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Reincarnation is God's Mercy

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  • Reincarnation is God's Mercy

    Reincarnation is God’s Mercy.
    The proof of His immeasurable Love for every kind of life.
    Thanks to reincarnation our lives are tinged with hope,
    A delightful nuance of optimism to everything we do, feel, think, see …

    A journey with no end,
    The survival of an Infinite Love,
    Friends to meet again in a strange feeling of “déjà vu”,
    Natural gifts as spiritual rewards to previous efforts,
    Solutions to impenetrable troubles …

    Hate, passion, jealousy, tragedy, illness are among other consequences of preceding existences.
    A new beginning to recognize our weaknesses, let go our fears, and surrender our pride.

    Reincarnation ensures human beings with the precious confidence that we will never lose those we love.

    The divine process of rebirth explains attraction or disgust …
    Inner acceptance is the first step that would patiently lead us to overcome tortuous desires and obscure parts of our souls.

    No possible escape but ... God is fair and compassionate,
    That’s why He always gives us new opportunities,
    Let’s just be conscious that it is never too late...