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"Ballad of the Prophet"

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  • "Ballad of the Prophet"

    I don't remember exactly when this was recorded... I would have to dig up and find the original 24 track/2" tape (everybody go... "Oooooooo")... Talk about ancient, huh!

    I think it was around 1986. I was still attending grad school. It was produced in a basement recording studio in Dorchester, MA. The piano was played by Greg Rector. The drummer was Larry Dalton ... I think... I am playing the guitars and butchering the vocals. And, the violin was delivered by a fellow student called Niccolo Casewit... a true master on the violin.

    Some useless trivia... The 12 string guitar had about 6 microphones pointing at it... the engineer went all out... But I bet you can't even tell!

    The MP3 file is the MEMBERS ONLY section, as well as the lyrics etc. Please find it all in the AUDIO FILES section.

    Enjoy and thank you for listening (and not laughing)!
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