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  • Love is all it takes...

    I don't believe that I could ever be the best at what I do.

    However, and on many levels, this song represent the best that I can be.
    I composed it sometime in the last two or three years and both its meaning and style have been evolving in response to events—both good and bad.

    To me—personally—it is a song in which one addresses the closest person to them. Doctor Dahesh (who, incidentally, I saw for the first time in the U.S.A. on Halloween night in 1980) wrote that when we doubt in the closest of the closest to us we will finally begin to understand to secrets of this life.

    Nothing can be closest to me than my own self...

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    If I were to die today, would you still miss me, or dance upon my grave?
    If I were to leave sight unseen, would you build yourself a shrine and take all that is mine?

    I feel I'm going blind.

    I can't even see the shadows tattered in my mind.
    You took them right from under me, you made me two-dimensional.

    Was it purely fate, or something unintentional?

    I thought I made it, but now I'm falling behind!

    It's time I quoted, the thing you taught me so kind!

    Love is all it takes to live!
    Love is all it takes to live, in this world!

    All your dreams, all your schemes... that made you love me and hate me to extremes.

    Now they're gone, you're all alone...

    Where did you learn to turn water into stone?

    When the Moon draws so near...
    When the Stars are dim yet glow with fear...
    When the weak become strong...
    When the Earth sings Her very last song...

    It's like I told you, I never wanted to go!
    And now it's over, I've got new seeds to sow!

    It's all so clear!

    Love is all it takes to live!

    Despite it all!

    Love is all it takes to live, in this world!

    Words and Music by Mario Henri Chakkour, Copyright (p) by StudioView Interactive, LLC.
    All Rights Reserved.

    Drum samples by Michael Botts, courtesy of Ilio's Double Platinum Drums.
    Recorded at Churchman Way Studios.
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    "Fail, to succeed."