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Who Are The Guardians??? Revealing the Great Secret

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  • Who Are The Guardians??? Revealing the Great Secret

    The main reason why Daheshism is not yet an organized religion, is that Dr. Dahesh left His sacred records and book and art collection with a wealthy Arab-American family named the ZAHID family, of Greenwich, Connecticut. They own "General Motors" in Saudio Arabia. They sponsor the Dahesh Museum in New York City.
    Why have the ZAHIDs not promoted Daheshism?
    Is it fear of losing their businesses in Saudio Arabia?
    Is it fear of their loved ones in Saudi Arabia being persecuted?

    These should not be reasons to avoid promoting Daheshism. If we should sacrifice our very lives, it would be little to ask. Certainly, we should
    sacrifice our businesses, if this requires it. And the ZAHID family could sell their businesses in Saudi Arabia, and use some of the funds to promote Daheshism.
    I therefore call upon the ZAHID family to sell their business interested in Saudi Arabia, and use 5% of the funds for a National Media Campaign that will introduce Dr. Dahesh to tens of millions of English speakers in North America and other English-speaking countries.
    I am sorry...I cannot keep a LID on this any more!
    Darrick Evenson
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    Dear Darrick...I hope you are doing well. I just read your post and it prompted me to respond. I think it is very inappropriate and presumptuous to comment in such a manner about the lives and dealings of people you truly know so little about. Regardless of what little peripheral morsels of information you may have regarding the family you mentioned, you in fact know nothing of their lives; what they have been through, what they are going through and what their lives have been about. To come on here and make statements of what business practices they should conduct in the name of what YOU feel should be done is just plain illogical. I want to go on record that no one I know on this board supports or condones anything you just said. It is in fact these types of comments made by you that if I were the family in question, I would do everything in my power to keep you out of my life and guard my privacy as well.

    Leave them alone.

    Worry about what YOU do. That is all, nothing more. I shall do the same here with worrying about me and my life and those that matter to me.


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      And another write from a very inflammatory "expose" sound bite perspective. This is not "Insider Edition"... you capitalize their names in your post and you "reveal" what to you seem to be very juicy bits of information; as if there is some impropriety in what this family does or how they conduct themselves, their lives or their businesses. If what you are looking to do is incite a riot, please take that elsewhere, this is not the place. This family has its rights to privacy and respect and to live as they choose and see fit. If you are fascinated by this family, please enjoy that elsewhere and in private.


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        Thank you David for your fair and objective viewpoint.

        In fact, you even went as far as correcting Darrick's orthographic mistakes in his initial post without censoring or deleting anything. That shows your level of fairness. Of course I agree with you 100% and I couldn't have said it any better.

        "Fail, to succeed."