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    This article is a few years old but I just found it

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    For out English speaking people, I used Google Translate to convert to English. Beware the translator sometimes make errors. I did not have time check carefully. So beware. I will return to check the accuracy as best I can tomorrow.

    The Article:

    Illusionist, magician, Charlatans, sorcerer or prophet? That was "Dahech" man-amazingly powerful phenomenon that aroused between years 40 and 80 of the last century so much controversy around his person and his "miracles"?

    A pseudo-god? A pseudo-devil? Still, he scored his time, disturbed the state under the mandate of President Beshara el-Khoury, who pursued him and arrested him, whereas it was reached, by his presence and his actions, both in the Republic to the family of George Haddad, brother-in-law of President al-Khoury - the two men who married the sisters of Michel Chiha, respectively, and Marie and Laure - George, Mary and their children all become followers of "Doctor Dahech" to the dismay of the family Khoury. "Doctor Dahech" (as his followers call him) or Salim Achi, a name that sowed confusion in the minds and concerns people in the 40's to the point that gave rise to many legends often difficult to believe. His actions were so shocking that the sorcerer said, he could go to the hairdresser, her head and let him go home, that it was the beard and rejected it at the moment under barber's eyes in amazement ...

    They say he invited people to lunch or dinner, stood before them in a few moments, a table of a variety and sophistication unheard ... they stuffed themselves and suddenly, the table disappeared and with satiety: they were hungry again. It is also said that the son of Dr. George Khabsa have gone mad because of him ... Magida that Haddad had committed suicide, distraught with love for him ... He had lived in the hooks of Haddad and had withdrawn their money ... He was a demon which nothing could resist ... Dahech left no one indifferent, and he was loved and hated, despised and revered, hunted by some, warmly welcomed by others ... Between those who took him for an impostor and those who took him for an illusionist, there are also those who took seriously his followers, "Dahech" who believe in him "as a messenger came to save humanity from error, it relearn the true message of God and his spirit that resides in their view, the three holy books revealed by God, the mission of being Dahech, they say, to unify the Word of God. " Heresy? That's what makes perhaps the Church has always considered an unfavorable eye. It still tells a particularly striking: his imprisonment ordered by Beshara el-Khoury, and although duly monitored by guards, it is found together with hers. Similarly, its killing and its execution by gunfire, in Azerbaijan, filmed in 1947 and duly reported by the Iranian authorities to the Lebanese government and its reappearance later in Beirut. How? "Only one of his personalities was executed, he has six. It is also resurrected ", replied the Dahech convinced. Amazing. Those who knew him and we get together in the same house in which there were so many "miracles". They are five: Moussa Maalouf, Khalil's lawyer Zaatar, Zeina Haddad Chucri Kassem, Hassan Baltagi.

    We here at the street Kantari. Facing the Murr Tower, a large old house which stands by far seems to have had its heyday. Indeed, this was the home of George Haddad, brother of President Beshara el-Khoury, now inhabited by his daughter Zeina Dahech lived and where. Today, the stone appears greyish panes, broken, without a defined color, most are closed, others open, fighting the wind. Leaves a window visible from the street, a lamp lit in the fading light of late afternoon.

    One is faced with an old door that opens to the former, like herself, by a wire attached somewhere on the upper floor of the house. The paint is peeling walls. A long marble staircase at the black wrought iron railing leads to our guests on the first floor. Once the furniture is basic. A large portrait of Dahech sat on the parapet of the little room where we received over a large bouquet of artificial flowers. An adjoining room reveals walls hung with purple satin. In the middle, a long rectangular table covered with satin of the same color on top of which is lying like a pillow, the five-pointed star (in purple flowers) of Dahechiya. On the walls, taken from a history rich in episode: photos, "prayers" Dahech course, newspaper articles, but also pictures of parents Dahech, its early adopters and texts of Gebran Khalil Gebran that would be "physically resembled, according to Dr. Dahech Dahech, especially in the photo shown at the beginning of the" Prophet "by Gibran. Similarly, they say, by his thoughts and beliefs. " The room is dark, sad, with no other frills. No trace of the splendor of yesteryear.

    But here, people like the walls are full of memories. They have witnessed the unbelievable. They tell.

    WHICH IS Dahech: where does it come?

    Moussa Maalouf, husband of the niece Dahech, is professor of Arabic literature for over fifty years. He taught at several schools in Lebanon.
    Asked: Who Dahech, where is he?, He replied: "Dahech was born in Jerusalem in Palestine on 1 June 1909. His father, Moussa Alicha, (referring to the prophet or Alycha'a Elysé) and his mother Chmouni daughter Hanna canoune Mrad, both lived in Iraq before their marriage and were Syriac Orthodox rite.
    "The couple converted to Protestantism, and then emigrated to Palestine. Here, the name becomes Achi. The family moved to Jerusalem in 1906, before landing in 1911 in Beirut with her three daughters and son and settling in Mousseitbé. The child named Salim, diminutive of Soleiman, who first name was said to be divinely suggested to the father. His father, Moussa, worked at the printing U.S. before the First World War. "

    "Dr. Dahech" (his followers do not cite without the title) would have taken this original name which means "amazing" and the title of "doctor" in 1929, following a draw, too, "inspired "say Dahech. Mr. Maalouf also states that Dr. Dahech would have received an honorary doctorate from the French Society of Psychology in recognition of his many "wonders".

    Zaatar Khalil is also present. Lawyer since 1970 in the Beirut Bar Association, is a follower of Dahech since 1963 and authored a book entitled: "The crime of the twentieth century", a legal study documented that Dahech call "the" persecution " of Dahech under the mandate of President Beshara el-Khoury (1942 - 1952).

    An extraordinary man

    To the question: What was Dahech: a man with extraordinary powers, a diviner or a prophet?, He replied: "He was a man like any other, however has a supernatural strength enabling him to perform" miracles " , or phenomena to bring people to faith in this materialistic age. I will cite the number of its wonders, the death he did talk to the morgue himself from the Hotel-Dieu, in this case a relative of the poet, Halim Dammous. That was in 1942-43, tells me Zaatar. The poet has placed under the head of the symbol of death "Dahechiya", a five-pointed star and a prayer to God he high after writing and burned, a symbol that he had given Dr Dahech. The death was "lively" on the spot and talked to him, answering a question that particularly interested Dammous. Then he again fell into eternal sleep. "

    WAR AGAINST charlatan?

    Can we say he has committed only "good" actions?
    What he was doing had nothing to do with magic. Dahech has waged a war against the sorcerers and charlatans, especially those who practiced hypnotism. But the propaganda against him has overshadowed his work for humanity, makes him a vile seducer of women, a magician and an imposter. All this because of the persecution of President Beshara el-Khoury and Press who helped, alas! to tarnish his reputation.

    Thus, all that was against Dahech was published. Everything that was in his favor was denied; censorship played, and the political and religious authorities have conspired against him and fought him. The objective of Dahech was, however, to unify the three monotheistic religions whose origin is the same God. He calls everyone to stay on his religion, be it Christian, Muslim or Jew, but to erase bigotry between communities. I Zaatar adds Dr. Dahech says that these three religions are the same in spite of apparent discrepancies, including one that requires that Muslims believe that Christ was not crucified, while for Christians it was and this is the basis of their religion. Islam, he can not admit it and said: "Choubbiha bihi. In other words, the man resembled the crucified Christ. Dahech explained that the concept of "personalities" with whom he has contact. He himself has six that are the copy-compliant Dahech and may appear together or each one in different places. Some of its personalities exist elsewhere than on Earth and are subject to the system of planets on which they live, "said Mr. Zaatar.
    And Moussa Maalouf continued: "The spirit is in the spirit world. Every human being has a soul and body are a means of expression of psychic forces of man. The core consists of a set of forces known as "fluid". Each "fluid" is discerning, aware and responsible, which means that each part of the human being will be judged on his thoughts and his actions. These are fluids that are embodied in this world and take the form they deserve reincarnating: human, animal, plant or inanimate object. We believe in the eternity of the soul, unity of religions in the background, all of which stem from a single person from which the divine prophets. They have succeeded and have been known human societies throughout multiple times, according to need people on Earth. Men need to be directed at a specific moment in history. We believe, also, in reincarnation and have plenty of evidence on this, it does not deny the eternity of the soul is, he says, God's mercy. The personality of the "Doctor" Dahech is precisely this spiritual personality, came to unify all religions through the essential truths they reveal. "

    "Dr. Dahech calls for love, justice, equality, forgiveness, repentance and the union of the son of God. We believe in inspiration. "He added:" To return to Dr. Dahech is one of his personalities was "crucified", that came from elsewhere. It was she who suffered when he was arrested, and then removed, imprisoned and executed ... This is the other person who has suffered all this. This is what, in fact, Dahech himself had told the magazine "Al-Ousbouh al-Arabi," in 1947.


    The "Dahechiya" Is it a movement, a sect or a religion? Dr. Maalouf answers:
    Frankly, it is a religion in the background. It is written, contains truths and you can buy books related in exhibitions and book fairs.
    The gifts of Dr. Dahech are they, you think they come from God or a personal inheritance, or any science?

    It is a divine gift in recognition of his merits in his past lives. He has received any education in India, as some rumors have reported. He has visited India as part of a tour, having led in many countries, after which he published a series of 21 volumes entitled "The Dahech travel around the world." He had nearly 70 years in 1981, when he went to India.

    How Dr. Death Dahech and where was he buried?

    He died April 9, 1984 in the United States where he is buried, say Dahech.
    Do you think it will come back or it is eternal?

    Dr. Dahech found his spiritual world like everyone else. But it remains eternal in its different worlds and, perhaps, he will return to Earth later in its true "personality."

    Mr. Zaatar and adds: "In 1947, when Dr. Dahech was executed, all the press reported the news of his death, even the Lebanese newspapers. Also, Iran's ambassador at the time, issued a statement on the occasion and sent to the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirming Dr. Dahech dead in Azerbaijan country belonged, then, Iran.

    Just give us some miracles or wonders worked by Dr. Dahech.
    There are tens of thousands and whole books on this subject. Those who witnessed it are not Dahech. I will name the late President Sabri Hamadeh, Chafic Sardouk, still alive, judges Bekai Mahmoud Mahmoud Naaman ... and many others. Bekai Naaman and were in possession of a losing lottery ticket that turned, by a phrase from Dr. Dahech in a winning ticket.

    Similarly, cuts of paper turned into paper money, the dollars, pounds gold. The journalist Hafez Khairallah has, moreover, spoken in the daily An-Nahar, "in 1968. Dahech had put the clippings in an envelope and uttered the following sentence: "In the name of God and his prophet and beloved converter (that is to say Dahech) (nabiyihi Bismillah wa al-habib hadi al), made that these cuts become LBP.

    The Dahech he retains his original religion?

    Sure. The Christian remains a Christian but became a brother, both Muslim as Jewish. The differences that we know disappear. Born, then a religious unity in the full sense of the word.

    Do you have any special rituals?

    Moussa Maalouf says, "We have prayers (see" please Dahech "), meetings that we hope will become widespread so that people know that Dr. Dahech was a blessing for the world and not only for his followers" . Then he read the message from Noah to Earth, says he, nobody knows before continuing: "We have other letters which, when published, will enable humanity become aware of his mistakes, his bewilderment and graces she has lost, the big loss for Lebanon has been the departure of Dr. Dahech. The Lebanese have been persecuted because they were persecuted a spiritual messenger who came to Earth to save humanity. But alas! they were accused, imprisoned, persecuted, that kind of inequity is the fate of all prophets, "he said resignedly.

    What charges were brought against him?

    Maalouf says, "The charges were initiated by President Beshara el-Khoury, brother-in-law of George Haddad, whose entire family was converted to Dahech. This impelled President al-Khoury to the jail because he could not admit that her step-sister, daughter Chiha blue-blooded aristocracy after the Lebanese to adopt and follow the message Dahech Dahech. Marie Haddad, her husband and the poet Halim Dammous were imprisoned.

    Maalouf gives, then, reading the prayer of Dahech, a kind of Pater Noster "hand made" the Dahechiya (see prayer in Arabic) which is the translation:
    "My Father and the Father of men, Have mercy on our weakness inherited. Strengthens our hearts so that we believe in Your power and we speak of Your wonders.

    Sow in us the seeds of love, compassion, mercy and tenderness.
    Take away the temptations of us whose purpose is to plunge into the darkness of sin.

    Strengthened our steps along the path of truth, light and certainty. Distant from us vile thoughts and do not allow them to approach us.
    You are the Creator of men, mercy and tenderness contain all beings, known and unknown.

    Have mercy on us, O God ... "

    Maalouf and comment admiringly: "Find me one prayer in all religions, expressing both these truths: love, forgiveness, love, faith, light, and it brought together all this in his prayer."

    Would he have forgotten the monotheistic religions, especially Christianity?!

    Article published in "La Revue du Liban" No. 3954 - 19 to 16 June 2004

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      Thank you seul loup for the translation.

      Here's the second part of the article, published the week after in the same magazine, and including interviews with several daheshists


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        The second article confirms that the house belongs to Zeina Haddad. I hope somthing has been planned for a proper successsion. Otherwise, it will soon be demolished and replaced by a skyscraper, as is the case with so many old Beirut traditionnal houses.