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Beware of Rasheed Al Lahhaam

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  • Beware of Rasheed Al Lahhaam

    OK, great news... Rasheed Al Lahhaam has apparently removed all those horrible (so-called) "Doctor Dahesh" videos, and changed his handle on YouTube. (It is now: "The Priest Reficul Natas * Illuminati Record * 13")
    Good for him...

    Unfortunately, he still has a Facebook page up that promotes him as "Salim Moussa Achi/Doctor Dahesh." And to add insult to injury, he's associating our Beloved Guiding Prophet with the Illuminati.

    We just messaged him this evening ordering him to change his page's name and to remove all images of Doctor Dahesh. Had this moron not been so brazen and engaged in despicable behavior (threatening us with bodily harm via his "magical powers") we would have said, "thank you." But we are Daheshists

    We are lambs that turn into eagles when anyone usurps our Beloved Guiding Prophet's good name.

    What this moron did was unjust—and he was neither contrite nor repentant. How would he feel if he knew that, after his death, some moron would misappropriate his identity and image?
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