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  • ME (I can't live...)

    Here is another FRENCH song that Sandrine and I co-wrote. She crafted the words, I hammered the music. It is 8 minutes long. It's a prayer of sorts. You can hear it in the members section (broadboand recommended).

    Make sure you check out the liner notes for "Divine Mystery" where I talk about Michael Botts, whose drum samples I used to create the rhythm track to these new songs— and who passed away on December 9, 2005.

    Here is the English translation:

    "ME (I can't live...)"
    (Altchoukian, Chakkour)

    I can't live
    far from your love

    It is surviving
    under the sky of eternity.


    But yet, I am told
    that there exists, way up there,
    a place for oblivion.

    That it is not even worth the trouble...

    The grooves of my life
    drag me...
    in chains.

    But you're not here, still.

    I deliver myself
    to the threshold of my destiny.

    I pull
    the string of a life without end.

    And Yet ...

    And yet, I am told
    that there exists, way up there,
    unseen pleasures.

    But what good would it do me
    without even your melody?

    To boredom's silence,
    I abandon,
    my tyranny.

    Such a reverberating irony!


    And Yet they tell me
    that there exists up there
    a place for living

    But what would I do with it
    without you
    loyal friend

    To the shards of the night
    I deliver my symphony

    What is to become of me
    without even my melancholy.


    I give you my life, abandon you my spirit

    I cast you my cries, I thrust myself in this void

    Original French lyrics by Sandrine Altchoukian, music by Mario Henri Chakkour. Produced at Churchman Way Studios, )

    Copyright © & (p) 2006 by Sandrine Altchoukian and Mario Henri Chakkour.

    (See "Members Only Section" for the actual MP3 file)

    Mario: Vocals, backup vocals, guitars, bass guitar, piano, organ, clapping.
    Sandrine: backup vocals, clapping.

    Drum samples by Michael Botts, courtesy of Ilio's Double Platinum Drums
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