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  • Today's Topic: SEARCHING

    Now that we have a good number of posts, this might be a good time to go over SEARCHING the forum. Say you read one of my posts, and were utterly instilled with a sense of awe (or outrage!) and you wanted to find out what I might have said about people worshipping STONE... Here is was you do, you click on SEARCH (situated between "New Posts" and "Quicklinks") and you enter STONE.

    Let's say you get a THREAD made up of many posts. You're ovbiously not going to read all of them (WRONG! That was a test see! You SHOULD read everything! but...that would not serve the purpose of this little demonstration now, would it? ) At this point, you'll SEARCH the THREAD, that's where you re-enter STONE. And, you'll get your answer. Or simply scroll down until you see the word HIGHLIGHTED in RED.

    Next week "Advanced Research" (Everybody go "Oooooo!")

    (Cue recess bell)

    Class dismissed!

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    "Fail, to succeed."