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    Out of curiosity initiated by a most recent post from Ziyad, I found myself scrambling through the Internet looking for information on renovation projects in Beirut. The city is obviously working diligently on salvaging some of the older respectable neighborhoods.

    But somehow I came across Georges Chakkour web site, and specifically a letter written by Marie Hadad or is it Haddad: . I thought that this letter was posted somewhere in Daheshville, but I could not locate it. It reflects on the situation Dr Dahesh was confronted with and it reflects on the reverence that Marie Hadad held for Dr Dahesh. She had created a significant document. There is a clear description of a man being persecuted for his religious beliefs that were not in strict adherence to that time's political ambitions of the Maronite Church. Furthermore, she implicates people of use of marginal if not illegal ethics in areas other political persecution.

    One should read the letter slowly so as not to miss the message and the subtext that is embedded

    Now the letter written is in French, following is an English translation:

    Mr. Secretary General United Nations
    Palais de Chaillot - Paris

    Let me send you this request, relying on the call that you started, call contained in the press and telegraph agencies, inviting the oppressed peoples - and even individuals from injustice of their own governments or highest authorities of their country - to speak directly to you, so that justice is done.

    Since the United Nations means a Supreme Court for all countries, and even individuals as has been proclaimed to the world, me, Marie Haddad, Lebanese, born in Beirut, I come on behalf of the "Dahesh" persecuted in Lebanon, the following statement:

    A Lebanese citizen, innocent of any charge or offense, is persecuted by the Lebanese authorities, influenced by the President of the Republic, Mr. Bechara El-Khoury. The latter is acting illegally and tyrannical manner for personal reasons. He is the husband of my sister, and this relationship was fatal because of the following facts.

    There are about six years, we have known, my husband and I, Dr. Dahesh. Through his life, his principles and his works, he has forced our admiration. My husband and I were certainly not the first of his many followers, but our belief - based on knowledge of his personality and experience of long acquaintance - was unwavering. Dr. Dahesh, head of a religious doctrine based on the Scriptures, (preaching the essential unity of religions) is the universal brotherhood. He undertakes the realization of a work of truth and justice. His area - an evangelical revival - is the reason and spirit of the prophets. It attacks all those who make a profession of religion to achieve personal ends. He attacked the abuses, hypocrisy and lies. There is also a writer whose fame would be the greatest of nations. Around him are grouped the followers of all religions and all nationalities, forming an intellectual elite united in the service of humanity as doctors, writers, lawyers, businessmen and others.

    The result of our adherence to the doctrine of Dr. Dahesh deeply annoyed the Catholic Clergy, we depended so far, because its purpose is to maintain the religious fanaticism in Lebanon in preserving its influence and profits. It also annoyed our family deeply attached to the clergy since the dawn of time. In addition, Dr. Dahesh was born a Democrat ... and the President of the Lebanese Republic - Bechara El-Khoury - his wife Laura (who is my sister as I said), and Michel Chiha the newspaper "Le Jour" in Beirut, which is my brother thought their stupid snobbery and their alleged aristocracy would be achieved through our membership Dahesh. Not only do they feel demeaned by such a figure, but they feared negative repercussions on public opinion following our attendance with a man as influential and who preaches unity of religions in a country that desperately needs the struggle against fanaticism, saw all the negative forces that underlie our current confessional political system. They said: "Get rid of this man, it interferes with our plans, for his strength and his arguments are extraordinary. "

    So, at the instigation of my brother Michael Chiha, a pretentious fop imbued Jesuitism (while he himself was one of the framers of our Constitution, drafted under Henry de Jouvenel), a plan was drawn up in agreement with the President The Republic of Lebanon, Bechara El-Khoury, and his Minister of Justice at the time, Habib Abi Shahla. On their orders, the Surete Generale, the heels of Dr. Dahesh, tried in vain to detect any crack in his life by which to sue. False witnesses were bribed to accuse him of "offenses to morals." No proof could not be established in support of their allegations, and unable to do anything against him by the right ... a plot was hatched to attempt the life of Dr. Dahesh.

    On August 28, 1944 at 8:00 am, a gang of Lebanese Falange, all trades paid, attacked Dr. Dahesh before the door of his home under the benevolent gaze of the police (who surrounded the house that morning) . But Providence saved him from certain death.

    Not only do the attackers were not worried, but it was Dr. Dahesh, who was arrested and, under the law of excessive force, the President of the Republic of Lebanon Bechara El-Khoury, violating the Constitution as no one has done far (for what heinous crime to deprive a citizen of his nationality), the dispossessed of its nationality by a simple decree dictatorship, without this decree was sanctioned by a law passed by the House of Deputies. Dr. Dahesh was imprisoned without the right to contact his lawyer, ignominiously treated (as seen in the documents that I enclose in my letter), and without any trial, thrown on the Turkish borders without any identity document or a penny, while the Second World War was in full swing.

    In that time, Mr. Riad Bey El-Solh, the current head of the Lebanese delegation to the UN, was also head of government. And obligingly, he submitted to the will of the president and approved this order ... It is surprising that Riad El-Solh Bey, who had himself been persecuted, exiled and sentenced to death for the ideas of freedom which is now the champion, has been involved in this injustice attacking its bases in freedom individual, and he does not try to repair it.

    So, without trial, arbitrary and despotic manner, contrary to all existing laws, one Lebanese was stripped of his nationality, and without further ado that the will of the Head of State, is thrown out of the country. .. It is cast in time of war, a foreign border, without the possibility to declare himself a citizen of any country somewhere in the sky ... In foreign territory, and in time of war, it has the duty and right to consider it as a spy. It is constantly exposed to be shot as such ... or at least, imprisoned and tossed from one border to another. It is in a hopeless situation and must wander at random, exposed to all the dangers lurking in haphazard until the time when his own country, as a result of a change of government, will restore his nationality.

    That is already more than four years since this crime was done and that Dr. Dahesh wanders stateless border into a border without the right to return home.

    We stopped, we Dahesh, raise our protest against the most flagrant injustice that can save. My conscience imposed on me the duty of defense and forced me to act as before Emile Zola in the Dreyfus Affair. The words were useless, so I published a large number of "black books" that were distributed across Lebanon, Europe, America, and the diplomatic corps in Beirut, to let the world know the truth about what unconscionable crime committed in Lebanon in the twentieth century.

    The publication of these "black books" upset the people responsible for the crime. To mitigate the impact to the public, they have sought to make him believe that I was not the normal mind. But this scandal broke, and their total confusion, a report from doctors forced them to release me. This shameful act in the future will be very serious consequences for its perpetrators.

    I was imprisoned because twice as many supporters of Dr. Dahesh on the orders of the President of the Republic of Lebanon Bechara El-Khoury, husband of my sister, and for my determination to defend a just man and innocent ... A woman trapped in my situation in this country for his own family for an idea of justice because it defends the cause of the innocent against the despotism that was ever more illegal, it has never yet seen so far and indignation was universal. I stayed calm and I continued to write and protest. The great spiritual movements have always successfully through phases of persecution and prison ... It would be the same for us!

    In this small Lebanese viewed as a Democrat, newly promoted independence and which prides itself on being part of the United Nations, the Head of State Bechara El-Khoury's acting like a dictator. Officials and judges blindly obey his wishes for fear of being dismissed. Such a crime in another country more advanced than ours would have brought down the Government and the Head of State, its authors have been tried!

    Never, under any system, Lebanon has experienced such internal anarchy, and when the papers are available to the public the scandals of the regime, they are arbitrarily suspended. Minds in Lebanon purchased by the authority and become paralyzed by the force.

    A people that has allowed the government to Riad El-Solh Bey and the President of the Lebanese Republic Bechara El-Khoury to distort the election of May 25, 1947, does not deserve to stand as an international champion of freedom. As everyone knows, and as the press has published, such elections have been cynically rigged to get a majority of members referred to the President of the Republic and renew his election. They therefore renewed, something unheard of, more than a year before the expiry of the first term. And within a year, automatically, the President of the Republic of Lebanon will be confirmed in office for a further period. But this election is illegal because the chamber of deputies is regarded by the mass of Lebanon as illegal.

    A leader of a religious doctrine in the person of Dr. Dahesh is shamefully persecuted. His closest followers are victims of people who attack individual freedom in its most sacred foundations ... and this in a country with which the great powers granted independence believing he has reached the level of a civilization worthy of that independence. While Lebanon has approximately one million people from over twenty different religions and communities, are governed on a religious fanaticism that fuels an acute ... he can not claim to achieve a civilization like that of other countries, and indeed of civilization it has only the facade.

    It is not enough delegates to Lebanon to speak of freedom and declare in their speeches at the UN and elsewhere. This is not an attempt on the freedom and "the sacred rights of man." I am surprised that Mr. Charles Malik, President of ECOSOC at the UN, allowed himself to Geneva, and allows himself to speak today to the UN "Human Rights" and Freedom to think and write ... But when he knows that Lebanon is enslaved to all easements ... and that Lebanon, or the "firm" as they call it here in the press etc ... is shamefully exploited to enrich and only one family (brothers, brothers, allies and supporters of President Bechara El-Khoury) to the detriment of the poor population. And the scandals of this operation (supply, smuggling of hashish, rare currency, cement, supplies, business, flour etc. ...) have been recorded in all the newspapers and everybody is informed.

    Mr. Charles Malik, in a speech to the UN October 8, 1948, requested that the Protocol on Narcotic Drugs is adopted by the UN General Assembly, as well as by States not members of this House, and to do well respected in Germany and Japan. Mr. Malik pertinent knows that Lebanon has a monopoly on the smuggling of narcotics, mostly hashish grown in PROPERTIES belonging to members ... Lebanon is the official supplier of Arab countries, especially Egypt ... That this is smuggling large under the protection of the highest Lebanese authorities ... That scandal erupted in Egypt, about the contraband which the son of President Bechara El-Khoury (Kalil El-Khoury) was implicated. Mr. Malik knows very well that we have worked to cover up such scandals in Egypt, not once but many times, not to publicly smear senior Lebanese people and that for political reasons, given the current state of relations between Arab countries. Charles Malik instead of making speeches about drugs, should work to reform and purify their own country looking at this delicate issue.

    The diplomats of all countries in Lebanon are documented on all the foregoing.

    The Case Dahesh defrays the press, both local and foreign for over five years and it grows daily and is becoming a global concern. Serious responsibilities imposed on the Lebanese authorities, especially the Head of State Bechara El-Khoury, who has transgressed the law and violated the Constitution when he took the oath of allegiance.

    Everything has an end ... and justice fulfilled!

    The Dahesh is determined to defend the law with the help of God and human possibilities. They have proven they will stop at no fear, no threat.

    They demand the return of the nationality of Dr. Dahesh. And fulfilling a duty that is required, they use your Supreme Court, urging her to study carefully the case beyond the bounds of Lebanon. This Court will in this case the work of justice and humanity ... It will prevent this conflict expands further. I affirm you: "it may later cause a bloodbath in Lebanon as well as Palestine, that if no action is taken by you of this request accuser. "

    It is usually futile to rely on earthly justice.

    But the United Nations defended the rights of Nations and also Individuals ... Keeper of the Atlantic Charter, which is based on Individual Liberty (freedom of thought, belief ...) here it is obliged to restore the law and render justice.

    I therefore appeal to his high standing, as the highest authority representing all world powers, as vigilantes supreme representative on Earth Justice of God.

    Does it deliver a sentence of justice?

    If it is powerless to make it, then we must renounce any earthly justice.

    Marie Hadad


    PS To Mr. Charles Malik, Lebanon's delegate to the UN and chairman of the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural hear:

    I read in the newspapers that the Commission headed by Dr. Charles Malik, adopted the wording of the first article of the draft Declaration of Human Rights which is as follows:

    "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed by nature with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. "

    Mr. Malik, chairing the committee, which represents the sacred rights of man, knows very well that in his country freedoms are not respected ... that the Head of the Lebanese state that represents [Bechara El-Khoury] waiting for these freedoms and violated the Constitution when it comes to his personal interests, as the case Dahesh! In discoursing on Human Rights (freedom of belief, thought, fraternity, etc.). Mr. Malik acts in contradiction with what he thinks. If he was honest, he refused the presidency of such a commission should belong to the delegate of a country wholly civilized where those human rights are respected.

    To be true to himself and to others, he should have, while denying the presidency, declaring that his conscience is not quiet as a delegate from Lebanon, it allows him not to be part of this Commission, for the reason that the Lebanese head of state - that is - has committed a constitutional crime that countries more backward and barbaric dare not commit today: he robbed a Lebanese innocent nationality, without any trial, he did throw, without a passport as a war on a foreign border, and for reasons of religious fanaticism, because his relatives had become followers of the Lebanese!

    Mr. Malik also knows that his patron Michel Chiha, my brother and brother-President of the Lebanese Republic Bechara El-Khoury, was the prime instigator of this crime and that is thanks to Michel Chiha he was appointed Minister to Washington, despite the opposition of a majority of Lebanese who knows the depths of the country's politics.

    While Mr. Malik had told the truth, he would have deserved to be part of this Commission which deals with "Human Rights", and even the chair. It is not enough to believe in good faith and in purity of conscience, to be photographed and to publish his photograph in newspapers, holding in his hand the gavel of the presidency. This recalls the fable of "vigilante monkey and two cats, having stolen a cheese, came to the share by the monkey. Mr. Malek is in a false position that does not allow equity. Nor is it just that the monkey did not work for justice for the two cats. So Mr. Malek is because his patron is just confused and discredited.

    Mr. Malek is well aware of what's happening in Lebanon, which he represented at the UN And it should not be proud. It certainly reads the Lebanese press, and here SOME KEY EXCERPTS two French-language Lebanese newspaper appearing in Beirut, which will refresh his memory and will demonstrate to everyone that Lebanon is overdue and that their rulers are committing crimes against the liberties and " Human Rights ". (Glaring example: THE CASE OF DR. Dahesh)
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    Thanks so much for presenting important facts pertaining the persecution of the Dr.

    Indeed, he suffered the worse and bitterest kinds of persecution.

    I believe that the people who persecuted him where the same people who did the same thing 2000 years ago with Lord Jesus.

    They never learned the lesson and the heavenly curse never stopped following them.

    We pray that the people of Lebanon and everywhere may learn a lesson and unite under the love of God, to love each others as brothers and sisters but first of all apply good deeds towards others no matter how difficult it may take or how difficult the consequences are.

    This great letter of our great sister Marie Haddad shows the great role of true believing women in the world. It shows how they play a unique and maybe unparalleled role to raise the name of God and defend his word.

    May her soul rest in peace. Amen.