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    Today I received this email request for clarification:

    In Darrick Evenson's web page, a great deal of information is provided. One piece of information regards
    "Dr. Dahesh taught His disciples to perform miracles, via the RÅMZ ritual;". From what I have read, Dr. Dahesh frequently performed "miracles" simply to convince people or an individual of the power of the Spirit available through him. Obviously, since the power does not come from the individual, it is within the power of the "Divine Prophet" whether the miracle is produced. Certainly there must be restrictions in its' use. Could you explain further?

    In addition, many of Dr. Daheshes' books are written are in arabic. I doubt greatly, I'll ever master the arabic alphabet, much less read arabic. But, I'm willing to attempt it. Could you recommend a beginning text on arabic?

    Firstly, I could spend days trying to isolate which elements in Darrick's aforementioned web page are true and which are a figment of his imagination. For example, let us begin with the "SYMBOL" he uses ...

    What is that? Where did THAT come from?! This is not the Daheshist Symbol.

    Next... we have this picture of a boy who is supposedly "Dahesh"

    This was not Dahesh...

    And this is not president Bechara El Khoury...

    And Dahesh... (sigh) did not... ever... teach nor claim that he can teach his disciples to perform miracles.

    In fact, and put quite simply: Dahesh was not the one who was performing the miracles. Yes, he was a prophet. But, as one who was born on Planet Earth and upon whom the physical laws of our (perceived) Universe were subjected, he was human. Were there things about him that set him apart from the rest of the humans (that I've met)? Most certainly: This may come as a shock, and I can vouch for it because I've spent a lot of time with him—alone. He never needed to shower... Ever... Well, from what I was told: once every 6 years. In one instance, we spent 3 weeks on end, together, alone. Tell me: how many people can go 1 week without showering yet look and smell clean? Plus, he transpired a lot... Still, he did not need to shower.

    But he shaved and brushed his teeth and he washed his hands... He acked and was sick... he bled... and he most certainly could not walk through walls or raise the dead... or walk on water... whenever HE wanted to.

    Here is what would happen: Totally unknown to him, he could be talking to you and (this is a true story) holding a regular size cigarette. You blink and suddenly the cigarette had quadrupled in size! You do a double take and he looks at you wondering why you're giving him this funny look... until he looks at his hand!

    Or, he could be talking to you and a miracle would take place and then he would move to another chair, then ask you "why am I sitting here and why are smiling?" (and you would tell him what happened).

    Yes, the fluids that made Dahesh are lofty. So lofty, in fact, I can't wait to share with you what the inhabitants of Planet Jamalion said to him in a spiritual letter in 1942 (2 years before his persecution).

    However, on Earth, he was "trapped" and became human.

    The entity known as "BROTHER ALI" was the one channelling all that power, altering reality, twisting the dimension, etc. in order to show that "The Spirit" does in fact exist... For example, how do we know that the wind exists? We can't see it, but we can see its effect.

    How can we ever be sure that "The Spirit" exists and that we are not ... randomly created from nothing?

    Well, for some (and I say "some" because, others—no matter what they saw, would not believe) seeing the laws of the universe broken was enough.

    For example: take a sheet of paper, write your private thoughts, fold it, burn it.

    Is there any way you can believe that if you were to place the ashes in your hand they would be reconstituted into the letter you just destroyed?

    Quantum physicists would probably speak in terms of statistics... "There is a one in a 10 billion chance that the molecules that once formed the paper, the ink, would come back together... and in the exact layout... "

    Others might scream "Black magic!"

    Others : "Hypnosis!"

    Others, on the other hand, would see an elegant display of the infinite power of "THE CREATOR." A miracle is both a means via which "THE SPIRIT" (and I not referring to the Ghost of my Aunt Martha...) CLEARLY communicates with you. MANY were CLEARLY told that were given the opportunity to touch evidence of the presence of the Spirit of GOD.

    Also, a miracle teaches and reveals... In the case of the re-creation of that which you destroyed by fire indicates that nothing can ever be destroyed... not even thought... and that everything is TRANSFORMED.

    Now, let me comment of my choice of words... I said "CLEARLY."

    I believe "Miracles" happen every day... all around us, and if we are in a position to do so, we should recognize that the world is teaming with miracles. The problem, however, is when some people start to claim that THEY have POWER over these miracles and that they can control when and where they happend. That is the biggest mistake we can do, for if Dahesh taught us one thing it would be the belief that, try as we may, no human, not even a PROPHET born on EARTH, can control when and where a miracle happens.

    Please read "Innocent in Chains, the Notes" and you'll see that Dahesh was brutally tortured... It was his "cross" and no one except his creator could have chosen the time and place for him to be spared...

    As for the question of Arabic, honestly... Don't even try... Let's assume you did spend the years in order to learn Arabic... Then what? Where are the Dahesh Books? Are they being sold? And why were many translated in just about every language EXCEPT ENGLISH (with the EXCEPTION of a couple... which are now practically impossible to find!) And, I sincerely hope I am proven wrong!

    Honestly? I would learn French, Spanish, or even German... because you can typically find translations of Dahesh books into these languages.

    My perhaps unsollicited advice not widstanding, I will ask around for some sort of an Arabic teaching tool.

    I hope this helps!


    "Fail, to succeed."

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    I would like to add a clarification with regard to my comments about whether or not it it worth learning Arabic.

    I stand behind what I said, except to say that in TWO cases, I taught 2 non-Arabic speaking individuals to write, understand, and pronounce the words in the Daheshist Prayer (The Symbol, a.k.a. known as the "Ramz"... and I still insist that we don't use Arabic terms when we can use the exact English translation...)

    In any case, and based on prior success, and EVEN through DISTANCE LEARNING (involving audio-visual presentations) I've taught an American as well as a French person, the Symbol. In the case of the American, it was in person (in 1985 email did not even exist). Whereas, in the case of the French person, it was strictly through the internet. It wasn't overnight either. I devised a course that had many chapters, weeks, and even months to complete—all with audio sound showing how to pronounce the incantation.

    We're currently developing a new course. Here is one of (literally) hundreds of animation CELs that we're currently developing to show the proper way to write, rotate, fold and burn the Symbol. Once that's done, and in order to allow the English and French speaking public (as a start) to master reading, writing, and comprehension of the elements in the Symbol, we'll follow up with a course focused on that aspect. We know how to do it. All in good time!



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    "Fail, to succeed."