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  • "Flight of the Eagle"

    Here is a song David and I co-wrote, performed, and produced Well, let's just say that in those days "CD" was a luxury and... "Digital Recording" had to do with taking fingerprints!

    We did this in honor of one of several "New York is Book Country" appearances on behalf of the Daheshist Publishing Company (we were the main attraction—we played street artists for a day... I'll try to dig up the pictures...) Anyway, here is the piece, fully restored. The file is MP3, and is about 2.5MB in size.

    But there IS a catch, though... You'll need to register and gain access to the "Members Only" forum in order to hear it
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    A little history on the formation of this song... (I've always wanted to be on VH1 Storytellers!) The song started out as a little piano melody that I had been playing with as a warmup exercise to playing the REAL music that Mario and I were working on at the time. Mario heard it one day and said "hey man, we should put some lyrics to that..." In a matter of minutes, Mario pulled out his guitar and sang "Here I stand, my heart in my hand..." The rest of the lyrics sort of flowed out of that one line. The "piano" and "oboe" sounds were all created via digital synthesizers, kind of state of the art for the time. The drums were recorded live in a studio. The bass guitar is Mario's excellent recreation of Paul McCartneyesque licks...I think he would have played left handed too but didn't feel like restringing his bass.