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A small segue (part two)

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  • A small segue (part two)

    I have found over the years that just because I waited my entire life for hearing what would become life-changing truth for me… it didn’t necessarily mean that those around me would see things quite the same way. This has been a very difficult pill for me to swallow over the years. In the miracle of my new found awareness… I wanted to tell EVERYONE. I wanted to tell the world. Surely, everyone else was waiting for these words I was so desperate to hear? Yes???

    Sadly, time and time again, I have learned more often than not, no, this was not the case.

    Everyone can and will, only come along in their own due course.

    So, what about until then?

    Until then we all are the keepers and the stewards of the Daheshist Message. If we as Daheshists cannot live by example, who is going to? We all know, that in time, the Daheshist message will be more universally embraced here in America, and ultimately the rest of the world. Until then, WE must embrace it, WE must live it by example; both in our personal lives as well as with each other. What we do here during our tenure, and how well we do it, will shape what is to come both for ourselves as well as for those that come after us…

    This is our honor, but most importantly, this is our responsibility; our DUTY. We MUST struggle to get THIS RIGHT.

    Daheshism will never be as strong as it deserves to be when it is guided by unchecked individual ego. We only have a certain amount of time here to get right what we need to do. Ego, or more specifically ENTITLEMENT means that the BIG picture of what needs to happen is not in sight… It means that one only sees the world that ends at the tip of their nose.

    If Daheshists cannot get beyond thinking of themselves as individuals, then Daheshism will be held in a state of suspended animation until it is brought forth to its rightful place… that of being a full COMMUNITY of Daheshists; A full community of Daheshism.

    We hold the most precious gift imaginable in our hearts and memories. What we believe so strongly in today is certainly our personal spiritual map, but it is also a direct and tangible link to all the earnest and faithful brothers and sisters that will inevitably come after us... and who knows, WE may even be the ones that have to come back again to try and fix everything WE didn't get right this time around! Do we really want to have to potentially be in that position?

    How can we create the most fertile environment possible for Daheshism to grow when we are still mostly a marginally fractured group of individuals?

    The sacrifices that our Beloved Prophet had to make in the name of the mandate from God are absolutely immeasurable by us; beyond the limits of human understanding. So how much is it for US to do everything we can do honor this? I can imagine no greater honor to the legacy of Dr. Dahesh than to be the people and the quiet force that He would want us to be. TOGETHER.

    And you know what? …in time, others will recognize this. Others will recognize this force that lives within us… Others will recognize the sheer gravitas of the force of the cohesive COMMUNITY of all of us; TOGETHER. But first, we first have to be open and decent to one another such that we can be open and decent to others that no doubt will come along.

    Daheshism will not spread universally by just providing a body of information to faceless masses.

    God the Father already knows all of us. None of us need to spend any time worrying about our place being recognized in this world or the worlds after… that table has already been set. Rather, we should devote our energies to SERVING; to giving back the gift that we have been so blessed to be given and so blessed to have had the eyes and hearts to see.

    Mario has told me of Dr. Dahesh saying, “Do your duty and leave the rest to God…”

    We need to be the body that uniformly LIVES all the beauty we hold to be true… both within ourselves as well as amongst one another.

    Only with this kind of peace… the kind of peace that the more we benevolently provide for each other, the more it will come back to us in kind. This peace amongst the community of ourselves is the FLAME that will ignite the darkness for others to see and recognize the legacy of Dr. Dahesh that we hold so dear.

    This is the flame that will help ignite the Daheshist message in America. This is the light that will help set the stage to open the hearts and minds of fellow Americans to the legacy of Dr. Dahesh.

    We Americans, even if we don’t consciously think of it everyday, live and love the beauty of the words and meaning of our Constitution. (even if every so often, we fail to live by and fully honor its true meaning). We love the freedoms that our country provides and bestows upon us… We love a success story of courage and the will to find truth… Even though factions of our government may harbor secrets (some good, and I’m sure some not so good), we as a PEOPLE however, love open and honest discourse and disclosure.

    So it should be with the Daheshist Mission. We cannot claim to love the freedoms and liberties we all live in and enjoy here yet not fully incorporate these open ideals in to how we model ourselves as a Daheshist community. They need to be one and the same.

    I feel there is so very little time left… the time to make happen what needs to happen is NOW. I have heard many speak of “spreading” Daheshism. Well, that may all be fine and good… but what about being nurturing to the Daheshists we already know? What about just BEING KIND and BEING COMPASSIONATE to our COMMUNITY? What about getting over all the obstacles that are keeping us apart from one another? Sadly, more often than not, we are a Mission of individuals separated by a common belief.

    How can any Daheshist speak of the love and humanity they saw in their Prophet (and the benevolence that their prophet showed to them) and then in turn shun another that shares their belief?

    We need to stop being so right and start being kind. We need to be the peace in the world that we seek for ourselves.

    (To be continued) up next... back to our story....
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    Great and flaming essay. I agree well with you dear brother Johnson.
    You remember me of psalm 133:1 that says: " How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony!"
    I can symbolize and compare the faith and deeds of our brothers and sisters as blessed oiled wood that extends the flames of faith in their hearts. The more they work blessedly the more the receive grace and elevation of their spiritual fluids.
    May God bless you always.


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      Shouting Daheshism from the roof tops...

      Thank you Mr. Johnson for this post....while I only discovered it, today...
      I find my feelings to be an echo of yours.
      For me the discovery of Dr. Dahesh, is, as yours...something I wanted to share...willing to shout it from the roof tops, if possible.
      As a PR kind of old timer, the eternal salesman...always excited, by what excites me...
      I find great value in your words:

      "Daheshism will not spread universally by just providing a body of information to faceless masses."

      "We need to stop being so right and start being kind. We need to be the peace in the world that we seek for ourselves"

      to see the peace, we must be the peace...salaam alaikum

      respectfully, Jules