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  • "Divine Mystery"

    Here is a song (see the Members Only Section for the actual MP3 file) that Sandrine and I composed. It's in French (Sandrine crafted the Lyrics). We wanted a piece that reflected one's longing for his or her childhood, despite the hurtful experiences that might have occurred—the ultimate paradox.

    What's interesting about this piece is that it features a rhythm section (drums) weaved from actual drum segments (or samples) recorded by one of my favorite drummers: Michael Botts, who was (among other things) an original member of the group "Bread," which he joined permanently after repeated invitations by David Gates. I had communicated with Botts in Fall of 2005 and he was nice enough to write back.

    No big deal... Just a simple communication between a fan and an artist. The unique thing about Mike Botts is that his band (Bread) was very special to me during my adolescence, and especially during the Civil war. At one point, my Dad, mother, and I, found ourselves with nothing but our car and the clothes on our back... and the couple of 8-Track cassettes we had left in the car, one of which was "The Best of Bread." Anyway, to make a long story short, I LOVED their music and I've always considered Michael Botts as a true genius. He wrote that the drum set needed to be approached as complete musical instrument. For example, the many elements of a drum set "vibrate" harmoniously just like the strings in a piano (which many consider to be another percussion instrument), adding a sense of warmth that digital drums cannot match... Anyway, it has ALWAYS been my dream to work with a fantastic drummer... Then when I heard that Mike Bott produced a CD that allows songrwriters to build up their own drum tracks, I had to have it. This track you're about to hear is the first one that I created using Mike Bott's work. On my end, it was just like working with a gigsaw puzzle... The final sounds as IF Mike Botts was (quite literally) our Drummer...

    Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to send him a sample of what we were able to produce with his valuable contribution to the arts... for he passed away shortly after our communication... As it was, he must have been fighting cancer when he kindly responded to my letter... Such kindness and modesty...

    So, wherever you are Mr. Botts, we salute you!

    As far as the song is concerned, as I mentioned above, it is in FRENCH...
    Don't ask me why!

    Hey, I've heard a guy sing Elvis songs in Latin on Radio once... True story... I am not kidding... Stop laughing!

    Anyway, here is MY modest translation of Sandrine's unique lyrics...

    I give you : "Divine Mystery"

    (Altchoukian, Chakkour)

    Do whatever you want with me,
    but just tell me how you can
    shove me from the left and from the right,
    tip me over like a dexterous ball.

    No, I don't like it when the air is cold,
    even so I burn from a flame that is no longer there.

    Your roll towards me,
    you flow in my veins.

    Go at it fiercely,
    kill me without hate.

    An image
    of time overtaken...

    with precipitous rocks.

    The wind is gasping
    I lose my voice.

    you're nothing but
    a distant memory.

    Unfold for me your yellowed pages,
    to the rhythm that is a hundred times out of synch with oblivion.

    Remember your laughs, your sorrows.

    Call me so that we run until we're out of breath.

    No, I no longer wish to slide in your steps,
    although the envy of a king molds my soul.

    You run away from me, you freeze my blood, you sigh... how annoying!

    A mirage...

    An exalted promise
    of a face that leads to the past.

    To see you reborn
    from a long sleep,
    to you my master who suddenly awakens
    to my childhood laughter.

    You're hooked on me,
    my heart is surrounded.

    You avoid to look at
    that summer when you left me
    all alone with cold feet,
    in this enlaced void.

    No, I don't think that you wish me to bleed.
    I know you love me, though you disdain me.

    Exhilarated by the songs of your mermaids
    Replete me all the while you tighten my chains.

    The clouds...
    Desired gentleness.

    Sweet forms...
    Your curves revealed.

    I follow my luck hopelessly...

    Often, the end
    is nothing but a rebirth
    of a divine mystery.

    (Original French lyrics by Sandrine Altchoukian, music by Mario Henri Chakkour. Produced at Churchman Way Studios, )

    Copyright © & (p) 2006 by Sandrine Altchoukian and Mario Henri Chakkour.

    (See "Members Only Section" for the actual MP3 file)

    Mario: Vocals, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards.

    Drum samples by Michael Botts, courtesy of Ilio's Double Platinum Drums
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