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The strange trip of deliverance.

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  • The strange trip of deliverance.

    The strange trip Deliverance
    By Joseph Kabalan Salameh
    Part 1.
    Mustafa was living in an island located in the South American continent. His family emigrated from Lebanon heading for Brazil during World War II. But the difficult living situation in the meantime prompted them to leave their homeland; to leave in few days on board of one of the traveling ships. Once the ship approached the southern shores of Brazil until their ship came under a storm which turned the ship upside down; his family’s destiny was destined to survive with dozens of people who clung to some wreckage of the ship, where others boarded boats to escape. They arrived to a remote island inhabited by people who live a primitive life. But, with the passage of the years, every survivor got accustomed to live such difficult circumstances. The island was full of fruit trees and animals such as goats and deer’s.
    But after almost seven years, the news of the crashed ship has reached the ears of one of the gangs that make money from robbery. This gang possessed lethal weapons and warplanes. And one night, it happened that they were able to find that island by the use of the monitoring machines that they owned; and launched a war on the island’s dwellers. At that time Mustapha was four years old, but his parents were among the people who gave their lives in defense of their new home. His parents were martyred after a violent raid that hit their house. Thus the island was occupied by members of that gang. It was difficult to identify the identities of the bodies because of the distortions that afflicted it. As for Mustafa, he was able to identify the features of his parents despite the difficulty and the impossibility of, it even to the specialists in that international gang! But, that scene remained etched in his memory.
    Mustafa reeled a year under the weight of psychological pain resulting from those painful memories. In fact, he lived all his life in captivity, and despite his difficult case he helped the patients overcome their pains by doing the task of medical massage in which he had excelled in unraveling its mysteries, to the extent of exceeding in this art all the doctors who were visiting the prison from one period to another. He comforted many people who were suffering from mental illness who were about to acquire later.
    One of the girls was impressed in the way he used to help the patients, as she was herself complaining of a heart disease. He got acquainted with her when she was fourteen years old. This girl "Natalie" gathered news and stories while walking inside this big prison; listening to all their information and their experiences; as she used to sit with them to share spiritual and scientific subjects, and other issues. She told Mustafa about the mythological stories which are written in the religious books such as the story of Samson; and Phoenician wars, as she described to him the forms and shapes of the Phoenician vessels.
    In effect a thought came to him after that, which is to spend his spare time building a Phoenician boat, according to that described by Natalie. The construction was completed within two months. The matter that impressed one of the officers; that made him put a glass dome to act as roof to the boat, and a circular slot on the front as a window. The glass was plucked from one of the planes, so that the ship can be accessed from the window. Thus the cover glass covered the entire vehicle except that hole. A wooden rod or mast has been installed in the middle of the boat. A hole in the middle of the glass ceiling was made to enter that mast and connect it to sail. He tightened it by using an adhesive to prevent leakage of air into the vessel. In addition, he painted the glass with a blocking material to avoid the hot sun’s radiations. And he made a small rudder.
    And it happened one day that the heart disease struck Natalie, causing severe pains. The thing that led Mustafa to creep into her room, and to put pressure on her chest with both hands in a certain manner hoping that her health improves. And he was was whispering in her ear at that moment about how he saved a bird’s life from starvation, so that he may let her forget her pains. And told her that once he was playing a flute he had manufactured in the camp, however, he had split his fingers due to the sharp holes in it during his playing at that moment. Once an ill starving eagle-like bird saw the flute he started putting his beak into the holes filled with blood to suck it; and life returned to that bird miraculously. But it happened after the ending of the story that Natalie smiled in the face of her beloved friend. It was a smile that he will never forget for its captivating charm, but soon she lost consciousness. Then he was overwhelmed by a strong outrage, and unconsciously pressed on the chest of Natalie harshly, and he fainted from excessive grief and distress, to find himself in the next day in jail. He was sentenced to death by hanging because his hands had penetrated the girl’s chest that was so transparency and tender, highlighting the main heart artery of her neck.
    Thus the death penalty on him was executed and it was decided to transfer his body to his homeland aboard a ship for burial. Then a number of doctors rallied about Natalie to determine the cause of death, but to their amazement they observed that the wound had fully healed. The reason is that Mustafa, who almost got crazy during treating Natalie waved his hands involuntarily in the air, so the eagle subsequently noted blood, also noted the places where the fingers of Mustafa pressed on the chest of the girl, so he started accurately to snatch the fat deposited on the girl’s artery which has emerged , the matter that restored the flow of blood to the heart of Natalie. The eagle followed the ingenious hands of Mustafa that led it to the place where it should absorb the fat deposited. Natalie was at the moment of her awakening from the coma repeating the name of her lover without interruption.
    The body of Mustafa was put on a ship for burial in his native land Lebanon. The small boat, which he had made was used as a survival boat due to the durability of its manufacturing. It was tied on board of the ship that carried Mustapha. Would Mustafa answer Natalie’s appeal knowing that he is in the other world?