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  • Preamble...

    This is a story that has been many years in the making. While it is an interwoven chronology of my own life, it is really a story of Daheshism in America… and more specifically, Daheshism GROWING in America.

    As such, from my point of belief, as an American-born Daheshist, it is really an AMERICAN story.

    I am not writing from the perspective of one who has all the answers in the matters of history and spirituality. Hardly. I only am, and forever will be, a hungry student, a disciple, and a BELIEVER in Dr. Dahesh and the Daheshist Mission. I can only speak to the story of my personal faith and to the events I have witnessed and experienced over the past 25 years here in the United States.

    This is after all a story of that faith and belief… and a chronology of events that have been filled with great joys and great sorrows.

    Dr. Dahesh wrote I WILL SING on the morning of January 22, 1977. In it, he rejoices as…

    “…the Daheshist Religion becomes strong in the American territories…rooting in the bosom of their inhabitants”


    “…her foundations are planted and she becomes firm like the tall and mighty mountains – I will sing!”

    As I write this today, this lofty and beautiful picture that is painted by Dr. Dahesh in 1977 of Daheshism here in America, sadly seems quite remote and equally too, quite far off in the future.

    Prior to Dr. Dahesh’s death on April 9, 1984… I heard of countless stories of Daheshist brotherhood and sisterhood and unity and shared joy and common purpose… all at times of great danger and risk or in the midst of doing almost inhuman amounts of work.

    If I were to speak of UNITY and LOVE amongst Daheshists today, EVERYONE “in the know” would probably laugh (or should, more appropriately, cry) uncontrollably.

    “Daheshism” today is almost unrecognizable from what I once knew and believed it to be. It has become cloistered and isolated. It has become exclusionary and privatized. It has become cloaked in ambiguity and caught in a perpetual holding pattern. It has been battled over by egos and unchecked self-interests.

    I have asked myself time and time again over these past 20 some years…”what if things continue like this ANOTHER 20 years…?” Well, the simple fact is… they cannot. Things continuing as they have in the past is a complete and utter impossibility... or at least not now without an untold cost or further repercussions.

    A great light officially came to America in the 1970s and 80s. It came on the wings of great hope… and at a tremendous human and spiritual cost.

    Untold sacrifices were made during the exodus from the east (Beruit) to the west (America)… not only the spiritual legacy of Dr. Dahesh came here, but also the physical legacy of his works of art, books and other collections.

    Dr. Dahesh carried the TRUTH of his DIVINE MESSAGE every moment of his existence; in everything he did, often at an expense that was and is beyond our human comprehension.

    It is a legacy we must understand and honor every moment in everything we do. It is a legacy that is not unlike nor disconnected from our very own American legacy… the planting and grounding of our spiritual and religious freedom.

    I think in the end, the bigger picture of this story, the AMERICAN story, the story of Daheshism, will be more fully realized and brought full circle when not only the WHAT of WHAT is Daheshism is known, but also the WHY of WHY Daheshism has planted itself here in America.

    But before describing the light and wind of Daheshism that blew in to my life on one amazing evening in New York, on March 21, 1985… let me first take a little step back in time… to a land far, far away…


    To be continued…
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    Most interesting and beautifully written.
    Can't wait to read the rest.


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      Originally posted by Ziyad View Post
      Most interesting and beautifully written.
      Can't wait to read the rest.
      Thank you, Ziyad..