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Calling ALL Daheshists!!!

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  • Calling ALL Daheshists!!!

    Why is the Daheshist Publishing Company SILENT when charlatans like this YouTube user misappropriates Doctor Dahesh's name, and distorts his IMAGE and reputation?

    This YouTube user, who can barely write in English, claims that he has powers, and that the Spirit of Doctor Dahesh lives in him!

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

    His YouTube handle is "Salim Moussa Achi * Doctor Dahesh * 811" (Although, in Arabic, he uses "666" instead of 811).

    This is his response to Mario Henri Chakkour's original complaint (which, then, Chakkour responded to):

    Salim Moussa Achi * Doctor Dahesh * 811
    2 hours ago
    man you don't know more then me and he's company did you see the name of dahech voice newspaper or not i'm working with his newspaper and his spirit inside me

    i'm a magician i contact his spirit and with her he's living inside me and he want from me to bring his name back to life

    for that i'm using his name

    i was born in zaklblat beside his home and my father was a studient in his temple

    from when i was born his spirit choose my body to live inside it

    you don't know more then me and more then his company that i'm working with it

    i'm working dahesh voice newspaper

    53 minutes ago
    @Salim Moussa Achi * Doctor Dahesh * 811

    I don't care if you're working with the queen of Sheba. And I don't give a flying flamingo who is rubber-stamping your actions. I know you are a liar to SUGGEST you are Doctor Dahesh, or that you have "powers."

    You are an opportunist and misguided. You have misappropriated our Beloved Guiding Prophet's image and are claiming to be Doctor Dahesh. And you even use "666" (in your Arabic title) to suggest that Doctor Dahesh is the DEVIL??!!!. HOW DARE YOU?

    And for anyone inclined to believe you, you 2-bit charlatan, this is an excerpt from Podcast #4 pertaining to the matter of whether or not we will see Doctor Dahesh in this lifetime:
    "During the wake, we took turns reading passages written by Doctor Dahesh that he had requested be read at his funeral.
    Leading up to that point, everyone present at that solemn and somber occasion was praying to see Doctor Dahesh again in our lifetime, hoping he would just appear miraculously before us… But alas, as we stood before the open casket and took turns reading his prose poetry aloud, we would eventually come across two verses that would summarily shatter our hopes of ever seeing him in the flesh again:
    The first one is from the prose poem called "Remember Me, and Forget Me Not,” and the other “When I leave you.” In both of them, he makes it unequivocally clear that he will neither return nor shall we ever see again in this lifetime.
    Now, for all we know, the 20th Spiritual Fluid has already reincarnated in some entity.
    If that is the case, there is no way for us to know who, or what that is. Period."