

    "Liberal". "Secular". probably exactly what we are not.

    I mean, we're plotting to build a temple...David and Mario are designing one. Secular activity? Or labor of love undertaken for Dr. Dahesh?

    I'm working on the concept for a liturgy in Daheshist temples. Protege has in fact used David's temple drawings on his own misleading websites. Secular and liberal activity, forsooth!

    Mario's "liberal" "secular" activity involves trying to tease more of the works of Dahesh from their "vaults", whether they be literal vaults or their unavailability in English and setting the long term sustainable groundwork for the development of the Daheshist Mission. Surely our antagonist has noticed this. man....what that fella can conjure up and what he can ignore!

    Or maybe he doesn't know what the words "liberal" and "secular" mean.

    i wonder what he'll say about us next...bwahahahaha
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