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  • Help with finding someone???

    This is a copy of an email from my Father. If anyone can help locate someone who can help us please email me.

    Thank you

    To whom it may concern,

    Before my father passed away, I moved to the U.S. in 1979. I got married and I have 2 children; Jeff and Michael. When my father passed away, I was informed by my family that Dr. Dahesh has willed a library of books to my Father and to me. I would really appreciate you looking into that matter. My brother Khaill has told me that he worked for you in N.Y. many years ago. So please advise me how to get in touch with you and go to N.Y. My phone number is (---)--- ---- and I live in the state of Texas.

    Be Hak Alah wah al nabi al habib al hadi

    Samir S. Francis

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    Is your father related to "Fareed Francis" by any chance?


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      Not sure I asked him he'll have to ask his mother. My Grandfather is Saadallah Kalil Francis-Maronite. My Great Grandmother was Lebanese My Great Grandfather was with the French Army and came to Lebanon in WW1.


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        We were told that the Hajar were in charge of the estate.


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          To the best of my knowledge, that information is incorrect. The Hajjars are not in charge of the estate. According to published news and reports, another family is in charge. I am sure if you GOOGLE "Dahesh" you can find the information.
          "Fail, to succeed."