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A small segue (part one)

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  • A small segue (part one)

    As fortune would have it, my friend was very late getting to the airport. This afforded Mario and myself an hour or two to continue our conversation. As one could very well expect, I was very curious to know as many of the when’s, how’s and why’s surrounding Dr. Dahesh as possible.

    Piece by piece, Mario answered each of my questions in great detail. Each and every answer somehow just “made sense” to me… in retrospect; I guess it all made sense because everything in fact, was all founded in truth. There are no gaps or anomalies in a true spiritual mission. The only gaps or anomalies that occur are in our limited abilities to grasp and understand.

    I think my head was quite full of information that evening. It is a night and series of moments I will never forget… yet, that night was just the beginning. That night was the start of a journey that would obviously affect each and every aspect of my life from that point forward.

    One’s spiritual journey is hardly a static event. It is a daily effort… a daily effort to understand, reflect and grow and then step out and continue to LIVE. The growth we nurture and harvest within ourselves must be combined with the daily act of living.

    This was also the start of what might very well be one the unlikeliest, yet deeply bonded brotherhoods and friendships. If nothing else, the brotherhood that Mario and I have shared from that night on has shown us both, time and time again, that God indeed has a sense of humor!

    Mario and I quite simply were not two people that one would readily imagine as being friends. And this unlikelihood has certainly led to “clashes” and “disagreements” over the years. Yet somehow, when the chips were down and something important needed to be done, we always let our differences fall to the side and we just made things work.

    It was always this third thing, this thing created beyond our two individual characters that always mattered and was what was good in the end. We gave the first lecture in America on Daheshism when we were doing our graduate work at M.I.T. We formed the first iteration of the “Daheshist Society” while at M.I.T. We gave several concerts together that were presented by the M.I.T. Daheshist Society.

    In a following chapter I will go in to each of these events in greater detail… but for now I just want to convey that the work that Mario and I invested in making things work between ourselves (for the greater good) is a testament that others can do the same.

    What one can do, another can do too.

    I hope others reading this can find the same resources within themselves to extend a bridge to another brother or sister. This is what we all need to do. This is how the game of life is played and the lack of this love and empathy is one of the key ingredients of why Daheshism (and the world in general) is in its current state.

    The time we are in is now beyond who is right and who is wrong. I think deep down everyone that is of a thinking mind knows this.

    The time is past for the mindset of; “Over my dead body will I talk to… so and so…” Well, sadly, for those that feel that way, one day soon, they may very well be getting their wish.

    What has to happen is new way of doing things. A humble, more open, more constitutional way of doing things has to occur.

    Part of this process is in ones' inner struggle for a clear vision of self-actualization… None of this is easy… and I have found that one of the hardest things on this journey has been to truly live outwardly the honesty and clarity one feels inwardly in their heart.

    Often this “living honestly” goes against what the rest of the world has completely embraced as “normal”. It has at times meant reaching down deep inside one’s character to find the strength to change direction in life… often at a time when the current of life is flowing in a completely different direction.

    We have all been so conditioned and so programmed to our vision of life being a certain way… we all live in societies and communities that embrace a particular belief system. In time, parts of these belief systems and “world views” may, in their entirety, be no longer compatible with our own developing belief system.

    The established belief systems may feel they are being challenged by this change, and we too may feel challenged by how we once saw the world.

    Bit this is how we change and evolve. This is how societies change and evolve.

    And this is how we GROW. This growth becomes the true mettle of our respective characters. None of us need to produce a particularly GRAND GESTURE to grow… small, honest and diligent steps, coupled with honest and sincere intent… this is what we all need to do… and this what we all CAN do.

    (to be continued)
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