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The Theory of Reincarnation

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  • The Theory of Reincarnation

    These are some of the Koranic verses which support the theory of reincarnation:

    1. "How can you deny Allah? Did He not give you life when you were dead, and will He not cause you to die and then restore you to life?" (The Cow: 28)

    2. "0 man! What evil has enticed you from your gracious Lord who created you, gave you an upright form, and well-proportioned you? In whatever shape He could have surely moulded you according to His will." (The Cataclysm: 6-8)

    3. "They shall say: `Lord, twice you have made us die, and twice you have given us life. We now confess our sins. Is there no escape from Hell?" (The Forgiving One: 11)

    4. "It was we that ordained death among you. Nothing can hinder us from replacing you by others like yourselves or transforming you into beings you know nothing of." (That which is coming: 60)

    5. "Say: `Shall I tell you who will receive the worse reward from Allah? Those on whom Allah has laid this curse and with whom He has been angry, transforming them into apes and swine, and those who worship false gods. Worse is the plight of these, and they have strayed further from the right path.' " (The Table: 60)


    This is only some of what came in the Koran about reincarnation. Here is also some of the verses of the Holy Bible that assert and confirm reincarnation according to what came from the lips of the Lord Jesus Christ, the founder of Christian religion.

    A. The Confirmation by Christ of the Truth of Reincarnation:

    And his disciples asked him, saying, "Why then do the scribes say that Elijah must come first?" And he answered and said,
    "Elijah is coming and will restore all things;
    But I say to you, that Elijah already came, and they did not recognize him, but did to him whatever they wished. So also the son of Man is going to suffer at their hands."
    Then the disciples understood that He had spoken to them about John, the Baptist.
    (Matthew 17: 10-13)

    And these are the words of Jesus Christ concerning John, Jesus says:

    "And if you care to accept it, he himself is Elijah, who was to come." (Matthew 11:14)

    B.The Belief of Christ's Disciples in Reincarnation:

    And His disciples asked Him saying, "Rabbi, who sinned this man or his parents that he should be born blind?" Jesus answered, "It was neither that this man sinned, nor his parents; but it was in order that the works of God might be displayed in him."
    (John 9: 2-3)

    C. The Belief of the Jews in Reincarnation at the Days of Christ:

    "But others were saying, "He is Elijah." And others were saying, "He is a prophet, like one of the prophets of old." But when Herod heard of it, he kept saying, John whom I beheaded, he has risen!"
    (Mark 6: 15-16)

    And it came about that while he was praying alone, the disciples were with him, and lie questioned them, saying, "Who do the multitudes say that I am?" And they answered and said, "John the Baptist; but others say, Elijah, and others, that one of the prophets of old has risen again."
    (Luke 9: 18-19)
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    I would add to the list here even the tangible evidence of the very life and nature around us that we experience every day year in and year out. Transformation and rebirth is part of the very structure of our universe. At the scientific level, there are Einstein's theories of matter neither being created nor destroyed. In my back yard there is the caterpillar and chrysalis transformation that eventually begets the butterfly. In our northern states here after a long harsh winter, there is the rebirth of everything green in all its glory in the Spring. While all these observations are over simplifications of deeper concepts, they do inherently embody these same principles.


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      I am not certain I'm am very excited about reincarnation. I have had some great experiences and I have had some bad experiences in my life. But to be honest some of the most critical experiences in my life ended badly. The concept of the scattering of the fluids and the loss of recall seems to me to make it very difficult to recall those things that need to be avoided.

      Maybe someone could clarify how the soul can be prepared for a better reincarnation.


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        Some thoughts about Reincarnation ...

        Originally posted by ronschaum
        I am not certain I'm am very excited about reincarnation. I have had some great experiences and I have had some bad experiences in my life. But to be honest some of the most critical experiences in my life ended badly. The concept of the scattering of the fluids and the loss of recall seems to me to make it very difficult to recall those things that need to be avoided.

        Maybe someone could clarify how the soul can be prepared for a better reincarnation.
        Dear Ron,

        In my opinion Reincarnation is “A Blessing” and it represents one of the wonderful expressions of God’s Mercy.

        In fact our lifetime is so short that we are not able to achieve all the things we would like to do, learn, read, see ...

        Within The Gift of Reincarnation, I think that we continue our journey with the spiritual fluids we have inherited thanks to the deeds, thoughts and acts of our previous lives.

        I think that God patiently offers us many chances to finish what was left unfinished, to solve what was left unsolved and to change what should be changed deep down of our hearts, spirits and souls...

        My God ... Yes it makes me feel good to imagine that I may meet again those I love... if I deserve it ...

        One of the purposes of our life is to gather the spiritual fluids that belong to us and to try to elevate those belonging to lower worlds (spiritual level) but also to maintain those belonging to upper spiritual worlds.

        The most part of this is an unconscious work which uses the network of our reason, our intelligence, our intuition, our feelings and sensitiveness ... a kind of holistic procedure that works trough our senses. (Holistic ... one of the favourite word of our dear brother Mario !!)

        It is really difficult to theorize on such a subject, so I may simply say that all we can do is share some of our experiences and feelings.

        I feel that I am “tested” every day and the more I get old, the more I feel humble and realize that “Patience” is one of the Key components. Although cultivating “Patience” seems a very simple notion it’s often very hard to practice it ...

        I also think that the greatest events of our “spiritual path” happen silently and slowly.
        In many occasion we simply need to let go instead of clinging on things that hurt our inner peace.

        For example last Saturday, I was in a Café in Paris when my friend and I heard a loud sound of a baby crying. It was impossible to avoid it and we both turned our heads and looked at this lovely baby girl with her face all red and covered with tears ... she was a beautiful little girl, a lovely doll ... and I really looked at her with compassion.

        Unfortunately, her mother didn’t like it and she begun insulting me and I know that if there would have been guns in her eyes I would now be dead.
        I felt her aggressive behaviour towards me totally unfair.
        So deep inside of me, I tried to find the calm I needed to face this ridiculous situation.

        Then I begun rationalizing, thinking that this mother was surely enduring a lack of sleep, she wasn’t a young mother and it must have been difficult ... she was with her husband and she couldn’t enjoy sitting in a nice café ... etc....

        This story will surely sound ridiculous ... but it means something to me because I felt attacked and this intrusion of this angry woman in my life was once again an occasion to test my patience.
        Instinctively I felt the need to reply to her and justify myself ... but I didn’t because it would have been worse for me and for her ...

        Every day I feel tested but each time is a good opportunity to change, improve, try to become better ...

        Life is like a game full of mysteries and I am sure that we have all kinds of resources coming from our soul. Deep down surely dwell some treasuries and we need to learn how to take advantage of them and make them shine...

        Having faith and trusting our intuition should lead us ... all this under The Protection of God Almighty and our Guiding Beloved Prophet ...



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          Some more thoughts ...

          In fact during the same incarnation we realize that we are submitted to some kind of cycles as if we were reincarnating during the same lifetime.

          If we think about it, we may realize that we often live several times, the same kind of events with different people and in a different environment but "The Script seems to be quite the same"…

          I think that it’s like "A Test" that comes back again and again until we passed it each time more wisely, with more serenity, with more self control, more calmly Etc…

          Learning "Acceptance" seems to be important to me.
          If we accept things as they happen in our life – and nothing happens by chance- we may achieve our goal to become a better, nicer person and a more spiritual human being … If indeed, that’s what we are searching for …

          All depends on what we identify to be our weaknesses and deep down, I think we all know what should be changed or improved in the depths of our spiritual nature.

          I think that what really matters is the "Present".
          Our deeds and thoughts "here and now" may change in a good way - within God’s Help and Protection - the rest of this life and the ones to come ...

          Praying God is really important because HE is the ONE who knows what we should deserve as a result of our previous lives or as a result of what we’ve done in this present lifetime …

          So we certainly should always ask for His Mercy and Forgiveness …
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            Thanks for your thoughtful answer. Sometimes it is difficult to focus on the simple things. Live life one day at a time. Focus on patience, humility and trust in God. Pray for courage, wisdom and strength.


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              Always a pleasure to check Daheshville!!

              What is the view of Daheshism and death? Isn’t it that death is a result of Sin?

              This is clearly stated in the book of Genesis. God “withdrew” the concession of mortality when Adam and Eve fell to Satan’s deception; and by doing so God have clearly answered the question of reincarnation indirectly by declaring that death is the result of sin no reincarnation no cycle or anything else, we are going one way either black or white. Check Genesis Chapter 3 it gives a fair explanation.

              I don’t think that there is any text in the Bible where it refers to reincarnation. I believe that the story of John the Baptist and Elijah is misinterpreted; for the prophecies in the book of Elijah and of what John the Baptist preached are all directed towards the coming of the Messiah as in Jesus who was born within short of Johan the Baptist’s beheading.


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                Originally posted by Erwin
                Always a pleasure to check Daheshville!!

                What is the view of Daheshism and death? Isn’t it that death is a result of Sin?
                Hi Erwin!

                As far as Daheshism is concerned, Death, is something natural that takes place not only on Planet Earth, but just about everywhere in the Universe. There may be some revelation that Dahesh had given Ghazi Brax in terms of which parts of the Universe are immune to Death. But first, let's revisit an important concept: The Universe we, as human beings, see, feel, touch, etc. is one that WE can only see, feel, touch etc. In other words, there are higher (and perphaps lower?) "frequencies" which we cannot perceive. And, within these higher/lower "frequencies" there is "life."

                Now, this is a little bit too abstract. So, let's give a physical form to these (now I am using a new term) "dimensions" that we can't see. Now, imagine "traveling" between one dimension and the other.

                According to Daheshism, "Death" (and in Arabic, we don't even use the term "death" in Daheshist parlance, we say "Initkall," or "Transportation") i is the process involving the "transportation" or "travel" from one Dimension into another.

                Also according to Daheshism, the way this process of leaving one dimension to travel to another another, varies from one "Dimension" to another. In some "worlds" (to use a more tangible/familiar image) a being simply disappears... On Earth, death can be painful or it can be peaceful.

                Now, let's get back to Earth: To us, sometimes a person dies for their own good. Yes, for their own good. For example: imagine a person who is not able to overcome their tendencies. They keep sending energy (or Spiritual Fluids) to the "lower frequencies"... Sometimes ... (and here I will venture and introduce the term "GOD" ) ... "GOD" deems it better for this human being to be resent to a different dimension (could be the Earthly realm, again, and it could be "back to the past" or "the future...") and "try it again."

                Sometimes, a baby dies the minute it is born... Tragic... yes. But, from what I heard: that baby is essentially a being (in this case an Earthly being) who had but a very small amount of "Business" on Planet Earth. In other words, when we (excuse the term) Incarnate "here" or "there" it is because we have spiritual fluids that tie us to that "here" or "there."

                In addition, we have "event" that await us, scenarios we have fashioned of our doing, and let's not forget the perceived element of "randomness" and ... SURPRISE.

                Well, in the case of the baby who just died shortly after being born, all that is not going to be necessary.

                Of course, the counter argument is: "The baby's parent had to be punished."

                Yes, maybe. But, frankly, who can know the "mind" of "GOD" and why things happend when they do (of course, except for when they are revealed). In any case, Daheshism teaches us that we should not disdain "evil" that may befall us, for it may be good for us...

                Wow... What does THAT mean?

                Simple. If you get hit on the head, say "Thank God it wasn't worse."

                That's step one.

                Step two (yes, I know, we're going off the subject a little bit... but it is Saturday Morning, and I haven't had coffee yet...) try to imagine why you received a bang on the head... It might have been so that you REALLY abstain from going to a particular place because, on the way, you might have been run over by a car... And, yes, sometimes, we get hit on the head because it is our punishment. And if so (again as Daheshists) we say "Thank you GOD for not making this any worse than it is..."

                How is all that related to "Death" and why is it important in the first place?

                If we can have a shift in perspetive, we can eventually find balance... and if applicable... not fear Death. But what do I know about fearing or not fearing Death? Everytime I think I've had a life altering experience, I watch what other people go through and I am humbled...

                On September 11, people chose to jump from the tower than to be consumed by fire. They didn't scream... Can we even imagine what might have gone through their minds, souls, ... how they had to make peace with the fact that ... that was it...

                On the other hand, you have the brainwashed person who believes blowing themself up is a way to Paradise...

                Which one of the two is the real brave one?

                The one who was in touch with reality and had to deal with their fear and surmount it or the one whose "Chemistry" was altrered from too much "rapture" or zeal/belief etc.

                We get to the point where we are bombarded with an infinite amount of questions. That is why, the goal is to reach a sense of peace. These are "journeys" we take and "battles" we fight. They may involve getting over guilt, or low self esteem, or the fact that our friends (whom we thought were our friends) accuse us of selfish behavior (and maybe they are right... and if so... what to do about it...)... an infinite amount of "stuff" hitting us from every side... and all that affects our "relationship" with the notion of Death. And, I suppose the first advice I would give is not to "pigeon hole" death.

                To recap:

                it IS the resutl of Sin. "Ruler, blinded by power, turns evil, cuts short his sejourn on Planet Earth in the worst way, news at 11!" (I said "sometimes".. OK? There are many evil rulers who lived loooong lives... What matters is what awaits them "on the other side." Plus, we have to also consider the notion that (here's that term again) "GOD" (and for reasons known ONLY to GOD) makes an example of some evil rulers, in the hope that humanity learns its lesson...

                Sometimes it is simply that a person's time is up.

                Sometimes it is for a person's own benefit.

                There may be other (infinite) permutations of what I just exposed.

                But, one thing for sure, Death is a natural event.

                Now, as far as what is clearly in the Book of Genesis and the misinterpretations... It is very possible. Then again, we can also argue that Miracles are random acts of nature and that we cannot prove the existence of GOD.

                It is risky to base one's belief on ... "Proof."
                Proof (at any level) relies on observation, which in turn, relies on the tools of observation/interpretation. Those can evolve too.

                What I am saying (to Daheshists) is this: You can't prove anything.

                So what's the point of debating? Why all these books... Why Daheshville...

                I don't know if I can answer that question (nor if anyone wants me to!)

                But I've met people, who, while being alive, were walking dead...
                REAL ... ugly...death... is that the mind... of the Spirit... of HOPE...
                "Fail, to succeed."


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                  the jihad

                  Originally posted by Mario

                  On the other hand, you have the brainwashed person who believes blowing themself up is a way to Paradise...

                  Which one of the two is the real brave one?

                  The one who was in touch with reality and had to deal with their fear and surmount it or the one whose "Chemistry" was altered from too much "rapture" or zeal/belief etc.
                  i would like to bring another issue here since you mentioned the thing that is called JIHAD which is the star of every days news, i was watching a report yesterday about the last unfortunate events in Algeria, well the report was about the social situation about the 2 brothers who blew themselves up and killed many people, well first they showed us the room where they lived and it's about 1.5 meters wide and 2.5 meters in altitude and it is full with bed SHEETS and some kitchen tools where 7 persons(the 2 brothers and the other members of the family) live, they tried to apply for jobs any jobs but nothing , in short term they were expelled from the community, the only guys who recruited them are some anti-state rich people who used the "brain washing system" to force them to blow themselves up and of course the 2 brothers wanted to revenge against the community and in the same time a better life in the "heavens " it's a great deal where the 2 parts are benefiting.

                  I think that the first to be blamed is the community who must support even the weakest parts in its body, these are some results of the wide range between poor and rich , it's not the religion here that inspired those guys, i mean they have no more hopes, dreams, death is the only escape gate
                  i have never heard that rich or even a normal budget man went to blow him self up , but the one who gives the tools is and the finance and even the preaching is always a rich guy ,

                  Some people in west countries always blame ISLAM as the cause of what's happening in the world now but actually it's a whole different game that is going on here

                  i know that the early Christians and Muslims and others sacrificed their lives in the name of GOD but they didn't go to the death, the death came to them , they marched on the narrowed road of light ,they didn't have anything else in their mind but the message they are serving, they were to be given everything in life that anyone dreams about getting on earth if they left their new beliefs, the other choice is death and a very painful death like that in the coliseum or before the immigration from Mecca or the famine for Buda’s followers or... whent he term JIHAD is mentioned these days people freak out , actually JIHAD is the most sacred price that anyone can give and these days JIHAD is suicide it's like the negative in a battery and the real one is the positive side , and you don't wake up in the morning and say i want to do JIHAD you have to wait all your life and for the right moment when you see it is crucial matter of preserving divine values, and if it doesn't come and you were on the right track of GOD i think you will have the same merit as the 'JIHADIST' one and maybe GOD will test you in another reincarnation when there is the necessity of it.


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                    City of angels ...

                    Death is a passage from one dimension to another ... from one spiritual level to another...

                    We cannot separate life from death and we should see Death as an open door.

                    We should not fear death ... because death does not exists the way we think it is ...

                    Death sometimes frightens people but life may be much more a misery than death ...

                    What is death? What is life beyond death ?... so many questions that are in fact meaningless if we don't know how to live this life here and now, without conflicts ... if we cannot appreciate each moment as a gift of God ...

                    Of course the death of those we love is still very painful but maybe fearing to lose them is selfish ... because death can sometimes be a deliverance ...

                    You also may die several times within the same incarnation and maybe we should totally die to find what is really Love ... Love is eternal...

                    I would recommend this beautiful movie that has many Daheshist meanings (in my opinion ...) and that gives us a different perspective about life, death, love, angels ...

                    “City of Angels” ...





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                      And also ... What dreams may come ...

                      And also ... about some of the Daheshist conception about "Death" ... there is this wonderful movie that I love :

                      "What dreams may come" ...




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                        IN REGARD TO ERWIN'S QUESTION (I'm yelling)

                        I think Erwin's question is far more complex than addressing physical death or its' justification. But, I think he is referring to death of the soul versus the soul going to reside in paradise.

                        In light of the Dahesh view of reincarnation via spiritual fluids, what happens to the soul at death. Is it immediately broken into a thousand pieces to be used as a contribution to a new life? Or is there a period reconciliation, review or whatever before rebirth? Is there a spiritual fluid burn pile somewhere where they get rid of the "bad" stuff? Is there a spiritual fluid super strainer that sorts all this stuff out? Is there a spiritual fluid wharehouse somewhere where all this stuff is stored until needed?

                        When I was very young, before TV, before I had experienced movies, I recall recurrent dreams of a place, people, and a time I couldn't have experienced in this life time. They were incredibly vivid. As I grew older I retained the memory of some of these dreams and could only wonder were the material came from. Those dreams were one of the reasons I began to believe in reincarnation as a young person. Possibly, somehow these images were inherited from my parents. I really can't say. But they were more than imagined.

                        In regard to Boxfox's comment:

                        I too feel that many Jihadist are tormented people who feel they fighting back against their torment more than against a political cause. Not all mind you, but many. I feel if we could somehow improve the conditions of the improverished people in the Moslem countries it would do more good than spending money on military issues. The crazy thing to me is that all sides would rather fight than do something constructive.


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                          I can't speak for the other Daheshvillians, but I personally cannot provide the kind of answers you seek. And I know that must be frustrating. I assure you all that can be done (on our part) has been done already.

                          The only thing I am an expert at, is being myself. I know how I view the world, and how I feel about life, and how I got here. Therefore, I can discuss process and general concepts. I believe I've shared (with very minor exceptions) everything I know when it came to specifics. Practically speaking, there are no secrets here.

                          However, "out there"... that's a different matter.

                          "Out there," there (supposedly) exists information that will help us... In other words, that without that information, we cannot even benefit 100% from the fact that we may be devout and dedicated individuals.

                          Why do I say that?

                          Let's go into my vault, shall we? On May 14, 2006, Darrick Evenson sent me this reply he got for N.Brax, on behalf of Ghazi Brax, Darrick's Mentor. And before I go on: I will repeat what I said sometime ago... Knowing "stuff" does not necessarily makes us smarter. For example, I am sure that no one knows about Daheshism as much as the esteemed Ghazi Brax. Yet, all this knowledge did not help him when it came to choosing correctly a "protégé." He's got another protégé, and that one sent us the message which said (and I paraphrase) "Everyone thinks that Daheshville is an evil place!" And that's the same person who used Ghazi's anger towards me, last October, to fire me from a company I co-founded with HIM.

                          Unfortunately, I had no contract. After all, why would I have a contract with a Daheshist brother? Right?... However, I did find this letter I had him sign after almost a year after I had an incredible dream in which I saw and spoke to the Doctor, and it involved him as well...

                          When Ghazi Brax finds out what really happened, he is going to blow his top. In fact, it's funny you should mention dreams Ron. I had a dream where I was telling Ghazi, face to face, what happened... You don't want to know what he did next to his "protégé"...

                          But I digress...

                          Here is the letter of Ghazi to Darrick. And, I don't care if anyone thinks I should have kept this under a tight lid. Enough is enough.
                          Also, there is nothing in there that has not been talked about in newspapers or magazines (I am referring the Last Will and Testament of the Doctor).

                          Dear Darrick,

                          Dr. Brax has no objection to Daheshists in the West organizing in cells or churches as was with early Christianity. And if you help in doing this, your prize in Heaven may be great. However, those Daheshists should realize that their benefit from the Beloved Prophet's Revelations and books will be limited for the time being to 90%, because the majority of books are still in Arabic, and most of the Revelations are still manuscripts. Even the Book of Daheshism by Dr. Brax is still manuscript. Probably, things may change in 3 to 4 years. In the meantime, the lectures of Dr. Brax which are available in English along with Memoirs of Jesus of Nazareth and Memoirs of a Dinar are sufficient to give a clear idea about Daheshism. Soon, another significant book will be published in English with the title The Man of Mysteries. I alluded to that in my previous e-mail to you.
                          When Christ's disciples started propagating the new faith, as you know, they did not have much to relate, and all their preaching was based on an oral tradition of Jesus's miracles and sayings. Today, beside the books and lectures mentioned above, the new Daheshists can find a plenty of information on the Internet, and you participate for good in some of it (except for a few mistakes which can be corrected).
                          I am advised to tell you that Dr. Brax does not possess the manuscripts and cannot order the translation or publication of the published books in any language, because their ownership and copyrights belong to a few Daheshists who were nominated in the Beloved Prophet's last Will for unknown reasons. Those nominated Daheshists, who legally own all the Daheshist institutions, still deem the time of organizing the Daheshists has not come.

                          As for the Daheshist Laws, I can affirm that they are Christ's Laws. But if you mean the Daheshist Rites ”prayer, fasting, marriage, divorce, baptism, funeral, Daheshist Holy Days” we have a brochure including them in Arabic. However , it can be translated into English.
                          As for the name of the new heavenly religion, it should be: Daheshism without any adjective. This is the Beloved Prophet's will.

                          All the best to you,
                          N. Brax
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                          "Fail, to succeed."


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                            Originally posted by ronschaum
                            The crazy thing to me is that all sides would rather fight than do something constructive.
                            This is the one for the ages, Ron. It all comes down to our coming together over and over and over again in order 'to get things right'. This is the beauty of life and the system of reincarnation. We as individuals, peoples, and nations have spiritual fluids of all types; some that want to elevate us, and some that want to pull us down to our more base desires. It is up to us to listen to our inner knowledge, the truer sense of ourselves, of knowing who we truly are...not get caught up in the furor of the outward earthly moment. In Joseph Campbell's talk with Bill Moyer about 'following one's bliss' he talks about 'invisible hands' that carry us along on the track when we have found this path for ourselves. These are the fluids within us that enlighten us to things beyond ourselves (yet within ourselves) and inspire us to overcome our weaknesses and guide us to become our better selves. On the other side, on the 'dark side', the more base fluids that pull at us, always beckon us to our less than noble desires and deeds. We all battle these forces... both within ourselves and amongst one another. What we choose to do about them is the true test of our mettle.
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                              The issues that Mario cites with fellow Daheshists is the same as all of this. There are buttons being pushed, there are old battles be fought, there are new ones being created, there a wide variety of people's intentions (good and not so good) being played out. Sometimes, even the nature of our very own personalities get in the way of a good idea or good intent and prevent us from being effective.